Footwear designs change every few months. Innovative technologies are applied by the mega brands to make their silhouettes look and feel more appealing and sophisticated. The styles and designs of shoes undergo transformations to keep up with the latest trends. But there are some styles which have been created to stay timeless. Their elegant aesthetic and graceful appearance have made them favorites amongst both genders and all age groups. You need to know about the best moccasins and here we are with the Guide to buying the best moccasins.

Moccasins are the style which fall under this category. They have been popular amongst the older and the newer generation alike. Their suave and refined aesthetic makes them wardrobe staples that should be decked in the closets of men and women both.

These versatile slip-on pairs can make any ensemble look chic and sophisticated. They inject flair and panache to your entire getup. But choosing moccasins is no easy task. This is because the market is inundated with many styles of moccasins made from distinctive fabrics. When you are buying moccasins, there are many doubts popping up in your head. You want to select the ultimate pair that suits your casual and formal attires with grace. If you want to obtain the best deal and make the perfect choice, you need to be armed with some crucial information regarding the style and features of moccasins. I have prepared a comprehensive and easy Guide for buying the best moccasins which can help you out greatly. So peruse through this article to get a better understanding of this type of footwear.

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What are moccasins?

These are flat shoes which have zero heel and they are made from soft leather. Their loose-fitting framework makes them very comfortable to wear. The upper of a moccasin showcases either beading work or light embroidery. Although there are various variety of styles available in moccasin framework, but the basic features are the same. Here are some of the elementary features which define a moccasin.

  • The heel part:

These shoe are completely flat without any heel. Originally they were crafted from a solo fabric which was utilized for creating the upper and the sole area. But nowadays, moccasin frameworks feature soles and upper made from separate fabrics. This enhances the protection feature for the consumer.  

  • The seam:

The upper part of the shoe displays a seam stitched in the U shape. This seam is embellished with laces, beading, ornaments and embroidery.

  • Soles:

Some moccasins have soft soles while other soles are very durable and strong. Soft soles cannot be used for outdoor purpose as they don’t render the appropriate protection that your feet needs.

  • Fitting:

Their loose and comfortable fitting ensures easy slip-on and slip-off. And the high level of comfort they supply is perhaps the reason why they are so popular.

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Is there any difference between loafers and moccasins?

You will be surprised to know that loafers are not the same as moccasins, unlike the common belief. They hold many similarities but they are equipped with some qualities which mark the difference between them. Some of the differences which can help you to distinguish between loafers and moccasins are:

  • Moccasins feature laces while loafers don’t have any laces.
  • Moccasins are always crafted from leather or suede. While loafers can be designed from different types of fabric.
  • Moccasins are prominently flat. While loafers feature low heels.

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Aspects to notice when you are buying moccasins:

You can take these aspects and elements into consideration when you are venturing to buy moccasins. This will facilitate you to obtain the most suitable pair.

  • The outsole:

Specific models have different features incorporated into them to suit the exclusive needs of the customers. You will notice that each type of moccasin includes a different outsole. The outsoles of driving moccasins is patterned in a distinguishing way in comparison to conventional moccasins.

  • The driving moccasins features patterned outsoles which facilitate you while driving. And these also allow you to get a better grasp on the pedals.
  • While conventional moccasins feature outsole which have smooth outsoles. These can slide on the pedals and are not exactly suitable for driving.
  • Indoor moccasins feature outsole which is very soft but has density. This makes the moccasins lightweight and very comfortable. And indoor moccasins are perfect options if you have hardwood surfaces lining the floor of your house.
  • Dress moccasins are free from any patterns carved into the outsole. These moccasins are restricted for formal use. They are styled to peak the panache and flair of the wearer. And to inject a dash of elegance and sophistication to the entire persona. And so, dress moccasins usually feature plain outsoles designed from leather and rubber.

So whenever our buying moccasins, look for a rubber sole which provides grip and feels comfortable. So that you can walk effortlessly and smoothly in them.

  • Fabric of the moccasins:

It is a well-known fact that high quality leather has a longer lifespan in comparison to other materials. Moreover, they provide excellent comfort. So if you can afford it, Guide for buying the best moccasins which are constructed from premium quality leather. Suede also renders a very cozy feeling to the feet and looks great too.

Different types of leather is employed for the construction of moccasins. Some of the frequently used types of leather harnessed for crafting of moccasins are:

  • Cowhide:

Cowhide is regularly used to make moccasins. Cowhide is treated to produce full-grain leather which is very resilient and durable.

  • Moosehide:

The scarring patterns on the hide renders the moccasins a very elegant look. This type of hide is very soft and supple. Moccasins created from moosehide are perfect examples of comfort and classiness.

  • Deerskin:

Deerskin can produce the most comfortable moccasins. Consumers can actually feel the unique softness and plushness of the deerskin when wearing moccasins.

  • Sheepskin:

Sheepskin doesn’t render a firm structure to the moccasin make. And so it is used as collar trimmings on the moccasins. Sheepskin provides a sheer softness that is hard to compete with.

  • Stitching and construction:

It is imperative to pay attention to the stitching and construction of the moccasin. Hand-stitched moccasins usually boast of unbeatable quality and skilled craftsmanship. Machine-stitched moccasins which ensure premium quality are also very durable and made to weather the rough and the tough.

Now that you have read the guide for buying the best moccasins, I hope that purchasing them will become easy for you. And so, now, you will be able to pick the pair which ideally matches with your needs and personal taste.