Mesh upper of the shoes is the blessing for sports lovers and fitness freaks. Not long ago shoes are filled with non-breathable material that is the reason for quick exhaustion and fatigue. The non-breathable material like canvas and leather is heavy too that takes lots of effort while running. But mesh technology introduced in the shoes that make the material light and extremely breathable. Now you can run for hours without getting any exhaustion. The Mesh upper shoes are durable and strong. But you can destroy the mesh while cleaning. You need the proper technique to clean the mesh upper of the shoes. Any harsh clean can sabotage the mesh of the shoes. Here we are discussing how you can clean your mesh shoes properly.

Brush away the Dirt from Mesh Shoes

You need the proper cleaning of the shoes before washing the shoes. The dust and any temporary grime of the shoes can scratch the skin of the shoes. You need the soft bristle brush to scrub the shoes. Work on the shoes in the circular motion so you can cover the maximum space of the shoes. Brush the shoes until all the dust exerts from the shoes. If your shoes consist of leather and canvas then don’t hesitate to apply pressure while cleaning the shoes. This process will help you to soften the tough stains.

How to Wash Mesh Shoes Properly

You should prepare your cleaning solution for the wash. Take the bowl and pour the warm water. Also, get the mild laundry detergent and mix it in the warm water. Take the amount which makes the soapy mixture but not sticky substance. You can take any washing soap also. But you must not consider the bleach or any other hard substance because those are hazardous for the mesh uppers.

Now take the rag and dip it into the mixture. Scrub the wet rag on the shoes. You can use the brush for the stubborn stains. If your rag or brush gets dirty to use the second bowl of plain water to clean the rag or brush. Scrub the shoes till the complete disappearance of stains and appearance of new shoes. After the wash completely removes the cleaning solution from your shoes. Take the wet shoes and wipe down the skin of the shoes to remove all the substance from the shoes. Do not completely soak the whole shoes it will sabotage the shape of mesh shoes. The mesh upper shoes did not react well after the complete soak.

Dry Mesh Upper Shoes

First of all, you keep in mind that you should not air-dry the shoes under the sunlight. The sunlight can change the color of the shoes. Similarly do not use the hair dry to dry the shoes. The temperature will tear the skin of the mesh. Always air dry your shoes in the ventilated or dry space but inside. The towel technique is also useful for the quick dry. Just place your shoes inside the dry towel. The towel will absorb the most moisture from the shoes.

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