Why high heels should not be worn to the beach

If you are going to the beach, you need to be well adorned with the proper beach wear. You have packed you beach gear, your outfit and your picnic basket. Now it is time for the footwear choice because high heels should not be worn to the beach. You pick up your glossy heels and get ready and full set for the beach.

But wait a bit. Heels on a beach? That doesn’t sound right. Even if you are greatly tempted by your glossy heels sitting at the corner of your bed, but you can wear it any where but high heels should not be worn to the beach.

high heels on beach

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't wear high heels on a beach:

Not appropriate:

Beaches are a place where you relax and take your mind off your tensions. It is a place where you like to take a break. Heels are more appropriate for a countryside tour, or a casual meet up. They don’t fit in well with the beach scenario and high heels should not be worn to the beach.

Comfort issues:

When you go to the beach, you feel a binding urge to jump, run or walk across the soothing beach. The soft beachy sand folding under your feet and giving them a relaxing warmth are the pure joys of a beach-side vacation. You can’t really enjoy the gentle chant of the waves or the calm sandy beach when you are wearing heels. Heels need a little struggle and a lot of effort and focus to stay balanced. When you are at the beach, all you want to do is shove off your worries and have a comfortable time.


If you have pooled in a lot of money on your favorite heels, then you will definitely want to save them for the right occasion. The sandy dirt of the beach is very likely to ruin your sophisticated footwear and the accumulated dirt is also much likely to give scuffs or grave dirt marks. You can’t really keep your glossy heels in great shape when you are out at the beach. Because no matter how much you take care of them, they are very likely to get soiled from the dust particles in the air. So unless you are attending a beach side party, don’t wear your high heels to the beach.

Foot health:

High heels should not be worn to the beach, High heels tend to sink deep in the sand and this can cause foot injury. You can’t really enjoy walking on the beach with high heels because you are constantly being nagged by sinking feet in the sand. You have to pull your feet out and make great effort in the process. This can lead to excessive foot pain right at that moment or even later on. The foot heel receives great pressure as the heel sinks inside the soft sand repeatedly. This can also lead to knee pain, joint pain and arch pain for a few days to come.

Slow walking:

Even if you are a pro at walking swiftly in heels, you can’t really pull it off at the beach. Though the high heels make your slender legs appear sleeker and taller, they surely make your walking a challenging task in the soft sand. You may even encounter rocks and uneven edges which can really make your walk an impossible task. You need to equip yourself with flip flops or flat shoes to be able to walk steadily, swiftly and with confidence. High heels can wreak havoc with your picnic preparations if the sand is too soft or too rocky. It is always to remain secure and safe when you are on a vacation.

Shoes might break:

Don’t risk wearing high heels to the beach because there are many instances where the fragile heels tend to break. You can’t really be sure with high heels on such rough terrains. Even if they are from an excellent brand, there is no guarantee that they may not receive damage on the unpredictable sands of the beach.

So which shoes are best for beach vacations?

It is obvious that you shouldn’t sport high heels on a beach. But that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice fashionable beach looks. You can look chic and enticing even with other footwear options such as:

Flip flops:

Flip flops are considered as the comfiest and the most convenient footwear type for beach. You can slide them on and back off instantly. Plus, they stay low on the ground which means that your feet do not have to make visible effort to walk in them.

flip flops


Another major beach trend reining these days is slides. You can shop for children, men and women alike in bright, shiny colors. Like flip flops, they have the tendency to make you walk faster, run without causing trouble and look extremely cute and trendy. Since most slides are also very light in weight and easily washable, they are the best footwear style for the beach.

slides for beach


Flat sandals or pumps are also a great substitute to high heels if you are heading to the beach. But make sure that you only wear those shoes which are easily washable as you will have to give them a quick wash after you are back from the beach.

flats for beach

Wedge sandals:

Wedge sandals are a famous beach preference with most women as they have ample sole support and they look trendy and totally chic for the beach. They look well teamed with all kinds of beach outfits and they are also very comfy and convenient for long beach walks. Since they are available in all kinds of fun and flashy designs, they can easily become the best substitute for high heels. Moreover, they are perfect for giving you the height you desire with high heels.

wedge sandals