Best sandals for women with flat feet

Best sandals for women

Many women realize only after a span of countless years that there might be a problem with their feet shape. And the confirmation comes when they visit their podiatrist and the diagnosis proves. That they have flat feet. This denotes that when taking steps, your feet roll inward rather than outward. And this is a condition that needs to taken. If you have flat feet and if you are not wearing proper shoes suitable for flat feet. Then it is probable that you might develop problems like pain in heels, legs and in your lower back in the long run. Wearing improper shoes can exaggerate the discomfort and pain and make it chronic. Must for women with flat feet to invest and wear shoes that are in accordance to their feet type.

If you suffer from flat feet, then there are a few things which you might need to consider when buying sandals. many flip-flops and sandals are devoid of proper support and cushioning. And this is why, finding a good pair of sandals is a daunting task.


Aspects to consider when buying sandals for flat feet:


1. Take the counsel of a podiatrist:

Seek the counsel of a professional podiatrist before you buy sandals as their guidance will be direct you towards the best and most optimum purchase.

2. Arch reinforcement:

Look out for best sandals for women which have raised arch support. The sandals should be equipped with more cushioning than regular sandals. This is, so that they grant enhanced shock absorption feature and help to reduce the pressure exerted on the feet.

3. Resilience and firmness:

Flat feet have very low stability and this is why they require external stability. Sandals which are durable, firm and rigid and do not curve in the middle are the best options for flat feet. These provide the correct form of stability and firmness which is vital for flat footed women.

4. Wider sandals:

Mostly people who have flat feet have wider feet sizes. So ensure that the sandals that you are going to buy are a little wider than your feet. This way, when you will take steps, your feet will not border towards the edge of the sandals.

5. Heel cup should be deep:

When the silhouette or a sandal has a deep heel cup, extreme rolling of the feet is prevented. This is called over pro nation and flat footed people experience it commonly.

6. Foot bed should be removable or orthotic:

Flat footed people should always wear sandals which are equipped with orthotic foot bed or have a removable foot bed so that they can insert their own orthotic foot bed. Orthotic foot bed provides reinforcement to the foot area and avoids too much flattening of the arch.


Best sandals for flat feet:


Some of the sandals which are incorporated with the above listed essential features are as follows:


  • Tide II:

Tide II, which are launched by the Vionic brand are one of the best sandals for women with flat feet. They have a padded insole which is created to supply utmost level of comfort and minimize the level of stress on your ankles, feet and knees.

The thick rubber sole grants sufficient and firm grip. This feature helps you to maintain your balance and avoids you from suffering from slipping accidents.

The straps are very soft and comfortable. These lightweight sandals are easy to slip on and keep your feet feeling happy and fatigue free even if you wear them all day long. They are available at an affordable price too.


Tide II

  • Eco Tread Flip:

Best sandals for women which offer cushioned support and provide the feature of shock absorption are considered to be the ultimate options for flat footed people. And the new Eco Tread Flip sandals by Chacos embody these crucial features flawlessly well in their structure.

The foot bed designed is quite deep and so absorbs the force of impact extremely well. The best sandals for women are contoured in a style so as to render great support and reinforcement to your feet. This enhances their quality of comfort and helps to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with flat feet. The salient features that Eco Tread offers makes it one of the most popular sandals chosen by women of all ages.


EcoTread Flip


  • Clarks Leisa Cacti:

These sleek and attractive sandals hailing from one of the most prominent brands are an all-inclusive package. They feature some of the most essential and vital features which help to provide a luxurious and pain-free ride. These features are:

  • The foot-bed features Clarks Cushion Plush system which alleviates the strain exerted on the feet and supports normal foot gait by focusing on the ball of the feet.
  • The Ortholite technology incorporated in the foot bed allows maximum comfort to be attained. It also promotes excellent ventilation, helping the feet to remain dry.
  • The EVA sole offers exceptional reinforcement to the feet and this is a very essential feature for the fallen arches.
  • The aesthetic is elegant and attractive and you have three color options to select from.

These are a bit pricey, but considering the essential features incorporated in the sandals, these provide the true value of their price. These sandals are one of the most exceptional silhouettes that can alleviate your flat foot problems and enhance your foot health.



Clarks Leisa Cacti

  • Taos Gift 2:

If you want a supportive form of sandal. Which will provide you with largest comfort, cushioning and stability. While stepping up your style element then these are the precise silhouettes. Featuring an attractive aesthetic and smart framework. They coordinate well with all your ensembles regardless of the weather. They provide bolstering at the arch area and the in front of the feet. Excellent ventilation ensured through the soft plush leather and microfiber lining. This feature enables you to wear them for long hours.
The Gift 2 are available in a wide variety of colors. So you have plenty of choices to select from to synchronize with your summer ensembles. The foot bed equipped with Cool Recovery Foam which offers a luxurious padding. And the proprietary gel incorporated in the foot bed keeps your feet cool and happy all day long. The rubber out sole is durable and offers a firm and slip-free grip.
The Gift 2 are the stylish options that feature a thong sandal. This slip on style keeps your feet in place. They have an aesthetic and price range quite. Like Birkenstock's sandals but they offer a more sophisticated and sleek framework.


Taos Gift 2

Concluding note:

For flat footed women, it recommended to go for shoe options. That blend functionality with style. Shoes which offer arch support, shock absorption. Cushioning and a precise fit are superb choices.
So make these above listed pairs your own and refurbish your shoe collection. To add variety to your wardrobe and style to your profile.