Nubuck is the prime material for apparel and shoes. Nubuck is basically the top-grain cattle leather with the sanded or buffed upper which provides the velvety feel. The Nubuck is considered as the softer version of the Suede. The difference between the Suede and Nubuck is Suede is made inside of the cow-hide and Nubuck contains the outside of the cow-hide. Nubuck is the strong, durable and easy to style material. But one thing goes against the Nubuck like the Suede Nubuck is getting the dust and soiling.

You must clean your Nubuck shoes often so the provided elegance of the Nubuck remains for a long time. Cleaning of Nubuck is tricky because like suede it is also ostentatious in nature. You must know about how to clean Nubuck Shoes properly and you must get the tools designed to care for Nubuck. Your Nubuck shoes are essential for elite fashion so you must care for them. Here we are telling how to clean Nubuck Shoes perfectly.

Dismantle the Accessories from Shoes

You must remove the laces from the shoes before washing. Take out all the insoles too from the shoes. The reason for the removal of laces and insoles is any dirt on the laces and insoles can dirty the part of the inside while washing. Remove the added accessories of shoes and wash them separately, if needed

Get the Nubuck Cloth or Nubuck Brush

Nubuck Cloth is designed to clean the Nubuck. The fiber of the Nubuck Cloth is very soft and it does not contain any convexity which can scratch the skin of the Nubuck. The Nubuck Cloth is the perfect cloth for removing the dust and any mild grime. You can use the Nubuck Cloth on the Suede and microfiber.

Wipe the Nubuck Cloth after the use of Nubuck Shoes. It prevents the dirt from building up and keeps your shoes clean for a long time. Wipe the shoes in the circular direction and you can exert the gentle pressure to clean your gorgeous Nubuck Shoes

You can get the Nubuck Brush also from the Market or from the online stores. Brush away all the dirt from the shoes but do not pat the brush for long on the skin it can damage the nap of the Nubuck.

Clean the Nubuck through Nubuck Cleaner

Nubuck Cleaner is the most suitable tool for cleaning Nubuck Shoes. The cleaner comes in liquid or in a spray. The liquid will help you to clean the grime from the surface of the Nubuck. Spray the Nubuck Cleaner on the Shoes after scrubbing through Nubuck Cloth or Nubuck Brush. Wipe the whole shoes of the Nubuck. After that Brush the Shoes to remove any remaining dirt

We always recommend you should pat the Nubuck cloth on the surface often. It will not only remove the dirt but also helps you to get the original shape of the Nubuck. You should get the Nubuck Protectant Spray and spray it after 6 months. Nubuck is the strong shoe and it is durable enough you can wear Nubuck shoes for years. But you need the proper tool to manage your dazzling Nubuck Shoes.

Clean the Tougher Stains from the Nubuck Shoes

If the above cleaning method didn’t work and the stains are very stubborn to leave your shoes then don’t worry. To remove the ink stains from the Nubuck Shoes you must get the ink lifter. Ink Lifter is a greasy substance that removes the ink stain through the rub. Ink lifter generally comes in the tube just pour the ink lifter on the ink spot on the shoes. Rub the stain from the Nubuck Cloth or the leather cleaner

For the Oily stain removal, you must use the Degreaser and Nubuck Cleaner. If you spill the oil on the shoes by mistake then don’t worry just get the spray of Degreaser and spray it on the affected place. Let the degreaser sit for hours on the shoes. The degreaser becomes the powder that absorbs all oil from the Nubuck. Remove the powder from the cleaner. If the oil spot is still visible use the above procedure again.

Use the Vinegar to Remove the Tough Dried Stains

First of all, you have to examine your shoes. If your shoes contain dry stains such as mud or any other dry dirt, you must take the old toothbrush and scrub the stain to dry the grimy part of the Nubuck shoes. It will remove the dry dirt from the shoes but if the residue of the stains still intact into the shoes then you must consider another implement

For the embossed salty and embossed stubborn stains, you can use the white vinegar. Use a cotton swab; dip it in the white vinegar. You must not soak the entire vinegar, just mildly wet the cotton so the vinegar does not spill on the Nubuck. Gently wipe the stained part of the Nubuck through vinegar. You will see the amazing result because vinegar is very awesome for cleaning every type of shoe. You can use this technique on Suede and leather too.

If Nubuck Shoes contain the mud you can use the gentle sandpaper to scrub the shoes. It will remove the mud or sand from your shoes. After that use the cleaner to remove the residue from the Nubuck Shoes. The first rule for Suede and Nubuck you have to remember that you cannot soak your Nubuck shoes. If you see any suggestion to soak the Suede and Nubuck Shoes in the water you should ignore it. Water is the enemy of Nubuck and Suede Shoes.

Dry Nubuck Shoes

You must dry your Nubuck Shoes after applying vinegar or degreaser or any spray. After applying the protectants or cleaner or degreaser or vinegar, pat your shoes with the Nubuck brush. You can use a towel. Wrap the Shoes in the Towel and leave it for some minutes. You can use the blow dryer to dry your Nubuck shoes if you want your Nubuck shoes instantly. If not! Then you must use the traditional way to dry your shoes. Just place your Nubuck Shoes at the ventilated space. Do not expose your shoes in front of the sun.

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