Best running shoes in 2020 for bad knees

Best Running Shoe

Knee pain is a common occurrence which experienced by runners. It is also known to be one of the biggest impediments when it comes to pounding feet on the pavement. It can strike without a moment’s notice and the effects can be overwhelming. Whether you have trained too hard or ran too much on your first try. Knee pain can hinder your performance and force you to cut back on your workout hours. Wearing the right best running shoe for knee pain can assist in averting this pain. Thus allowing you to give your best shot each day.
Your feet are the basis of our skeleton. They act like a fulcrum on which the entire body weight stabilized. Thus, it is imperative that you wear supportive best running shoe. Which provide buffering to your feet. This will keep the joints of your back, knees and hips in proper and natural alignment. And prevent stress and pressure to exerted on these important muscles and joints.



What causes knee pain and how can you avert it?

According to a research, podiatrists claim that knee pain triggered. When repetitive stress exerted on the knee joints. Knee pain is usually instigated while running or jumping. As weight of the body can exert extreme or sudden pressure on the knees. Wearing worn-out sneakers also has an negative impact on the joints and start knee pain. This is why it’s vital that you wear supportive and protective shoes. That cushion and provide reinforcement to the feet. And can mitigate the pressure from the joints. , there are best running shoe which can battle with knee pain. And transform every running experience into a smooth and wonderful ride.

Below I have compiled a list of the best running shoes for bad knees which address and treat your knee problems. Peruse through the list to find the best options for you.


Best shoes for treating knee pain:


ASICS Gel Venture 6:

The Gel Venture sneaks created by ASICS are one of the best options for bad knees. They equipped with features which will provide stability and support to your feet. Some of the features which make these shoes outstanding choices for bad knees are:

  • These shoes incorporated with Gel Cushioning technology. Which renders excellent shock absorption and energy return. The extra cushioning ensures. That your feet granted extreme support and padding during running.
  • The removable sock liner allows you to insert your customized orthotics. To assist in battling with knee pain.
  • The unisex shoe has a sleek and elegant framework with a few color options available.
  • The mesh upper ensures greatest breath ability.
  • The durability and support provided by the shoes is excellent.
  • These are available at very affordable price.



ASICS Gel Venture 6


Saucony Cohesion 10:

If you are looking for a shoe which can tranquilize your pesky knees, then you have stumbled upon the ultimate therapeutic remedy. These comfortable and supportive shoes are adorned with salient features which make them great for running if you suffer from bad knees. Some of the features which make them so remarkable are:

  • These running sneakers are very lightweight and have breathable mesh upper, ensuring that the feet remain dry and cool even when the temperatures are soaring high.
  • The EVA foam cushioning injected in the mid sole has shock absorbing feature and allows a beneficial amount of cushioning to be achieved. The transitions are smoother which assists in keeping the pressure of the knees.
  • The flex grooves in the out sole ensure a firm grip and excellent traction.
  • They come under a very affordable price range and won’t put a dent in your wallet.





Saucony Cohesion 10

Brooks Glycerin 16:

The Glycerin series hailing from the Brooks brand has undergone constant upgrades and each time the updated version is mind-blowing. For a runner, Glycerin are like luxurious running sneaks which are jam-packed with impressive qualities which makes them closet staples, especially for runners. Some of the features which makes these shoes top-rated running pairs are:

  • The shoes exhibit a sturdy design and a resilient aesthetic. The out sole is designed from durable rubber which provides a great grip and improves traction level. The support and stability achieved is app laudable.
  • The sleek and novel design of the upper is incredible appealing. The printed upper merged with the mesh design gives a sportive and truly artistic look to the sneakers. Ventilation level is excellent. The toe box is wide and the interior is also lined with a plush sock liner that keeps the feet feeling cozy and comfortable.
  • The plush mid sole and the outstanding fitting grants you the feeling of walking on pillows.
  • The Glycerin are available in a variety of alluring colors.
  • The Glycerin 16 offers splendid energy return and shock absorption feature.

The durable and sturdy framework, the strong and supportive design and tons of incredible features makes this shoe a high-end one. So if you can dare to afford it, it’s surely an ace shoe which will enhance your performance while mitigating your knee pain.



Brooks Glycerin 16


Nike Dart 12:

Nike is well-known for creating blockbuster silhouettes which are the epitome of high quality and expert craftsmanship and cater to varied sporting activities. The Dart 12 were created exclusively to tackle the situation of bad knees and to handle it with precision. These stylish and super classy shoes are incorporated with some remarkable traits some of which are:

  • The full length mid sole is designed to absorb the shock of impacts and to deliver excellent energy return, thus improving the transition between the movements of the feet.
  • They are lined with extra padding which ensures that maximum comfort is achieved and protection is guaranteed.
  • The rubber out-soles enhance the grip and improve the traction on all kinds of surfaces.
  • The sleek upper is made of mesh and allows superb ventilation to be maintained.



Nike Dart 12


Mizuno Wave Rider 20:

If you are looking for a lightweight pair of shoes. Which offer a comfortable and supportive ride. While alleviating your knee pain, you have hit the jackpot. The traits which make the Wave Riders all-rounders and great options are:
  • The sleek and graceful aesthetic has a sportive touch to it which adds pizazz to all your ensembles. The shoes are available in a variety of assorted colors. The mesh upper ensures that the feet remain dry and comfortable.
  • The out sole made from durable rubber.
  • The mid-sole deigned from foam rubber which is lightweight. And offers ultra-comfortable feeling and is one of the best employed.
  • The interior lined with shock liner which grants flexibility. And allows for greater rebound, thus augmenting the support granted to the feet.



Mizuno Wave Rider 20


Concluding note:

Wearing a good pair of supportive shoes is imperative. As it enables your feet to maintain a natural gait while preserving your balance. And this in turn keeps your knees in alignment with your feet, by aiding in the distribution. Of the pressure and stress on the knee joints when you are performing any activity.
So shop for the pair of best running shoe. That will mitigate your knee pain, upgrade your style and perk up your performance. So that you can enjoy your strides and marathons without burdened by distraction of pain.