How to choose the best house slippers

You are back from work and nothing seems better than sliding in your comfortable pj's and your cozy house slippers. The feeling is indescribable. After a hard cold and tiring day, house slippers can be energizing and a treat to the feet. But the feeling of fulfillment is only achieved if you have managed to find the most suitable pair of house slippers. This is because all slippers cannot be worn indoors and vice versa. You can’t wear most indoor slippers for outside use.

So whenever you are out to shop for the best house slippers you need to know a few things in advance so that you don’t land yourself with the wrong pair. Since house slippers are a gateway to your relaxing feet, let’s look at some of the few things to look out for when buying your house slippers.

Pointers to get you through your house slippers shopping spree:

Your budget:

It is imperative that you set your budget range before stepping out for slippers hunting. If you can buy expensive slippers, then there  are many brands offering some of the best house slippers possible. However, if your budget is set to low range, then you can also pick some of the slippers from sale section or look out for brands offering promotions or upcoming sales. You can also try out some of the local slippers from the racks if you have a very tight budget. These low cost local slippers can also sometimes be some of the best slippers that you have ever owned.

Get the right size:

Most people wonder what size should their new house slippers be? Should they be larger or smaller? Well the answer is that buy them the same size as your feet are. Don’t bother to buy them bigger or your feet will not be able to feel comfortable enough. Since the design of the house slippers is usually very functional and wider than the normal outdoor slippers, sizing will not be much of an issue. But you can still try out several sizes till you are completely certain which size you want to buy.

If you are used to wearing your indoor slippers with socks, it is recommended that you wear your socks to the shop so that later on you don’t experience any trouble with the size.

Climate conditions:

The climate also determines the type of house skippers you need to buy. If it is mostly wet and cold in your city, then you can take house slippers made of wool or fleece. This will help your feet to warm up when you are inside the house. Warm slippers are widely available and really are a blessing inside the cold of your house.

However, if it is warm and dry in your country then you cannot take fleece or wool. You can shop for plain slippers with slight embellishments and with a feminine touch. It is imperative to note that these slippers should not be made of very flimsy or very thin material. Your feet need ample cushioning on the house staircases and at several spots around the house.

If the house slipper's are being sold without proper out-soles, then wait up a bit. Don’t buy slippers which do not offer considerable support and cushioning. The purpose of house slippers is to provide restful peace and energy to your tired feet after a long day’s work. But flimsy slippers are rather harmful than protective. If house slipper's fail to provide reasonable arch and heel support, your feet are going to end up with calluses and corns in the long run.

Special foot needs:

If you have a specific feet issue or you are a diabetic, then you can look for special diabetic slippers in the stores. You can also get a recommendation from your doc on which house slippers to buy to alleviate your pain condition. Most doctors recommend buying size up and wide feet house slippers for diabetic and arthritis patients. Don’t forget to pay attention to the sizing of the house slipper if your feet needs special care and attention.

Floor hardness:

Floor hardness will also matter a lot when buying house slipper's. If your house floor is very rough and hard, you will need slippers with double layer cushioning to avoid making constant contact with the hard floor. If your house floor is too slippery, then you will have to get house slipper's with considerable traction and floor grip. You can’t afford buying slippers with slippery out soles on a polished floor. Similarly, your activities will also be taken in to consideration when buying house slippers. If you are on your feet mostly in your house and work day in and day out, then you need very sturdy house slippers. However, if you are lounging on the sofa most of the time when you are in the house, then you can conveniently make do with terry cloth or fur slippers.


Type of house slippers best for the house:

Flip flops:

If you are a couch potato in your own house, then flip flops will work best for you. You can buy branded flip flops or unbranded ones according to your preferences.

Flip flops

Open toe mules:

Mules can be open toe or closed toe. Closed toe mules are favorable if you are a busy house worker. They protect your feet from dust and other harmful substances. On the other hand, open toe mules are extremely stylish and look super chic even when used as house slipper's.

open toe mules

Sandals slippers:

Slippers mimicking sandals are also a highly favored house slipper choice by most women. You can find great designs and colors in sandal slippers category. You can also find some great supportive slippers too if you look around in the sandals section.