When you are up on the horse, you cannot compare the feeling of riding it, to anything else in the world. The power and majesty of the horse is so royal and noble, that no other tame animal can showcase the same splendor or magnificence. And riding the powerful beast fills you with thrill, excitement and exhilaration. Horseback riding is a sport that many people feel attracted to.

But like any other sport, even horseback riding requires proper gear to be worn. You need optimum pair of shoes that offer you maximum support and stability and allow you to ride smoothly and with agility while feeling very comfortable and snug.

Selecting the best horseback riding shoes that can enhance your performance:

Whether you have decided to begin horseback riding lessons or you are a professional rider, it is necessary that you wear the right pair of shoes that are functional, comfortable and provide the reinforcement you need. Riding boots are equipped with salient features which can facilitate the riding.

Riding boots feature an inch high heel which averts the riders’ feet from slipping out of the stirrup again and again. The sole is textured slightly so as to warrant, that in case of any fall, the rider doesn’t accidentally gets his feet jammed in the stirrup.

Though there are many horseback riding shoes available, the best ones are those which are closed toe ones. These have the ability to shield your feet in case you get stepped on by a horse. English or Western riding boots are considered to be the best options for this sport. However, you can wear other shoes also because riding boots showcase a very hefty price tag. Muck boots, hiking boots and even rain boots are good-enough substitutes for riding boots.


Features to look out for when selecting a pair of riding boots:

Just as cleats are crucial for soccer players, so riding boots play a principal part in the sport of horseback riding. The riding boots are manufactured from an assortment of different materials, styles and showcase various features. Some of these essential features which should be taken into consideration are:


The fabric of the boots:

There are many different fabrics employed in the fashioning of the boots. These include leather, synthetic and rubber fabrics. You can choose the fabric according to your suitability and climatic changes.

  • Leather:

Leather boots are very strong and durable and are able to endure the tough and rough weather with flexibility. However, the material is warm and is best for winter wear. After the break-in time leather molds to the shape of the feet and becomes very comfortable in comparison to other materials.

  • Synthetic boots:

Boots designed from synthetic fabric look like leather but they are not sturdy as leather material. They are great options if you don’t have to wear the boots every day for a long time period.

  • Rubber boots:

Rubber boots are water resistant, but they are very warm and have zero breath ability. You can literally feel your feet perspiring. However, they are very sturdy and durable and are easy to clean.

  • Price:

It is very important to hit upon a jackpot pair that fits under your budget and provides you with all the salient features which are needed for riding.

  • Compatibility:

Your riding boots should be harmonious to the type of riding that you want to, or are accustomed to doing. There are different types of riding boots which correspond to specific set of disciplines.

  • Security:

Ensure that the riding boots you select provide you with ample protection and are specifically designed for the purpose of horseback riding sport.

  • Design:

Although this is not as vital a factor as other aspects, many people still want to purchase boots which look sophisticated and suave and give a regal feeling too.


Different types of horseback riding boots:


  • Paddock boots-English style:

These are the most trendy and well-liked pair of English boots. They rise just few inches above the ankle and feature either laces or zippers. This makes them easy to slip-on and slip-off. Paddock boots are designed to be comfortable and very manageable and are usually the options selected by riders to wear every day.

Paddock boots-English style
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  • Tall boots-English style:

There are three different kinds of tall boots used for various purposes which are:

  1. Field boots showcase laces on the front side and are employed by hunter, flat and jumper classes.
  2. Dress boots are designed from soft and flexible leather and are free from laces. These types of boots are employed by dressage riders and hunters.
  3. Dressage boots are crafted from stiff leather and are used for all levels of dressage riding.
Tall boots-English style
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  • Cowboy boots-Western style:

These come in flashy and vibrant designs, colors and styles and very popular amongst the masses. The cowboy style has been a rage since its inception and continues to enthrall one and all even today. Their versatility, high fashion element and functionality makes them power pairs that can emphasize your riding style and grant you reinforcement. They are very easy to slip on and also render supreme comfort.

Cowboy boots-Western style
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  • Hiking boots:

Hiking boots are great options for horseback riding too as these are very functional and made from resilient and sturdy materials. They usually feature laces or zippers and are easy to slip-on. They are very comfortable and can endure the brash and tough conditions. Moreover they also offer a very firm traction on all types of different pavements and surfaces.


[caption id="attachment_6895" align="alignnone" width="300"]Hiking boots This picture is taken from 24hourholidays.com

Terrain boots:

Many mega brands design terrain boots which are compatible with the sport of riding too. So you actually get an additional benefit. You can wear them for your everyday chores and other sports too. And you can don them when you are riding on horseback.

Terrain boots
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  • Non-equestrian boots:

Muck boots and rain boots can also come in handy, if you don’t have a pair of riding boots. Muck boots are more sturdy and resilient in comparison to rain boots. Both feature a heel and are available in tall and short lengths.





[caption id="attachment_6897" align="alignnone" width="300"]Non-equestrian boots This picture is taken from aliexpress.com


Tennis shoes:

Tennis shoes are the last options when it comes to horseback riding because they do not provide the reinforcement and stability that is proffered by the boots. However, if these are the only footwear available to you at the time you want to ride, then ensure that they feature good traction.

Tennis shoes
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Luckily there are many good riding pairs available in the market that can spruce up your confidence and let you seek and perform till your highest potential. So make a smart purchase to look regal and ride smooth and with elegance.