Best running shoes for a beginner

If you have just begun the running regimen, then you need to find a pair of shoes which have the ability to upgrade your running style and give a booster shot to your speed. Running shoes which are designed for beginners vary a lot in terms of features and aspects as compared to those fashioned for professional runners. It’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed when you are poring over innumerable styles and designs all of which promise a faster and more agile gait and certify a powerful performance. To increase the appeal and charm of the shoes, brands highlight the features in an eloquent manner and create a hype around the shoe. This makes it more difficult to elect the optimum pair of shoes. For new runners, it is recommended to visit the shop onsite rather than buying online and get the gait and size analyzed by the experts.


Check for these three primary aspects in the running shoes:

For a new runner there are three features which can help determine and assess which shoes will be the most suitable purchase.  These are:


  • Comfort:

This is one of the fundamental aspects that should never be overlooked. You can sacrifice style and not lose anything. But if you forgo comfort in lieu of style, then you will not be able to perform to the best of your potential. To check comfort, you can test them by taking a quick walk.

  • Ride:

Check for the ride. Is your ride smooth and agile or is it unnatural and wobbly? The design of the midsole can have an impact on the stability of the ride.


  • Fitting:

Your shoe should have a space of a thumb’s width between the ends of the longest toe ranging down to the end of your shoe. Check that your heel or foot is not slipping while you walk.

If you are a novice and are having a hard time selecting the best running shoes for beginners, then you need not worry. I have prepared the list for you which can give you an idea about what to look for. You can look up the models listed on the page. These are amongst the best running models and are fashioned to take your running gait to the next level.


Best running shoes:


  • Saucony Ride 13:

The Ride 13 models are considered to be one of the most excellent choices for runners standing at the beginning level. They are fashioned to render an amazing fit and are designed to capacitate a wide array of foot sizes and shapes. The construction is lightweight and grants a supremely comfortable and snug feeling. The plush and roomy framework is apt to keep your feet fatigue free even if you wear them for long period of time. The midsole is designed to give a pillow like and springy feeling. These updated models are an amazing blend of comfort, performance and style and ensure easy cruising and enjoyable rides.

Saucony Ride 13 This picture is taken from


  • Mizuno Wave Rider 24:

The classic Wave Riders are effectively harmonious with beginner level runners. The brand has placed the shoe on top of a well-padded midsole. This feature grants an exceptionally soft landing and also renders responsive takeoff. The bouncy response facilitates in increment of the speed and giving a power packed performance. The midsole is designed to be shock absorbent. And so mitigates the risk of injuries.

Mizuno Wave Rider 24 This picture is taken from


The Mizuno Wave Riders are also equipped to house many range of foot sizes. This model is available in both the mesh and Waveknit material. You can choose which one complies to your personal taste well. The Mizuno Wave Riders are one of the most coveted running pairs. Their popularity has escalated in the past years due to their supreme durability and exceptional performance.


  • HOKA Clifton 7:

The Clifton 7 by Hoka are a true definition of comfort and functionality as they are equipped with exceptionally soft padding. But the padding doesn’t weight you down in the least. These Hoka models also feature EVA foam on the underside of the feet. The cushioning provided eases the transitions between takeoff and landings and offers a smooth and soft ride.

HOKA Clifton 7 This picture is taken from


Even after lining it with excessive cushioning, the Clifton 7 is still very lightweight. The upper is fashioned from thin mesh which ensures easy airflow and keeps feet ventilated. Every feature packed up in these kicks have a lot to offer for beginner level runners.


  • Brooks Ghost 13:

If you want a potent blend of comfort, fitting and functionality, then these are the best bet on the table. The brand has engineered the structure of the shoe, so that it is highly congruous to beginners and experts alike. The designers of the brand extended the DNA Loft foam to the forefoot in the Ghost 13. And the result is a softer and extremely comfortable shoe which is guaranteed to help you make easy and effortless transitions. The toe box is designed to render a roomy fit.

Brooks Ghost 13 This picture is taken from


  • On Cloud swift:

Unlike the typical running shoe, the ON running shoes showcase a more stylish and suave aesthetic. And the classic visual is up-to-date with the high level of performance. The brand has equipped the shoes with the symbolic CloudTec technology to provide padding to the shoes. If you compare the foam of ON’s shoes its comparatively more padded and offers extra responsive ride than other models.

On Cloud swift This picture is taken from


These shoes ensure you a strong and formidable performance while giving you a chance to enjoy high velocity and a stable ride. The Cloudswift kicks render an amazing aesthetic while granting a trouble-free fitting.


Concluding note:

Running is a sport which hinges completely on a pair of reliable and good running shoes that can strengthen your performance while catapulting your confidence and agility.

In the beginning, your whole body is relying upon the salient qualities of the shoes that you wear. You need support, cushioning, and even durability. As you build up muscles and get more accustomed to your running, your body relies on muscle mass and the strength that it has accumulated along the way to run swiftly and stabilize the weight accordingly. So it is imperative that you choose a good pair of shoes which can help you achieve higher goals in a short period of time. The above listed shoes are formidable allies that can ease your running journey.