How to pick the right heels

Heels might be the only form of accessories that can accentuate an outfit in a striking and magnificent manner and cause it to translate from a casual outfit to a glamorously formal one. Your profile instantly garners a charming and tempting aura when you pair it with a dazzling pair of heels. They not only grant charismatic inches to your frame, but grant you a booster shot of confidence and self-assuredness, adding sparkle and verve to your personality.

High heels have enjoyed being the sartorial choices for women over many generations. They are considered to be the epitome of feminity and grace. Their sleek and stylish framework, designed in beautiful patterns, colors and embellished with ornaments, cuts and hardware make women swoon over them. High heels are an important and essential footwear choices in the glitzy world of fashion. Whether you want to buy extravagant stilettoes, gleaming pumps or stylish block heels, you will never face a shortfall in heel choices because the aisles of heels is broader and wider than any other style of footwear.

But choosing a pair of right heels can be intimidating since there are myriad of heel types and styles engulfing the fashion market. However, heels are not the most comfortable form of footwear. You can’t ignore the discomfort that comes when you wear a pair of heels for an extended period of time. Calluses, blisters and sore feet are usually the unfavorable outcome of wearing heels. So you need to practice caution and choose with care when buying heels. To assist you in your endeavors to locate the best heels I have penned down few simple tips as to make your life easy and unproblematic.


Tips to pick the right heels:

There are some simple and straightforward footwear tips that can assist you in landing upon the best pair of heels. Just follow these simple guidelines below to elect the best pair of heels that enable you to dance with agility all the way into the wee hours of the night.

  1. Be wise and opt for a suitable heel height:

  • If you want to wear your heels more frequently, then you will have to let go of your desire to splurge on shoes which are jaw-dropping, stylish and sport a very high heel. Modest options showcasing moderate heel are safest choices for your foot health. Podiatrists recommend avoiding heels which exceed 4 cm as very high heel height can traumatize the joints and ligaments of the knees and instigate chronic knee and back pain.
  • So opt for the heel height which is ranging anywhere between 2-4 cm. This will ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable ride that doesn’t exert pressure on your spine or cause irreversible damage to your connective tissues.
  • It is also very imperative that you take the difference between the heel and the sole into consideration. If the heel height is more, then this distance will be short. Having the distance of 6 cm between the heel and the sole is considered to be a safe option which will provide support and stability to your feet.
  • One easy way to measure the heel height that is ideal for your foot type is to keep your legs in a natural position and measure the distance from the heel to the ball of the feet. The measurement you assess is the exact heel height that is compatible with your feet as it allows your feet to remain straight and comfortable rather than staying flexed and curved in an unnatural fashion.



Be wise and opt for a suitable heel height


  1. Avoid ill-fitting heels:

Heels which are too tight or too loose spell disaster for your feet. Loose heels can cause the feet to be constantly shifting inside, trying to maintain stability and making walking difficult and a challenge. While tight fitting shoes can cause chafing and rubbing of the skin inducing the formation of blisters and calluses. Opt for a comfortable fit when buying heels. If the area inside the heels is too roomy for your feet, you can get an extra insole inserted inside to help protect your feet and acquire a customized fitting.



Avoid ill-fitting heels

  1. Open toe or close toes?

Whether you are investing in an open-toe or a closed-toe heel is your personal choice alone. Both the open and close styles have their share of advantages and disadvantages. However, open-toe styles usually keep your feet ventilated, render ample room for your toes to splay and stretch and supply a stylish aura too. However, if you opt for close-toe heels, make sure that the toe box is spacious and your toes don’t end up getting crammed up in a small and stuffy place. It is recommended to test the heel by wearing and taking a short walk in it before making the final purchase. Taking a walk will put all your doubts to rest and confirm whether the heel is suitable for you or not.



Open toe or close toes

  1. Observe the heels cup:

Many designers and manufacturers usually stiffen some of the areas of the heels, particularly the heel cup to make the silhouettes rigid and unbend able. Although doing this enhances the aesthetic of the shoes, it can make the heels highly uncomfortable to wear and can cause discomfort and pain on your toes. It is advisable to choose heels which are lined with leather material as leather is soft and gentle to the feet.



Observe the heel cup


  1. Refrain buying shoes online:

Many women shop for shoes online following the sizing chart. But feet size cannot be gauged too accurately even if you employ the sizing chart. This is because every individual’s feet size is unique from others. And every label has its own customized set of sizing chart which differs with others. So it might get confusing to follow it accurately. So it’s advisable to visit a brick and mortar shop and test the shoes before investing in them to ensure that you are able to get the best fit possible. If you can manage to walk in them with ease, they are the ideal pairs for you. However, if you notice itching or uneasiness, it’s a red signal that they are not meant for you.



Refrain buying shoes online


  1. Opt for a shoe that is in harmony with your body shape:

Not all style of heels will be in congruence with your profile unless. You have a perfect figure which is in sync with flawless height. So if you have a petite or wide body, or have a short height. Then you need to put more consideration when choosing heels. So about stress your best assets in the most flattering manner. Wearing nude heels is always the most greatest solution. Because it causes an illusion of having longer and sleeker legs. Pointed heels will also cause an effect of a tall stature. Wide base heels are another winning tactic. Which can create the impression of having slim legs while providing the stability. That your body needs to maintain an unwavering balance.



Opt for a shoe that is in harmony with your body shape


Concluding note:

High heels have always enjoyed a celebrity status. And considered to be the ultimate tools that can help women step up on the fashion pedestal. High heels alter the gait of the women and make them strut and walk in a manner. Which accentuates their feminine aspects in a highlighted tone. This makes them look more attractive and magnetic. Women who strut around flaunting heels impart a sense of confidence. And elegance that is the result of high self-assuredness and poise. But wearing high heels can cause foot damage too. This is why, it recommended that you choose the heels with care and caution. So that you can wear them for long hours and bring a vivacious and alluring vibe to your persona.