Air Jordan has always been the macho deal with the boys especially big kids. The leading brand Nike launched its brand Air Jordan in 1985 and featured the most expensive basketball sneakers of that age. The colors were flashy, the designs were daring and the brilliant success of Michael Jordan on the courts all named the success plates of the sneaker market to Nike Air Jordan. It was a huge risk which payed off to its maximum success. Since then Air Jordan has never ceased to dazzle young and old alike.

Nike Air Jordan has become more of a signature icon for cool and daring chic. The premium high quality of these athletic performance shoes has always ranked them top on the charts. Which is why it’s not difficult to understand if your child or a family member’s child starts being literally besotted with the Air Jordan and doesn’t wear anything else but them.

Which Air Jordan are best for your 7-year-old boys then?

Amidst the vast variety of Air Jordan, it can be mind boggling to opt for the best Air Jordan for your big boy. Even if you let him go with the colorway of his choice, there is still a lot to understand in their aesthetics. Read below to find out which are some of the best Air Jordan for big kids.

Jordan Maxin 200:

Mimicking the famous AJ5 upper, Jordan Maxin is featured to give additional comfort to its junior athletes. The highlighting features of iconic AJ5 were its catchy upper. The standout grill design was made even more perfect in Maxin 200 with its contrasting pops of colors peeking out. The leather and textile combination made it a super comfortable sneaker. Also the Max 200 Air Unit under the foot is responsible for giving it the superb cushioning and unbeatable traction. The see through heel design is also Nike’s exceptional style flair.

Jordan Maxin 200:
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Nike LD Victory:

The Nike Huarache became the inspiration for the design of Nike LD Victory. The vibrant colorways are a treat for the eyes. The classic heel strap design was also taken down from the iconic Huarache and gave the Victory a chic ingredient to go on with. The soft foam enables the young athletes to run and laugh and enjoy life with a springy step and with the speed they are looking for. These are one of the most economic and attractive sneakers for your big boy.

Nike LD Victory
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Nike Pegasus 92 Lite:

It is quite easy for our superstars to fall in love with the extremely thrilling Pegasus 92 Lite series. The sneaker came back with a punch and brought on its throwback vibes. They are fashioned from leather and soft fabric which is very easy to clean even after whole day out in the fun zone.  The soft foam cushioning has been designed to give unlimited comfort. Whereas, the heel to toe rubber has been featured on the outsole to give the competent traction you need. The metallic gold brand name display in its white, red and midnight navy colorway has an echoing charisma which can make your 7-year-old look like a megastar from afar.

Nike Pegasus 92 Lite
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Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase:

If your kids have lately been having a lot of trouble getting their feet in and out of their sneakers quickly, then these are the perfect deal. The Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase has eased the slipping in and slipping out of foot from the sneakers. Just lightly stomp on the heel, slide your foot in and witness the sneaker popping back in to place. Its super easy and looks bewitching. It is fashioned from synthetic leather which is very easy to clean and is also very durable. The iconic waffle outsole also ensures that your kids get the desirable traction they need. It is available in 6 snazzy colors. So let your kids fly with the practical ease with Air Max 90.


Nike AirMax 90 Flyease
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Nike Air VaporMax 2020:

The futuristic sneaker has a plushy and luxurious feel and easily augments your personal charm and style choices. The sneaker is fitted with multiple strategically placed air units underfoot to give a bouncy tread. The super light feel while you glide down the hallways or staircases is phenomenal. Each step in VaporMax counts and makes your child feel like they are flying. The Nike FlyKnit technology is also a superior addition in these jaw dropping sneakers. The Flyknit upper is not only breathable but ultra-soft, very light in weight and supportive and stretchy.

The best thing about this sneaker is that it is made using recycled materials and promoting the zero waste zero carbon theory in its community supportive practices. The adaptable tightening and loosening tabs for personalized fitting are also present in these shoes. These tabs eliminate the need for laces, thus making kids ready to fly rapidly with their VaporMax 2020.

Nike Air VaporMax 2020
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Nike LeBron 17:

The Flyknit technology used in this sneaker gives a structured and supportive fit. it also makes the sneaker breathable and light in weight. Its super features are the large Max Air unit in the heel and Zoom Air technology under the forefoot gives it a springy energy and lightweight feel fit for a super athlete on the courts. The rubber sole is designed to give maximum traction when the kids are playing a fierce game. The sneaker does its best to wrap itself around your feet and load you with the energy you need. The super fast Nike LeBron are a must have for your children if you wish to give them the best they need. The LeBron sneaker is a available in 7 colorways.

Nike LeBron 17
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