Best house shoes and slippers for men working from home

Although the world is quickly getting over the Covid-19 lock downs and routine work has set in with offices and workplaces up and about working with the required SOPs. But still there are many organizations which are having most of its employees hired on work from home basis. This means that many are still required to sign in on to their Zoom in their uniforms and with mikes. But shoes or house slippers or house mules are your option. With work from home you have the benefit of comfortably sliding your feet in to your house shoes and working at your own convenience.

House slippers not only help to complete the ‘ready for office’ look but they also do not grime your floor. The fact is no one can really wear their outdoor shoes at home unless you have just bought them. The best thing would be to invest in a proper set of house shoes or house slippers. They can help to keep your feet warm, healthy and cozy. Also you don’t need to worry about tieing the shoelaces of your sneakers.

Let’s look at some of the best house slippers for men who have to work from home:

Birkenstock Arizona:

The Birkenstock Arizona unisex slippers are always a win win pair. Known for their iconic cork foot bed and their 2 adjustable straps, the upper is set in suede. Since affordable and practical as always, these comfortable slippers have an EVA out sole which offers shock absorbing support. The neutral heel helps to distribute the body weight evenly and keep feel well away from the ground. The dual jute layers also provide superior traction and wicks away moisture. The fine solidarity of these slippers does not allow them to remain much exposed to intense heat or the sun. if by any chance, your Birkis tend to get wet, air dry them in a cool, well ventilated room.

Birkenstock Arizona

Hoka One One ORA recovery slides:

If your feet are lounging around the house and witnessing your day after day work from home, then give them something to look forward to work. These slides are super comfortable and offers dual layer construction of cushioned EVA mid-soles which provide extra level of comfort and durability. They are also very easy to wear in and take off so that you don’t need to bother about getting in to a long turn of wearing them. Whether, it Is running on the staircase or rushing out to get the mail, these slippers are super-fast and very bouncy. You actually feel that you are enjoying every minute of riding them because of their super cozy and slip on style.

Hoka one one

Keen Mens Howser Li clog:

Much more of a house shoes, this clog is super comfortable and has been used by many men as an active outdoor slipper. Since they are fitted with a rubber out sole, they offer excellent traction when taken outdoors. However, indoors since you don’t need such effortless speed they are favored because of their memory foam foot bed which contours to the feet and provides cozy cushioning with every step. They fit snugly without feeling too tight. Make sure that your feet are properly sized before you make the purchase. For a house shoe, these clogs are pretty chic looking and can match well with any of your casual home outfits and can even give your work from home outfits a very natural formal feel.

Keen Howser 2 clog


Sui-coke X John Elliott Zavo – Cabje:

For a luxuriously fleecy feel, try these navy enriched slip on style by Sui-coke team. Polar fleece is used in the upper and breathable mesh lining gives highly comfortable and superior feel on the inside. Featuring a Velcro strap for an adjustable fit, the slipper looks like a picture of stately majesty. You just can’t get enough of these handsome slippers. The more you let your feet drown in them, the more you feel like wearing them nonstop all day long. But these slippers are only favorable in cold temperatures. The EVA antibacterial foot bed and rubber out sole gives them a firm grip and offers your feet superior cushioning. These house slippers are perfect for keeping your feet fresh, healthy and safe in your house. You would love waking up to these kingly slippers and start your work from home in a bundle of coziness.

Suicoke Zavo slipper

Crawford Harris closed back slipper:

These sheepskins lined slippers are a luxury to wake up to on cold mornings. Slip in to your working table with a hot mug of coffee and let these Harris tweed closed back slippers provide you with unbelievable warmth and calm. You can let the gushing feeling of comfort and coziness wash over you as you dive in to your work from home meetings and deadlines. The cushioned foot bed keeps your feet well protected and safe. The dark brown leather trim around the edges of the slippers give it an echoing touch of luxe. Fashioned out of handwoven cloth, these slippers are one of their kind. Their quality is unmatched and their refined look has a formal yet comfortable hang to it.

Crawford Harrison slippers

Sasawashi room shoes:

These Japanese shoes are not only light in weight but extremely decent and attractive. The pill free Sasawashi fabric is used in its construction which tends to absorb moisture and odor. You don’t need to wear any socks with these. The breathable fabric keeps your feet comfortable and cozy and feeling as light as feather. The sole provides ample cushioning and keeps your feet healthy all day long. You will not find anything better to wake up toy than these elegant and suave slippers. They make your work at home time a time well spent. If you prefer the cozy with the sleek, they provide a perfect fit so be careful with your sizes.

Sasawashi japanese slippers