Best type of shoes to wear without socks

Daily, the trends keep shifting and novel fads become the norm. Just as we have adopted the new way of life with the coronavirus, people have also embraced the style of wearing sneaks without socks. The trend has gained immense popularity and is witnessing a sharp rise. To look cool and give off urban vibes, low top silhouettes are usually worn without socks. They impeccably rev up the profile and look super cool.

Although wearing socks is usually a recommended option. This is because they prevent the shoes acquiring the sweat related stench that can arise from feet sweltering profusely. Socks absorb the moisture of the feet and protect and shield them from the odds of getting injuries. But there are some days you can’t convince yourself to wear them. The high temperatures and excessive humidity can take a toll on you. This is when choosing shoes which have breathable fabric is important. This can help to prevent sweating and bad odor formation.


Recommended fabrics to choose when you want to wear shoes without socks:


The material of the shoe is of grave importance when you want to follow the trend and flaunt shoes without the socks. Mesh and canvas are the best options as they are breathable and allow ventilation. Leather also lets air in and so is a viable choice. It is best to avoid synthetic materials as they are moisture trappers and impede ventilation.

If you want to forgo your socks and fall in with the cool and hippy trend of freeing your feet, then there are a number of shoe styles which look sufficiently good. Scroll down below and take a look at the fashionable silhouettes that have become the rage.


Boat shoes:

These graceful shoes have gained immense popularity and have witnessed a turnover in their fame. They were considered to be the dad shoes that were versatile and functional and had no connection with style. But in recent years, boat shoes have been enjoying celebrity status and are labeled as being cool shoes which have a nautical panache to it that polishes the attire and adds urban sophistication to your apparels.

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The boat shoes are the timeless classics that look graceful with any type of ensemble. The easy slip on design reduces the hassle and fuss of putting them on. They are available in innumerable shades and materials. Their below-the-ankle framework makes them great options for warmer months. And the best part is that they are supposed to be worn without socks. Most of the boat shoes look and feel comfortable.



When you craft up the image of loafers in your mind, you can vision them as being the ultra-refined pairs which have the capability to help you dress up or down as per the demand of the occasion. Loafers are versatile pairs that have been in existence since ages and have continued to serve the utility purpose and enjoy a celebrity status. Their minimal aesthetic combined with their sleek and elegant construction adapts to any type of looks you wish to flaunt. Loafers are available in suede or leather material and look polished and sleek. They are shaped like moccasins and feature a flat heel. They are easy to slip on. You can wear them with or without socks in accordance with your personal choice.

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Breathable low-top sneakers:

Sneakers have predominantly become the ultimate fashion icons worn for their exclusive and sleek style and their versatility. Gone are the days when they were used particularly for gym only. They have become the new definition of fashionable and casual and are employed to jazz up the look of any ensemble. Sneakers have become the new norm. They are the expression of our identity and profiles and have become the fashion staples we cannot imagine our lives without.

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Sneaks are not only comfortable but they come in a myriad of sizes, styles, and shades enabling you to flatter your persona and inject a dash of pizazz and sophistication in your getup. Sneakers have a casual air which looks perfect when you want to head for casual brunches, outings or even run errands. You can make a style statement whether you wear them with socks or without socks. They look cool and elegant in both ways. But if you want to wear them without socks, opt for breathable materials to keep your feet cool and dry.



Espadrilles have the power to encapsulate summer vibes and look super trendy. They are a cool and comfortable alternative to sneakers or boat shoes. They feature a minimal aesthetic and grant an edge to your ensembles. They are manufactured from breathable materials and are very easy to wear. You can look truly dapper and charismatic wearing espadrilles with casual trousers and shirt while venturing out in blazing heat. These timeless and versatile silhouettes look great when worn without socks. They are the lifesaver silhouettes to opt for in sweltering heat as their framework is usually crafted from soft materials like suede, mesh and canvas. However, they lend a very sporty and casual vibe to an outfit so you avoid wearing them to formal or even semi-formal occasions.

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Beneficial pointers:

To avoid disastrous stench formation in your shoes, it is imperative that you keep your shoes in rotation and vent them after each use. You can also use deodorizing balls and inserts to free them of stench and moisture. The deodorizing balls will also lengthen the lifespan of your shoes by rendering them protection.

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If you want to go sockless in summer and yet fear of sweat smell being developed in your shoes, you can insert the ventilated gel insoles inside the shoes. These employ moisture wicking lining which ensures that moisture is absorbed quickly. They are created using the honeycomb design. This enables prompt ventilation to be maintained. However, be sure to replace them after every six months.


Concluding note:

Experiment is the mother of invention. And in this case, this proverb rings true. The need to forgo socks was developed due to the intense heat in the summer months that makes wearing socks unbearable. And the trend which erupted from requirement soon become very popular.

Get bold and dare to go sockless too if you haven’t tried the trend yet. You can choose any of the above shoe types to look dashing and exude charisma when you go sockless.