7 reasons to wear espadrilles

Stilettos are considered to be the most queenly footwear in the world of shoes. Many women own dozens of stilettos in every style and color. But those who are real shoe lovers, and who understand the aesthetics of a shoe, truly realize the true worth of an espadrille. Espadrilles are the most versatile and vital footwear and must have to be had in a woman’s shoe shelf.

What exactly are espadrilles?

Espadrilles are shoes made from rubber soles and using cotton or canvas fabric. It also has a fancy and unique fiber rope around the edge. They are a kind of thick sandals especially designed for harsh and hot weather. You can see espadrilles being designed today in many different designs and colors. Many colorful patterns and lacy embellishments are now being embedded in these espadrilles and making them one of the most hyped shoes these days.


What are the reasons for wearing espadrilles?

Since espadrilles have been associated with a lot of foot health advantages, here are at least 7 good reasons for wearing them or keeping them as your must-haves in your footwear closet.


Espadrilles are super comfortable and very functional. They are very light in weight and they provide a sense of achievement to your feet. Espadrilles are especially made with roomy toe boxes. Also the sole is made flat either from rubber or jute. Since they are constructed for hot weather, you will find them a very flexible warm weather footwear option. Without sacrificing on style, espadrilles provide super comfort combined with chic style to go with any of your outfit choices.

Feet odor resistant:

The main area of concern with any footwear option is foot odor which can cause a foul lingering smell in the shoes for a long time. There are many ways to get rid of foot odor out of which one consists of wearing socks. But you can’t wear socks all the time. Of course, you can also use sprays or shoe odor powder but all those things don’t last much.

Espadrilles are especially designed to combat feet odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh and fine. The jute in the espadrilles and the breathing airway construction helps in keeping your shoes smelling good.

Excellent for walking:

You probably will not be able to appreciate just how fleeting and quick espadrilles are in walking. If you have been looking for a complete and comfortable shoe for walking, you need to try espadrilles. The relaxed and fashionable feel of the classic espadrilles makes them a stylish accessory to pair with your adventurous and countryside outfit appearances. The natural jute used in its construction provides extra cushioning and makes it effortless for you to walk very long distances without experiencing any foot pain.

A perfect travel shoe:

They are also one of the best travel shoes to pack. Not only because of their compact size and less weight, but their ability to give you the best walks in all kinds of terrains makes them a favorable choice for every occasion. Moreover, they look so glamorous in everyone’s travel photos that they can surely make your travel snaps an outstanding memory.

The best thing about espadrille is that they merge in with all kinds of cultural outfits. So if f you are planning to get your whole travel picture portfolio made, you better pack in a few espadrilles in different colors and styles. You definitely will not regret it.


Espadrilles are very versatile which means that they are safe to wear with any outfit whatsoever. You can pair them with your casual jeans and palazzo. If matched with short or long skirt dresses, they make a cool street wear look. And if you are planning for a jumpsuit or a crop top with blazer, then you can be sure that the combo will look mesmerizing.

If you are getting late for work and have still to decide what to wear, then you just go with espadrilles. They augment your blazer suit appeals and also enhance your persona and styling sense. The bottom line is that espadrilles are day savers. If you have no glamorous shoes to match with your outfits, you can easily rely on espadrilles to work it out. They can instantly pull up even your simplest outfit choices.

Eco friendly:

Espadrilles are Eco friendly because their processing and manufacturing does not involve usage of hazardous practices which can cause environmental damage. They are made using natural substances so there is minimum waste of resources. The materials used in its manufacturing such as jute, rubber and cotton are derived naturally.

The wide range of colors and designs in espadrilles are also done using dying procedures. Espadrilles are globally considered as environmental friendly shoes. Every woman should own at least two to three pairs of espadrille sandals.

Look trendy:

Shop from a huge variety of new and fancy espadrille designs and colors and look like a fashionista. Espadrilles can easily make you fall in line with any of the latest trends. You can look out for floral and printed designs to pair with your plain and subtle clothing apparels.

Since espadrilles make your look not only classy and chic, but they also make you look comfortable, the overall outcome is that of a refined and poised woman. The more comfortable your feet are, the more confidence you will be able to muster in your gait and mien. Stylish shoes can make you look like a superstar for a few hours but comfortable shoes can let you enjoy the freedom of a being a superstar forever.

With more and more espadrille designs, colors and embellishments being sold by the big brands, it is definitely no more a tough task to look your most stylish best with the most basic shoe styles. So go ahead and shop for some sleek designs and racy colors in espadrilles for your next upcoming event.

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