According to the old saying, “Your Shoes are a reflection of your personality.” If you are the wearer of the lush awesome shoes that means you are the person who likes to live in a neat place and you don’t like any dirtiness. You are caring because you care for your precious shoes. The vice versa traits for those who don’t care for their shoes. Dirty shoes not only make you look bad but it will create the negative impact of you on onlookers. Your shoes must be clean all the time because shoes are the tool of providing extreme elegance. Polish your shoe is a good thing but you have to know how to clean the shoes before polishing.

Gathering the Supplies

Before polishing the shoes you just need the right supplies to clean your shoes. We always recommend the soft bristle brush because a hard bristle brush can scratch your shoes. The torn off the skin of the shoes always looks bad. You can use the rag on the lush surface of the shoes. Don’t use the dotted cloth to clean the shoes. For the Polish, you need the right kind of polish. Liquid polish is best for leather shoes. While on the darker fabric shoes you can apply the cream polish. For the Suede and Nubucks cleaning, you must need the smooth surface rag or soft bristle brush.

Choose the Right Place

The cleaning of extremely dirty and grimy shoes is always a mess. The dust and dirt of the shoes can unclean your floor. If you clean your messy shoes inside then it will take double the effort to clean your shoes alongside your floor. Clean your shoes outside the home. If not possible then cover the cleaning space with the old new paper or old sheet so you can minimize your efforts while cleaning the shoes.

Clean Shoes Properly

If your shoes are made up of strong material like leather and canvas and you are using the soft fabric rag or soft bristle shoes then don’t hesitate to put the pressure while scrubbing the brush or rag on the shoes. If your shoes contain mesh uppers then you have to consider the gentle flow while working on the shoes. While brushing away the dust always use the brush on the dominated hand. Make sure while cleaning you must hold the shoe firm so you can work easily on the shoes. Move the brush or rag in the circular motion.

While polishing the shoes you must apply the same technique as cleaning. Dip the brush or rag inside the polish and work on the circular motion while holding the shoe firm on a non-dominated hand.

Keep the Cleaner Everywhere

This is the most important step. You should keep the rag and alcohol-free wipes on your bag. After every wear of shoes, you must clean the dust and stains from your shoes. Use the rag to scrub the shoes. It will take hardly 1 minute. If you are traveling in any dusty place and you are seeing that your shoes are getting dirty. Wipe the alcohol free wipes on the surface of the shoes and after that clean your shoes with the rag for the continuous elegant aura of the shoes.

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