Flat footed people have to choose their shoes very wisely. Because a good pair of shoes can make a world of difference in their performance and can transform their runs from a grueling jog into an exhilarating ride. Flat footed people are not endowed with natural arches. And this is why their whole sole touches the ground when moving. This can make running, jogging and even running a very uncomfortable and painful experience.  

So what makes a shoe compatible for flat feet?

Shoes which are designed for flat feet incorporate some key features which are:

  • Usually running shoes have hourglass type of mold that narrows near the arches. However, shoes designed for flat feet have midsoles which come into full contact with the feet.                
  • These shoes provide extra arch support which helps in strengthening and reinforcing the muscles of the feet.
  • Lack of arch requires the flat footed people to rely more on their heels and toes. Running shoes designed for flat feet render additional support and stability in these areas. However, this means that running shoes for flat feet are usually heavy weight and chunkier in their structure in comparison to ordinary running shoes.

If you have flat feet and are looking for a good pair of running shoes that will ease your feet troubles and alleviate your suffering, then you need to invest in the shoes that are equipped with these primary features. I have compiled a short list for you, which you can consult to get a clearer vision.

  • Brooks Dyad:

Flat footed runners’ need a framework that provides them spacious room and boosts the comfort and stability factors. Dyad are one of the best running shoes for flat feet as they feature a very capacious fit and extensive platform which widens into a straight last. This enables the feet to make a firmer contact with the midsole. The arch pods situated at the midfoot render stability and enhanced security.

Brooks Dyad
This image is taken jackrabbit.com.com

The inner is well-cushioned and is best for people running on rough and tough grounds and pavements. The roomy framework allows enough space for orthotics to be placed when needed. However, the features incorporated can make these sneaks a little bulky.

  • ASICS Gel-Kayano:

These models from the elite brand ASICS have become the favored and most sought after sneaks by flat footed people. What makes them so popular is their exclusive framework which caters well to mitigate the sufferings associated with flat feet. These sneaks render ultimate comfort and padding which is symbolic with the designs of ASICS.

ASICS Gel-Kayano
This image is taken from asics.com

The Gel-Kayano also features a guidance line midsole. This helps to keep the feet parallel to the ground when taking steps and ensures that a natural gait is maintained. The toe box is roomy, facilitating the feet to sustain stability, flexibility and steadiness. When it comes to comfort and stability these are the best running shoes for flat fleet.

However, the only drawback is that these sneaks have a chunky and beefy silhouette and are expensive. Also, the fragile lace eyelets means that you have to be extra careful when tying the laces. Don’t jerk the laces too tight or you will rip them apart.

  • Nike Air Zoom Structure:

Nike has become synonymous with premium quality and first-class performance. The Nike footwear has achieved elite status worldwide and these sneaks are no exception. Air Zoom has been specifically designed for people with flat feet. They feature midsole which has triple density which assures that the shoes come into contact with all the points of the bottom of the feet.  The robust foam wedge lined in the heel area ensures that the feet are aligned correctly.

Nike Air Zoom Structure
This image is taken from shoeguide.org

The framework is fashioned to render extra support at the heel and toes. The sleek and suave aesthetic makes them attractive running shoes. The Air Zoom models are available in a variety of color options, so you can pick according to your personal style.

 However, the only drawback is that they run a little on the narrow side and are not really recommended for wide feet.

  • Mizuno Wave Inspire:

For flat footed individuals, these sneaks offer a great deal. The shoe plate is designed to offer impact and shock absorption in the heel and the midsole area. This works to lessen the force of the impact of each step. The outsole and the insoles are fashioned to render maximum support and padding. These shoes boast of a lightweight and sleek construction.

Mizuno Wave Inspire
This image is taken from fleetfeet.com

The outsole and the midsole are also designed in a way that they distribute the weight evenly across the whole feet while also rendering it a great flex. Arch support is good to go. If the sneaks seem a little too snug, you can remove the insoles as per your convenience. The Wave Inspire feature a breathable upper and so helps to keep your feet dry and cool in summer heat. Their premium quality assures longer lifespan and a top-tier performance.

  • Saucony Triumph 17:

Saucony Triumph series have renovated their models. the revamped model boasts of enhanced softness and a more lightweight construction.

Triumph 17 have midsoles attached which renders boosted padding that translates into improved comfort level when running and taking steps.

Saucony Triumph 17
This image is taken from fleetfeet.com

The mesh upper is soft and breathable and toe box is very spacious allowing a superb and more comfortable fitting. Triumph 17 is considered to be one of the best running shoes in the market for flat feet.

  • Hoka One One Vanquish Running Shoe:

The brand Hoka One One is acclaimed to be one of the leading labels creating masterpieces in the athletic footwear department. Vanquish is a superb running shoe which has been designed to improve performance of people with flat feet. These sneaks are padded, flexible and very robust, thus offering shock absorption features. The shoes are fashioned to come into contact with all the points of the feet, supplying immense stability and support. The rubber outsole is also very durable.

Hoka One One Vanquish Running Shoe
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However, these sneaks tend to run at a higher price end and are narrow.

Our foot arch is designed naturally to absorb shock and impacts and to direct the force away from, ankles, knees and hips and avoid injuries. But flat footed people aren’t so lucky. Their arch cracks up and fails to absorb shocks and impacts. And this in turn can result in twisting of the ankle. This is why it is imperative to purchase best running shoes specifically designed for flat feet which can the pain and mitigate the discomfort when running.