Best boxing shoes to don to get an upper hand in your wrestling matches

Like every other sport, even boxing requires suitable and appropriate gear to maximize performance and give an edge to overall expertise. Even though, you employ your hands to wrestle with your opponent, you still need a powerful pair of shoes to help you stay grounded. Boxing is an intense physical activity that can get dangerous. It is crucial that you don protective footwear that is compatible with the rules of the matches. Boxing shoes are also equipped with imperative features which assist you in moving with control and agility and get an upper hand on your opponent. Wrong pair of shoes can affect your gait in a negative manner and render your opponents an inexcusable edge they require to make you surrender.

Not all the shoes termed as boxing shoes are actually good. If you want to dominate the sport and give your best shot, you need to choose shoes which are equipped with the best features. But the problem is that the market is inundated with innumerable boxing pairs. It might take you hours to search and select the best pair. I have made your task easy for you and listed the best boxing shoes that can boost your speed, agility and give you the stability you want. And the best thing is that these shoes are under $100.


Best boxing shoes that look good and deliver superb performance:


Reebok Boxing Boot – Buck:

One of the most popular and the most expensive shoes on this list is the Reebok Boxing Boot. Their design, performance and durability is matchless. The shoes were flaunted by Floyd May weather which is a testimony to their reliability and premium framework.

Reebok Boxing Boot – Buck


The price tag of the shoes is justified fairly well, because the shoes are backed by premium qualities. These high-top sneakers provide sufficient ankle support and the ankle strap coupled with lace up vamp ensures an excellent and snug fitting. When your feet are kept securely in place, you can make fluid and agile movements.

As compared to other boxing shoes, these render extra grip and firmer traction enabling you to keep your feet stable and more in control. The rubber out sole is durable and the EVA mid sole supplies supreme comfort and a cushioning feel. The aesthetic is very sporty and futuristic. These are one of the most lightweight shoes which feature breathable fabric which limits odor and heat.

Rival Boxing Lo-Top Guerrero Boots:

Rival has gained prominence in supplying premium boxing paraphernalia. The shoes designed by the brand are first class and showcase expert craftsmanship. These low-top boxing shoes are considered to be the epitome of quality and perfection. Their low-top design also enables the boxers to improve their speed and attain flexibility. The employment of patent leather and mesh fabric spruces up the aesthetic and grants it a supreme edge. It also ensures that your boots provide you with excellent ventilation keeping your feet cool even in extreme temperatures.

Rival Boxing Lo-Top Guerrero Boots


The rubber out sole supplies amazing traction and superb grip. The insole is cushioned and so enhances the support and comfort factor. The attractive and alluring color schemes available heighten your style factor and highlight your feet.


Title Speed-Flex Encore Boxing Shoe:

This model  is available in both the high-top and low-top version and comes under the affordable price range. Title is a brand which has gained immense popularity amongst the boxing athletes for its indomitable construction, supreme quality and exceptional performance. The shoes designed by the brand are exclusively boxing pairs. The brand employs nylon and synthetic fabrics for the creation of the boxing frameworks. These materials are very strong and sturdy and so guarantee that they your shoes will last you for many years to come.

Title Speed-Flex Encore Boxing Shoe


The shoes are compatible with many training activities like sparring, mitt work and are also optimal for conditional training. Their lightweight and supportive construction enables you to make sharp, fluid and speedy movements with relative ease.

However, the only drawback is that these are tend to run small and require significant break-in time.


Adidas Box Hog 2:

If you want an all-rounder pair which delivers speed and steps up your training and matches, then Adidas has been carved specifically for you. The minimalist design with the symbolic three stripes is enough to make you stand out and apart from the crowd.

Adidas Box Hog 2

The Adidas Bog Hog has a low-top design but it still provides more ankle stability you could wish for in a pair. The padded heel, EVA mid sole and gum rubber out sole ensures that foot support is provided.

The out sole provides traction and stable grip on all types of surfaces. The mesh material renders supreme breath ability. The suede covering grants a comfortable fit.


Adidas KO Legend 16.1 Boxing Shoe:

Adidas models have always been acknowledged by athletes to render amazing performance. And these are no exceptions. The Legend high-tops have been fashioned with a lace-up vamp. This ensures that you can achieve a tight and snug fitting. The aesthetic is minimal yet very elegant and sleek. The mesh upper ensures that breath ability is maintained.

Adidas KO Legend 16.1 Boxing Shoe



The employment of neoprene foam ensures that chafing is prevented and maximum comfort is obtained. The mid sole has EVA cushioning which grants support and a comfortable feeling.


Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes:

The Diablo shoes feature a modern and sporty aesthetic. The upper crafted from breathable fabric. And these models are suitable for indoor and outdoor training. These low-top shoes enhance movement and speed. The durable and firm grip offered. By the shoes certifies that largest performance reached.  These are available in great color schemes. Which look elegant and trendy and can rev up the whole outlook. The price is very affordable too.

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes


Finding an affordable pair of boxing shoes is a challenge. Because of endless variety and innumerable models that are available on display. But you need to make a smart buy and choose the boxing shoes which delivers the best qualities. Because owning a great pair of shoes can have a positive impact on your training. It can sharpen your maneuvers and take your performance to a whole new level.