Set the lanes on fire with these best bowling shoes for men

Bowling is one of the most popular ways to unwind and socialize with friends on a Friday night. But the game isn’t just about giving it a shot to wallop all the pins. The game has a deeper skill attached to it. Its more than that what meets the eye. To be able to whack all the pins, you need to hit with accuracy, apply correct strategy and maintain a balance. And above all, you need a good pair of bowling shoes. Many bowling owners who are serious about maintaining their bowling alleys make it a prerequisite to rent bowling shoes. Many people just don’t like the idea of sharing footwear with others as hygiene becomes a question mark here.


Are bowling shoes important?

This is a question which often pops up in the minds of the players who are visiting the alley. Many people can’t afford to buy their own bowling shoes as they are quite expensive. And renting them is an added cost too. So the question is whether you can play in your regular sneakers and call it a night?

The answer is a big no. Bowling shoes are specialized shoes which are crafted to facilitate appropriate sliding of the feet on the lanes. The soles of the shoes allow you to slide while you release the ball. To be able to get a perfect score on the lane, it is essential that you are able to come close to the approach point, slide and then release the ball in one fluid motion. This is only achievable by donning the bowling shoes. Regular shoes are not able to grant you this technique because they are designed to offer traction and have a non-sliding sole.  Wearing sneaks on the lanes can increase your chances of toppling over as you skid over the approach area.

The second reason why bowling shoes are a necessity is that the approach area is designed with polished wood. Regular sneakers can leave scruff marks on the smooth floor and cause damage to it. And alley owners cannot just afford to ruin their floorboard.

If you want to focus and improve your game, it is necessary that you opt for the best pair of bowling shoes. Their salient features can have a positive impact on your game. Some of the best bowling pairs for men that are trending in the market are listed below. Sift through the list and select the pair that suits your personal taste well.


Dexter Men’s SST 8 Pro:

One of the premium brands which have become synonymous with quality and design is Dexter. It’s a famous and popular bowling brand which is popular for creating shoes offering salient features and boast of excellent craftsmanship. The SST 8 Pro are standout models which offer maximum durability, comfort and superb slide. The full-grain leather construction offers reinforcement to feet.

Dexter Men’s SST 8 Pro


The sidewalls of the shoes feature non-marking rubber. This shields the soles of the shoes and the midsoles too. Aggressive playing doesn’t have to be hostile for your shoes. The drag protector will prevent the slide from unwrapping backward. The features on offer here make it one of the most premium bowling shoes.


KR Strike-force Mens Flyer:

Bring an edge to your game with these premium and stylish shoes. The upper is crafted from soft and durable material which provides reinforcement for your feet. The universal sole is crafted in a manner so as to allow both the left and right handed players to glide in with fluidity and liberate the ball with effortless accuracy.

KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer


The out sole is made from rubber and supports the sole and the mid-sole. The heel has traction which enables you to stop sliding before the foul line. Investing in a good pair of shoes allows you to improve your bowling skills and save your hard money on rentals. Bowl with confidence and self-assuredness and exude style and grace with the athletic aesthetic of the shoes.


Brunswick Vapor:

The Brunswick has garnered professional fame and is opted by professional bowlers who want to give their level best functionality when playing leagues and tournaments. These shoes are flexible and durable but they are only compatible for right handed players. The synthetic upper is very resilient and sturdy. The EVA out sole guarantees high level of comfort. The framework of the shoes is contoured biochemically and so offers an amazing fit. The push off sole is made of rubber and offers supreme traction which you need to control your slide.

Brunswick Vapor


These silhouettes are functional, durable and stylish and feature interchangeable heel and soles. They offer exceptional performance on the lanes. And help you exude style and charm in and out of the bowling lanes.


Dexter Turbo II:

Featuring a low-profile and synthetic framework. These models from Dexter feature a soft man-made upper in black. Dexter has manufactured these to be suitable for both right handed. And left handed players so that they can play with comfort. And concentrate on enhancing their skill and precision level.

Dexter Turbo II


Great game ensured because of the shoe’s excellent sliding capability. The interior lined with thick padding which prevents the possibility of abrasions. The aesthetic is sporty and blends well with all ensembles. The price is affordable too. These are the best options particularly for beginner level players.


BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes:

If you want a pair of affordable bowling shoes for men, then these are a fair deal. Featuring synthetic leather upper and a lightweight out sole made from rubber. These are very durable and comfortable. Microfiber has employed to incorporate the feature of sliding. The interior lined with extra padding ensuring. That the long games will not cause immense fatigue or discomfort. The sneaker style of these silhouettes makes them great choices. To pair with your everyday, regular ensembles.

BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes


Concluding note:

Shoes are powerful allies which when chosen can help in improving your game and giving it a quality lift. You can choose from these above listed models to keep yourself grounded. While you slide and throw the ball with accuracy and precision. So that it rolls and smacks all ten pins in one powerful blow.