Make your splishing and splashing memorable with these trendy beach shoes

Can you imagine this scenario? Hiking in stilettos or snorkeling in leather boots? No, you definitely cannot envisage this image because you probably haven’t seen anyone trampling along in non-functional footwear when engaging in water sports or taking a stroll around the beach. Now you are probably thinking what exactly are water sports? If walking on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling or fishing is the answer that has popped up in your mind, than spot on. You are right on target. Any kind of activity or sports which involves the element of water is called water sports. But the equation of water sports is solved when you complete it with water shoes. Come again, what are water shoes? Confused? Let me explain in a precise manner without boring you with technical terms. Water shoes are also termed as aqua footwear and are fashioned to be worn when in water or around water. Water shoes have evolved into stylish utilitarian pieces of footwear which have garnered immense popularity in the past few years.
Water shoes are designed to proffer the user with multiple and versatile functions. They proffer traction and protection when you are wading in the water and so secure you from the chances of slipping. They are usually designed either from leather or mesh material to be able to deliver maximum functionality and prevent your feet becoming drenched and soaked uncomfortably. They are crafted to be a snug fit and so this feature eases your mobility in water. The strong outer soles provide the user with fortification against sharp objects like rocks or coral reefs when treading in water. They are tailored to dry out quickly after getting soaked. Their versatility makes them perform quite well both in and out of water and you can flaunt them whether you have decided upon trekking, rock climbing or enjoying a romantic stroll with your partner on the beach. These ultra comfy footwear multi-tasks like a pro. Let’s take a look at some of the best beach/water shoes that have stormed the market and harvested great acknowledgement.

Crocs Swiftwater:

The prestigious brand Crocs has been in the limelight for years for designing comfortable and trendy pieces of versatile silhouettes of footwear that is suitable for practical everyday wear. Their latest innovative water walking silhouettes have also amassed immense recognition which has been named Swiftwater. The Swiftwater Beach Sandals is well-fitting, lightweight, flexible and featured to be the perfectly efficient water sandals. The emblematic attribute of Crocs footwear is the Croslite cushioning that is utilized in the styling of the versatile pieces. The mesh material feature provides superb air-flow while the structure of foam buttresses the foot. The Velcro strap opens to allow easy slide in and slide off of the feet. You can utilize them in mucky and soaking places and you can place your trust in them while swimming, to shield your feet from sharp and rough sea beds, corals and pinching critters. These multi-purpose beach shoes are available in five colors and can be adorned in water and sand, mud or land.


If you want to rock fashionable footwear and appear smart even if you are placing your feet over aqueous environments, then these are your best bet. Accessible in 12 different hues and pattern variables, this stylishly chic protective footwear is expedient for slip on and slip-off and fashioned from mesh material which has the tendency to dry out quite quickly. Furthermore, the harnessing of the Fluid Flow technology permits the fluid to be pumped out from the upper mesh area. The hydrophobic mesh material also proffers the user with the feature of excellent air-flow and breathability resolving the sweaty odors predicaments. The employment of rubber pods enhance traction and render ultimate protection and functionality.

Speedo Surfwalker 3.0:

Swimmers and aqua sportsmen have enjoyed a long term relationship with the footwear designed by Speedo brand. These slip-on silhouettes are exceptionally chic, designed to maintain equilibrium and proffer maximum underfoot protection. Flaunt these beauties on beach, pool or boat and bedazzle the crowd. The stretchy material of the upper mesh allows for a snug fit without the backing of laces or closures. The drainage ports are superbly concealed underneath the area of the feet, which is an extraordinary feature allowing all the water which has seeped in, to escape through. Furthermore, these drainage ports will also prevent the rocks from piercing inside the shoes. The speedy drying quality of the mesh material makes them the ideal shoes for aqua sports or water situations

Neosport Paddle:

Whether you are on a kayaking or rafting expedition or discovering the treasures of the underwater world, this wetsuit beach footwear are the classy silhouettes and the optimum choice to slay the ultimate beach look. The sole of the NeoBoots is crafted from a premium tough material to withstand punctures. The tread arrangement featured on the outsole imparts strong grip even on the most rough and sharp rocks. The comfy and yielding neoprene uppers comprise of Velcro straps that eases the slip-on and slip-off. These boots are your fast and the furious friends whether you are venturing on a rough outdoor escapade or are under the sea exploration.


These great beach shoes provide cover to your feet without being over-dramatic. Versatility, functionality, comfort and durability are the features that have been blended in harmony when fashioning these boots. The sock layer inside the boots allows sand to be shuffled out easily without piling inside and the webbed structure simplifies the slip-on and slip-off procedure. The rubber sole enhances the grip while the mesh upper layer dries speedily so that water doesn’t remain clogged in the shoes for long. The Solyte midsole render a comfy feel and the EVA outer sole cushions the bottom of the foot. These ultra lightweight yet sturdy silhouettes make your river hiking activity and aqua sports enjoyable experiences. Aqua sports and beach trips are irresistible to all, especially in the summer months. Selecting the best footwear style which is apropos to your aqua activity or your beach trip is indeed a difficult task when a plethora of options are available in the market. However, the top way to determine the premium silhouettes is to evaluate the durability, efficiency and quality of the shoes before taking any decision.