How to choose the best running shoes

If you look at a pair of running shoes they may look like ordinary sneakers. But they are not ordinary. They are incorporated with specialized technology and fashioned with beneficial features that facilitate running and improve performance. They are also manufactured in a way that helps to avoid injuries and are equipped with cushioning to keep the feet protected and stabilized. These features help the feet to move ahead and smart choice to choose the best running shoes.

But searching for the best running shoes is not easy as the market is inundated with innumerable running shoe options. An ideal running shoe is the one that fits to perfection and offers maximum comfort. I have created a list of tips to ensure that you are able to obtain the ideal running pairs. Read below to know how to choose the best running shoes that you will be investing in.

Dissecting the shoe anatomy to keep choose the best running shoes:

  • The upper:

This is the part which is above the sole. It is customarily manufactured with mesh and layers of textile which are stitched and glued together. But up-to-date models are crafted employing knitting and printing to stitch them together into one single upper piece. This improves the stability of the upper and helps it to stretch conforming to the shape of the feet.

  • Be on the lookout for:

A running shoe which has an upper that is manufactured in accordance to the shape of your feet. It must be smooth and of soft material so that it doesn’t cause any chafing or irritation.

lace up sneaks
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  1. Ankle Collar:

Have you ever observed how the shoe part that fits around the ankle area is always a little lower on one side? This shoe part is known as the ankle collar. Your bone which is on the outside of your ankle is generally lower than the one placed on the inside. And if you perceive, the ankle collar is always asymmetrical and fits under the ankle bones. 

  • Be on the lookout for:

An ankle collar which is manufactured from very soft fabric. Itshould be free of stitching and seams so that it doesn’t cause any chafing to the skin.

ankle collar of a sneak
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  • Heel counter:

The heel counter is the part of the shoes which keeps the foot aligned when it makes contact with the ground. It provides support and stability to the heel and keeps it compactly positioned in the shoes. Some shoes are equipped with an exterior heel wrap which cradles the heel. The minimalist running shoes are free from heel counters. This keeps the feet at full liberty to make easy and fluid movements. Heel counters are imperative as they enable the feet to make smooth and stable landings.

  • Be on the lookout for:

A heel counter that enables comfortable and agile ankle movements to be made.

 Heel counters
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This is a fortified part around the instep which intermingles with the laces to keep the shoes securely positioned on the feet. Brand designers usually manufacture a diversity of eyelets, overlays and lacing mechanisms to contour the shape of the saddle so that it conforms to any type of foot shape.

  • Be on the lookout for:

 The saddle that fits and embraces your feet securely without allowing the feet to slip and move.  It should also permit the arch of the feet to dome in a natural fashion while you are running at your regular stride.

Saddle of sneaks
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The upper part starting from the front of the eyelets and ending at the end of the shoe is the toebox. The toebox is frequently covered with a fortified toe buffer which keeps the fabric away from your toes and shields the toes from being bumped and knocked around.

  • Be on the lookout for:

The toebox that it should be safely out of your feet’s way, so that your feet are able to arch flexibly and loosen out from the length and the width sides. A wide toebox also prevents the fabric from chaffing or causing irritation to the feet.

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  • Outsoles:

This is the part which makes direct contact with the ground and is usually made of rubber or foam compounds.

  • Be on the lookout for:

A rubber outsole which is guaranteed to render maximum traction and a form grip. The outsole shouldn’t be very chunky or stiff and should offer you enough stability and flexibility underfoot.

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  • Midsole:

This is the foam textile which is situated between the outsole and the upper. It is fashioned to buffer the runner from shock and forces exerted during impacts. It also steers the feet throughout the stride.

  • Be on the lookout for:

The midsole which is thick enough to offer maximum cushioning during speedy strides. It should neither be too pliable nor be too secure and should be lightweight.

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  • Sockliner:

This is a removable foam pad which is fixed inside the shoe. It offers padding to the outlines and bottom of your feet. the geometry of the feet along with the sockliner provides the feet with arch support and supplies the feet with comfort and stability.

  • Be on the lookout for:

A well-padded sockliner. Assess the feel of the shoe when testing them. Your feet dynamics will automatically tell you whether the sockliner is in conformity to the shape of the feet.

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  • Steer clear of these shoe buying mistakes:

  • Always visit a specialty running shoes shop where the salespersons are experts in their field and can guide you accurately as to which shoe would be best suited for your feet.
  • Get your feet measured each time you buy a new pair. Your feet size changes over time and each model proves to be a different fit.
  • Whenever shopping for new running shoes, take along your old pairs, inserts and socks that you use so that you get a better idea as to which new shoe will be an exact fit.
  • Whenever buying running shoes look for features. You can sacrifice style over comfort because you don’t want to invest huge bucks in a pair that are not going to give you desired performance.

Now that you have become well informed as to what features you should choose the best running shoes, it’s time to get out and about and start looking for a versatile running pair that will take you along long distances and extended heights with performance par excellence.