Whether it is your favorite canvas shoes, or your fancy fabric sneakers; you have a hard time keeping them in tip top condition and sparkling and clean at all times. All shoes which are worn regularly are bound to get smeared with dirt and dust and grimy stains. No matter how much you try to save them from getting dirtied, they are likely to sport their dirt stains as badges of honor and athletic sportsmanship from time to time.

But the good news is that you can get them cleaned with minimal effort and with very easily available ingredients. There are many ways in which you can clean your fabric shoes but you need to take caution that you don’t discolor the fabric with excessive scrubbing or you don’t destroy the fabric of your shoes with methods which are unsuitable for fabric shoes.

So let’s start analyzing the techniques through which you can easily clean your fabric shoes;

Handwashing with soap and water

There is no better feeling than beholding a white pair of grimy fabric shoes being washed with soap and water and turning in to glimmering white again.

You will need to prepare a solution out of 2 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid soap with a few tablespoons of water. Mix the solution very well and with the help of an old toothbrush and lather it very slowly on your dirty canvas shoes. Rub vigorously on the dirt stains moving your brush to and fro in swishing circular motions.

Now clean the soles using a sponge or a horsehair brush. Dip the brush in this solution and clean your rubber white soles with this soapy solution. Then with the help of a damp clean cloth, wipe off the soap from the sneakers upper and from the soles. Clean the shoes completely by wiping them clean 3-4 times with a damp clean cloth.

Using the magic eraser:

Magic eraser also works like magic. Take a magic eraser and wipe off the scuffs and the dirt stains with it on the white rubber sole by rubbing it on the dirty places. If the stains are too stubborn, you can dip the magic eraser in the above mentioned soapy solution and then erase with it on the fabric shoes. Very stubborn stains will easily be removed with the combo of magic eraser and soapy solution.

Line your shoes with balls of newspaper after cleaning them to help them get dry rapidly. Air drying them in a ventilated room can aid your target and get them dry quickly.

Using bleach for cleaning fabric shoes:

Bleach is an extremely reactive cleaner and you need to protect your hands before dealing with it. it is advisable that you wear your gloves. Take 1 part of bleach and 5 parts of water and mix the solution well. It is imperative to remember that bleach solution cannot be used to clean colored fabric shoes. This is because the bleach will discolor them. Even if you take more portions of bleach in water, there is a risk that the white fabric shoes will be tinged with yellow. Therefore, it is important that you measure both the ingredients well.

Insert a toothbrush in the bleach solution and start applying on very dark mud stains. Keep rubbing the toothbrush gently on the stains area till you see that they are loosening up. Work up with your fabric shoe until you have cleaned up all the stains.

Then wipe off the bleach solution repeatedly for 3-4 times with a damp cloth. You can also run your white shoes under the faucet using warm water to remove all traces of bleach. Dry your shoes in a well ventilated room. Once they are almost dry, let them sit under the cool sunlight for an hour to get rid of the thick foul odor of bleach. Do not use them until they are completely dry or until complete 24 hours of drying.

Using a strong DIY cleaning solution to clean your fabric shoes:

Here is one more cleaning solution that works amazingly well if you want to remove dirt or mud stains. Take 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix both of these with 1 tablespoon of warm water. Mix well until they form a fine paste.

Using a toothbrush, lather this paste on to your fabric shoes, especially working on the areas which are very dirty. Make sure that you cover the entire fabric shoe well. Next apply the same solution on the soles also and rub them gently in a to and fro motion. Let this paste sit on your fabric shoes for three hours. This will give the solution time to sink inside the fabric of the shoe and clean it thoroughly inside out.

After 3 hours you will see that the paste has hardened up in to a paste. Beat both the shoes together to remove all the hardened solution first. When all of the dried solution has been removed, take out the remaining sticky solution with the help of a toothbrush or wash your shoes under the faucet with warm water to clean them excellently well.

This solution cleans almost all of the stubborn stains from the scratch and gives a new shiny look to your fabric shoes.

Using toothpaste to clean your fabric shoes:

If you are in a hurry and have very little time to clean your fabric shoes, then here is a super-fast technique to get your shoes shiny and glowing in a jiffy.

Take some toothpaste on a spare toothbrush and smear this toothpaste on to the stains area. Let the toothpaste sit on the stains for 20-30 minutes. You have to make sure that you use only white toothpaste. Colored toothpastes are more likely to leave stains behind. As the half hour passes, take your shoes and wipe them with a clean damp towel till the shoes are completely clean. This method helps to deodorize the shoes and spark up their old new look.

You can also wash your shoes under the faucet with warm water and air dry them for 24 hours. Once the shoes are dry, you will immediately be sporting elegantly clean and glam fabric shoes!

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