Once in a while you may treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous and expensive shoes. But you can’t maintain their fresh beaming look unless you look after them with proper care and concern. The most expensive shoes require the most consistent love and care because they are made from very delicate and shiny material and can easily crack, bend, or break with minimal friction. If you want your hefty investment to last well, you need to ensure that you keep your shoes away from all harm. This means that you need to learn the proper techniques on care for expensive shoes how to use, clean and store expensive shoes so that they manage to stay with you bright and fit for many years to come

Here are some important pointers on how to care for expensive shoes

Waterproof spraying

Spray your new shoes with a waterproof spray to keep them shielded from inclement weather conditions. It is imperative that you protect your new expensive shoes from salt, rainwater and dirt so that they can withstand their new elegant look for a number of years.

Safeguarding your shoes with a rubber sole

Before you even venture on wearing your new shoes, the very first thing you need to do is run to the cobbler. Then ask the cobbler to fit your shoes with an extra rubber sole underneath to protect their leather soles from wear and tear and from damage from the outside weather. This also helps to increase the shelf life of your expensive shoes. Another great advantage would be that extra sole increases traction. This means that your feet are given an extra padding against rough and tough grounds.

Polishing your leather shoes regularly

Your expensive leather shoes demand that you polish them on a weekly basis. Clean them well first to remove dirt particles from your shoes. Then apply polish and using a horsehair brush, apply the polish evenly on your leather beauty. Regularly brushing your leather shoes ensure that they remain clean, shiny and new. Polishing also prevents the leather from drying and cracking up. Moreover, use a shoe tree to keep the shape of your shoes intact. Always store your leather shoes with a shoe tree so that they retain their smoothness and their great fit

Handwashing your expensive canvas

If you have just invested a weighty amount on a pair of sneakers, you would want them to last for many years and give you countless running thrills and races. But you can’t keep white sneakers always white without proper attention. Always wash your new shoes by hand using sneaker detergent or regular fabric detergent. Wipe them with a horsehair brush and then with a clean rag. Avoid machine washing for as long as you can.

Keep them fresh

If you want to care for expensive shoes to make them happy and fresh for long years, then it is mandatory that you rotate between your shoes. Don’t just wear a single favorite pair every day. Your shoes need some breathing space to remain luxurious and grand. Therefore, maintain some sort of chart to easily identify which shoes are being worn most often and which shoes can be worn multiple times

Taking care of heels

Expensive high heel shoes need to be dealt with caution. You don’t want that fine stiletto or high heel getting stuck somewhere and snapping in to two. You can protect your expensive heel shoes by inserting heel protectors on to those fine heels. These heel protectors will safeguard your shoe’s heels from sinking in to the grass uncomfortably or getting stuck in tiny nooks and holes around the road. The heel protectors also provide adequate amount of balance and light tread to your feet and you can walk more comfortably in your high heels without wobbling or without experiencing foot pain from prolonged heel usage.

Also you can keep your heels sparkling and new for long periods of time if you make it a habit of spot cleaning them. Wipe the dirt away from your heels instantly after every use so that dust particles do not obscure the shimmer of your heel. You can use a pencil eraser to wipe off stains from suede heels and a dry thin piece of cloth for leather or satin. You can also clean your metallic heels with a little amount of shoe cleaner.

Storing them appropriately

The way you store your shoes actually reveals a lot about your personality. It is a smart option to invest in some great drawstring duster bags for shoes. Even if you are a clean freak, you still cannot store your new shoes in your wardrobe without some protective casing. It is best to pack them in shoe boxes or shoe bags and then store them so that they remain safeguarded from all the excess dirt. But it is imperative to check whether your shoes are completely dry before you shut them up in bags. If they are wet, let them air dry completely and then hoard them away properly.

Adding insoles for inside protection

Adding insoles or gel foot petals ensures that your shoes do not get wet from sweat. Also, it is easier to keep changing these insoles when they are dirty rather than affecting the shoes in any way possible

Keep away from water

Shoes material tends to deteriorate very quickly if they are continually being exposed to salt water or muddy water. it is best to avoid such road tracks or pathways which make walking a very challenging job. And if you absolutely must cross a dirt road, then come prepared. Wear your old and rugged pair of shoes for messy or dirty road tracks

Caring for your suedes

Suede shoes need more care than any other shoe. it is crucial to understand that you should not wear your suedes two days in a row. This is because suede needs to be dried instantly from foot moisture. Once your suede is dry you can erase off dirt marks using an eraser and then buff them up using a suede brush

Deodorize them properly

Getting rid of shoe odors from your expensive shoes is very important. You can’t let your prize shoes sit with foul smell. Therefore, it is imperative that you spray shoe deodorizer in them or use home ingredients to remove shoe odors. Sprinkling some baking soda in the interior of the shoe and leaving it overnight acts as a powerful smell remover. Baking soda is also anti fungicidal and anti-bacterial. This means that it not only removes odor but also maintains foot health