Best maternity shoes for pregnancy

With pregnancy in its full course, you are probably always searching for maternity clothes to accommodate your body. But many women often ignore the need of new Best maternity shoes to accommodate their swelling feet. The more you advance in to pregnancy, the more it becomes difficult to fit in to your old footwear collection.

The bright side is that even with swollen feet, you are offered with magnanimous maternity footwear collection. Many famous brands deal with some of the most flexible and comfortable best maternity shoes that moms to be can ever want. With pregnancy shoes you need to take many things into consideration. Therefore, it is imperative that you shop at the right places to get the best value for your money and to get guaranteed comfort for your most difficult journey of your life.

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Which shoes should you look out for?

Below is a list of some of the best maternity shoes for your swollen feet during pregnancy:

Skechers You 14964 sneaker:

Fashioned out of 100% fabric, this sneaker features a rubber sole which provides superb traction and perfect grip. It keeps your wobbly feet steady while walking or light running. The soft knit upper provides great breathability and keeps your feet well ventilated. You can fight off the excessive risen body temperature during pregnancy with these sneakers. This sneaker is available in light neutral colors which match with any dress. Since it is also very easy to slip on and roomy enough to wiggle in your toes comfortably, it makes up for a great maternity shoe. The overall feel of this sneaker is that of comfortable socks. It is very snug and stylish and lets you enjoy your pregnant months.

Don’t forget to order them a size or two sizes up during pregnancy as you will need larger sizes to fit your swollen feet well into.

Skechers you sneakers
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Vionic Minna ladies ballet flat:

If you have entered into the journey of motherhood and are full in to your pregnant months, then you can call upon aid the famous comfort brand Vionic. Vionic is a comfortable household name and oft recommended by podiatrists. This ballet flat is an epitome of chic sophistication with its minimalist outlook and small bow detail. Covered in leather, these shoes contour to your feet and give you the ultimate feeling of bliss and peace. It provides excellent heel and arch support and is ideal for pregnant ladies who are dealing with plantar fasciitis. The best thing about them is that they offer many attractive color choices. While some have accented tips, others have shiny sides.

The rubber soles tend to give superior comfort and stability and keep your feet well cushioned. Although they fit well to feet size, it is recommended to order them a size or half size up to prevent these ballet flats becoming too tight. You can walk around these flats for miles without experiencing any pain or exhaustion. If you are a flat type person, you cannot find a better shoe than these during your pregnancy.

Vionic ballet
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Spenco Seista slide mule:

Although mules may not be the best fashion shoes which you can find during your pregnancy, but they are guaranteed to be super comfortable. These Siesta slide mules by Spenco offer excellent heel and arch support and are extremely soft on your feet. The upper is made from soft fabric and features a roomy toe box. These are wide on the outsides too to give full comfort to your swollen feet. You don’t have to toss your feet painfully in these mule slides. They give the outlook of a closed toe sandal from the front and provide the convenience of open back. The open back is excellent for your pregnancy feet as it helps you to overcome the 24 hour hot feeling or risen body temperatures. They are very light in weight and orthotic so they naturally offer a better heel and arch support.

To make things more convenient for moms to be, the deep heel cupping ensures that your feet are fitted with appropriate cushioning. The inside is made of cork to cushion your feet against shocks. These slides are a superb choice to accommodate your feet as they swell more and more when you transit in to each pregnancy month.

If you are still in your first trimester and have swollen feet, best to order them a size up to keep them well fitting till your last trimester.

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Birkenstock Arizona sandals:

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Birkenstock Arizona sandals. The contoured cork footbed and the dual buckle straps are the epitome of comfort. As we step in to 2020, the once considered ‘ugly’ design of the Birkenstock sandals is now seen as the most ‘in’ trend by celebs. Whether it is street style or casual style, you will spot many famous celebs donning it as their go to sandal for every possible destination. The easy slip on style also gives them a marked fame. Although you will always experience Birkenstock as an expensive footwear choice, you will never really deny their worth. They are worth the money invested as they provide true worth for their price.

The best maternity shoes are available in several different sober colors and are perfect for your casual and fun purposes. They can accommodate your swollen pregnancy feet with great care and comfort. Since they have a wide construction, there is no need to order them a size up unless you have very swollen feet. With Birkenstocks you also have the advantage of superb heel and arch support. They are one of the most recommended sandals for your pregnancy painful feet.

Birkenstock Arizona sandals
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