Best basketball shoes

Basketball Shoes

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, played excitedly and watched with anticipation and thrill. This team sport is a great aerobic workout that allows you to burn calories, stay fit, develop the core muscles, enhance your concentration and lead a healthy and quality life.

Basketball is a fast-paced game which involves dribbling the ball, defending, rebounding and shooting through the hoops. And all of these motions must be done with speed and alacrity to be in charge of the game. So if slamming and dunking are your thing this season, then you need a good pair of basketball shoes to give your game the reinforcement it needs. Because, basically your entire game is hinged onto the footwear you choose as this is the only equipment required for the game. And mind you, any old pair of sneakers will not work a chance for you.  A good pair of basketball shoe has the power to alter the destiny of the entire game.


How does basketball shoes impact the nature of the game?

A good pair of basketball shoe can

  • Give a booster shot to your confidence, thus sharpening your jumping and running reflexes and improving your overall performance.
  • Improve your speed and give you the ability to make lateral movements with agility without the risking injuries.
  • Offer a comfortable and well-supported ride.


Designers and manufacturers have taken advantage of the scope in the niche of basketball sector and have created innumerable designs of basketball shoes. The market seems to be inundated with countless shoes boasting of being bedecked with salient features and incredible traits that can improve performance and amplify the velocity of the player. However, it’s easy to get distracted and feel disoriented when faced with such a wide display of shoes. I have created this short list of the best basketball shoes which have been making headlines this year.



Best basketball shoes:


Under Armour men’s Curry 3 best basketball shoes:

The sleek and sporty aesthetic and the incredible performance both on and off court has garnered the Curry silhouettes immense fame and skyrocketed them to popularity and prominence worldwide. They are designed to enhance the game whether you want to shoot hoops in the driveway or engage in a competitive, adrenaline-boosting team game on court. Some of the salient features which makes the Curry 3 irresistible as basketball allies are:

  • The rubber out sole is designed with a herringbone tread which grants excellent traction and firm grip on any type of surface.
  • The shoes are lined with cushioning which is shock absorbent and renders extreme comfort and a snug feeling without letting you lose the connection with the ground.
  • The carbon fiber shank is equipped to improve stability.
  • These are immensely lightweight and so don’t thwart the speed or weigh you down.
  • The mesh upper allows breath ability thus ensuring that feet remain cool even after intense workouts.


Under Armour men’s Curry 3 best basketball shoes This image is taken from



These all-rounder shoes portray a great built and an alluring aesthetic which is sure to keep you in spotlight while you shoot hoops or defend the ball.


Nike Kyrie 5:

When Nike collaborated with Kyrie Irving for the fifth time. The outcome was an outstanding shoe that propelled to instant stardom. It was a basketball celebrity sneaker which fitted with the best features. And created with the aim to meet the players and tilt the game in their favor. Some of the significant qualities which makes the Nike Kyrie sport stars are:
  • The mid-sole features the technology of Zoom Air Turbo located in the forefoot. Which provides padding to the feet and allows great energy return without causing. The feet to sink in too much.
  • The mid sole also incorporates Phylon foam which is shock absorbent.
  • The out sole designed with a multi-directional tread pattern. Which allows stability to maintained when making dizzying lateral movements with swiftness. The tread pattern also allows the player to keep a firm grip. And maintain balance on any kind of surface whether playing indoor or outdoor.
  • The mesh upper ensures ventilation to maintained.
  • The lace system allows you to customize the fitting.
  • Nike Kyrie 5 This image is taken from


These Nike sneakers considered to be ravishing sneakers featuring a futuristic. And sophisticated aesthetic that has a premium aura around it and lets you stand out of the crowd. But, these shoes come with a higher price tag.


Adidas T-Mac Millennium:

Adidas launched Millennium basketball shoes back in the year 2002 taking its inspiration. From Tracy McGrady and the shoe became a household name flaunted by one and all. In 2020, Adidas decided to upgrade the Millenniums. And design it with improved technology to harmonize well with the demands. Of the present day generation of players. And the result is outstanding. The developed shoes incorporated with these significant aspects:

  • The out sole lined with sectioned herringbone pattern. That will provide excellent traction not only indoors. But on rough and dusty courts outdoors.
  • The Boost cushioning is denser in the heel to prevent injury through. Shock absorption and lighter in the forefoot area to enable responsiveness to maintained.
  • The upper features premium quality synthetic leather which is very sturdy and durable. But, it takes a longer break-in time.
  • The toe box is spacious and apt for people with wide feet giving ample room for the toes to wiggle. But, fitting can customized through tightening the laces.



Adidas T-Mac Millennium This image is taken from


The T-Mac models are excellent choices for those who are on a budget and yet must a premium quality shoe. These best basketball shoes are available in a variety of colorways. Which are alluring and present a sleek and smart aesthetic.


Patrick Ewing Athletics Rogue Basketball Sneaker:

These super stylish and uber fashionable basketball shoes are a treat to look at. Especially the black and pewter signature Patrick Ewing shoe is a beauty in and out of court. These legendary sneakers have a lot to display and some of the most large features. Which makes these silhouettes best basketball shoes are:
  • They fitted with lightweight EVA mid sole padding. Which sops up the force of impacts and prevents the feet from injuries.
  • The upper designed from black nu buck leather and coalesced with smoked ice sole. The result is a charismatic shoe which has the capability to blow your breath away.
  • They provide ankle support and are very comfortable to wear.
  • The cross strap on the upper allows the feet to locked in one place. Thus ensuring stability and firmness to maintained.


Patrick Ewing Athletics Rogue Basketball Sneaker This image is taken from


These legendary silhouettes are all-rounders. Which can grant you an amazing performance in and out of court and take your game to the next level.


Concluding note:

Footwear technology has undergone continuous evolution to keep up. With the need to compete and fit in accordance to the ever changing needs of the players. The above listed silhouettes are some of the best basketball shoes. That can help you strengthen your tactics and increase your potential. Thus affecting your game result. So choose and rock the best pair of basketball shoes to look good and score high.