Best badminton shoes to choose in 2020

Badminton Shoes

Badminton is one of the most intense sports which requires excellent hand-eye. Coordination and agility if you want to give it your best shot. The fast-paced nature of the sport perquisites speedy. Lateral movements and sudden changes in direction. A split second delay can change the destiny and the result of the game. Badminton players need to run from one end to another to smash the shot back to the opponent or to make serves.

For every sport, your own strength and physical fitness plays. An important role in determining your success level and your performance. Besides your expertise and skill. You need to dressed up in proper sporting gear to reinforce your game. Many players think that the badminton racket is the most important tool they need. But actually, your shoes are the most essential aspect. That strengthen your game and power up your output giving you an upper hand. Because a good pair of shoes will enable you to move across with speed and agility. Your movements are more stable and firm. When you have donned robust and formidable badminton silhouettes.

But there are some key aspects that determine. Which shoes will withstand the test of time and guarantee largest performance. If you want to increase your efficiency and make an impact with your execution. Then you need to choose shoes which have these features.


Crucial features which should be incorporated in a fine pair of badminton shoes:

  • Firm grip and superior traction:

The sole of the shoes should fashioned in compatibility to the type of the badminton court. The badminton courts have either hard wood or PU floor. For these types of floors, gum rubber soles. Which feature deep groves in the out sole pattern are the best. As they render amazing traction even on slippery surfaces.

  • Cushioning and reinforcement:

Shoes which offer superior cushioning are the best options as they can sop up the forces of impacts. Moreover, cushioning is directly proportional to comfort.

  • Lightweight:

Lightweight shoes have a positive impact on your speed as they don’t weigh you or slow you down. This way you are also saved from unnecessary fatigue.


Other features which should be equipped in your shoes are

  • Heel cups
  • Breathable uppers
  • Flexibility

Some of the badminton shoes. Which fuse these salient features in one neat package listed below. If you want to grant an edge to your performance and ensure. That you are able to overpower your opponent, then choose these pairs.


Yonex-SHB 65Z:

These models are the powerful silhouettes showcased by Yonex Power Cushion series. Some of the features displayed by these elite badminton shoes are:

  • The mid-sole made from EVA material which is shock absorbing.
  • The ToughBrid light technology mitigates the stress exerted on knees and legs.
  • The Power Cushion technology ensures that you can have a lightweight shoe. Which allows you to move with flexibility and stability.
  • The lattice pattern employed for the designing of the grooves. The optimal spreading out and depth of the pattern. Adds strength and resilience to the framework.
  • The fitting is very snug and secure
  • Two color patterns are available- red and black and yellow and black.

Yonex-SHB 65Z


Yonex-Aerus 2:

If you want to fortify your execution of the shuttle. And render superb reinforcement to your feet, then these are your best bets. These make up as outstanding silhouettes for many reasons which are:

  • The materials employed for the construction ensure that they keep your feet ventilated. The Flexion upper fashioned from PU leather and polyester mesh. The lace-up vamp ensures that a snug fitting obtained.
  • The structural support provided by the shoes is superb.
  • The Yonex power cushion technology can reverse shock energy. The energy from every impact utilized to make agile and fluid movements.
  • The out sole designed to improve traction and supply a firm footing.
  • The shoes are very lightweight and are available in two colors-red and blue.

Head-Grid 2.0 Low:

These entry level shoes are actually fashioned. To be compatible with indoor racket ball sports. They have some features which increases their versatility and functionality which are:

  • The inner of the shoes is lined with a comfy textile material. This ensures that your feet are kept free from itchiness and pain.
  • The collar and the tongue is padded which provides maximum comfort and support.
  • The shoe has a built in technology known as climate control system. This technology ensures that the breath ability of the feet is kept highly maintained.
  • The EVA mid sole has shock absorbing properties.
  • The rubber out sole is designed from non-marking and non-slipping rubber. This renders superb traction and is very appropriate for indoor playing.
  • The stability of the shoes is increased by the torsion shank which is placed in the sole.
  • The heel strap offers protection for heel and thus lessens the risk of injuries.

Head-Grid 2.0 Low


Adidas- Barricade Club:

These models by the mega brand are particularly designed for tennis, but they are great functional pairs which power up the performance for badminton game too. Some of the imperative features showcased by the magnificent silhouettes are:

  • The collar and tongue is cushioned and so offers maximum reinforcement and stability.
  • The color options available are very trendy and chic. The aesthetic is sporty and renovates all your athletic looks.
  • The TPU support offered by the shoes gives a booster shot to the durability particularly in the abrasion areas.
  • Adituff toe is fashioned to be resistant to abrasions. It also shields the feet from foot drags which occurs when making rapid lateral movements when serving.
  • The mid sole is lightweight and crafted from EVA mid sole. The insole is cushioned from head to toe and the Adiprene technology assists in rebounding the energy after each impact.

Adidas- Barricade Club


A good pair of badminton shoes is essential not only to help you maintain stability. But also to react to the smashes and serves of your opponent with agility and speed. These are formidable buddies. Which can assist in adding weight to your game and helping you achieve a winning streak. If you want to invest in a solid pair of shoes which increase your performance. While offering you shielding from injuries and stress on joints, knees and back. The above listed shoes are versatile and sporty pairs. So get ready to become an indomitable. And invincible opponent by donning these great badminton shoes.