Best running shoes for flat feet

One of the most important components of any running gear are the running shoes. Your whole workout hinged upon your running silhouettes. Their capability and their features have a direct impact on your performance. You can achieve higher goals and meet greatest targets. If you have a good pair of running shoes backing your performance. But runners who have flat feet might find it difficult to stumble upon a comfortable. And superb pair of running shoes. Flat-footed people are not rare. 27% of the runners have a low arch due to having flat feet.

Everyone endowed with an exclusive footprint and foot shape. And so, one shoe which is an exact fit for a particular individual might not be an most pair for another runner. If you have flat feet, you need to invest in shoes which support your foot type. Wearing proper fitting shoes. Which render superior comfort is a vital element for your foot health. Slipping your feet into wrong type of silhouettes can instigate many health problems. Like blister formation, knee, ankle, hip and back pain and can even give rise to spinal cord issues.


Shoes which are best suited for flat-footed people are incorporated with these features which are:

  • Their framework offers support to the heel
  • Arch support is provided
  • Toe box has ample room for toes to splay with ease
  • The middle part of the shoe is neither too rigid not too soft.

Flat feet shouldn’t be an impediment in your way of reaching and striving for your goals. Many renowned brands have introduced superior running shoes suitable for flat feet. But the myriad of variety and amalgamation of collection can get your mind spinning. This is why I have listed down the best running shoes for flat footed people. The silhouettes have designed to support running and sporting endeavors with precision. Check them out below:


Best running options for flat-footed people:


Brooks Adrenaline GTS:

These deemed to be one of the finest running shoes designed for both men and women. They render extra stability and provide an excellent level of cushioning. The technology of Guide Rails incorporated on the exterior and the interior of the shoes. It assists flat-footed runners. Who suffer from heavy pro nation to maintain a firm level of comfort and control. The feature of comfort reduces and alleviates the pressure from areas. Where overpronation can affect the most like shins, knees and back. This feature is also essential especially on days when you wish to cover extra mileages.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS


In spite of rendering superior comfort and stability, Brooks is very lightweight. You can run at full speed without being weighed down.

New Balance 860v10:

If you are looking for extra level of comfort, then these shoes are amongst the best contenders that can supply a paramount level of comfort. These running shoes are laden with all the specs that you want, to take your performance to the next level. They are equipped with the TruFuse cushioning technology that offers you excellent support and reinforcement and supports your aspiration to log in extra mileages when you wish to push yourself to limits.

New Balance 860v10


Over pro nation is controlled when you are running in these shoes. The silhouettes display a medial post in the mid sole area which promotes the outward rolling of the foot instead of inwards.


ASICS GEL-Kayano 26:

ASICS has perfected the aspects of creating outstanding shoes for flat-footed people and this 26th edition of the Gel-Kayano series has gained immense popularity as being the “it” shoe for runners with lower arches. These silhouettes are designed to render maximum stability and offer utmost control every mile.

The mesh upper ensures that your feet remain ventilated even during hot summer months. The locked-in fit assures that your feet are kept in place, which is a primary aspect for runners who tend to overpronate. The security is further ensured by the heel counter which locks the heels in place so that you can run upwards or come dashing down throwing caution in the wind.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 26


Moreover, these shoes also feature the brand’s iconic gel cushioning technology and the Flytefoam cushioning which ensures that you are delivered a more comfortable and smoother ride than ever before. The Impact Guidance system supports the natural gait and offers the optimum amount of stability that flat-footed runners require.


Saucony Guide 13:

The Guide 13 is another great pair of running shoes for people with flat feet. They deliver a luxurious amount of comfort and stability. The EVE RUN technology delivers an exceptional level of comfort and snugness while the TPU medial post helps in generating a more fluid heel-to-toe transition that is very beneficial for runners who tend to overpronate.

Saucony Guide 13

The toe box is comfortable and offers a spacious room to allow the toes to splay comfortably. The out sole is durable and allows you to enjoy a smooth flight. Saucony has created an image of outshining at every aspect, and these running shoes designed for flat footed people deliver par excellence performance.


Altra Paradigm 4.5:

For flat-footed people, running ultra-marathon is a feat that seems impossible to achieve. But Altra has actually stamped the fact that ‘nothing is impossible’ with these novel pair of running shoes. They have been created to give the flat-footed people immense benefit and security and grant them a chance to take part in ultra-marathons.

Altra Paradigm 4.5


They have been equipped with a technology so as to

  • Provide stability and neutralize the overpronation
  • Encourage natural gait
  • Provide support when you need it
  • Enhance the energy return process on moments when you especially need it like when reaching towards the finish line.

These running shoes are the best options if you want to train or run for a marathon.


Concluding note:

For flat-footed people, logging long miles can be a daunting task. If they are wearing the wrong footwear. Wrong type of shoes can also act as a barrier in attaining new aspirations. And reaching towards higher limits. It is necessary to choose running shoes. Which offer extraordinary comfort level to the feet and support the natural gait. So that you can run those extra miles without feeling devastated at the end of the day. The above-listed shoes are high contenders in the field of best running shoes for flat feet. Check out their specs and read the reviews before making any buy though.