How to Dye Leather Boots? 12 Easy Steps to Give a New Avatar to Leather Shoes

Leather is the paramount material in the apparel industry. The people loved to wear the imperative textile used in the shoes. There are many perks of leather stuff; first, the leather is strong in nature, so it gives the perfect durability. You can also give it any style and color, so there is no problem at the style side. This is not the only case but you can change the color of the leather and also resurrect it by giving it a new shape. We can say leather is the terminator of the shoes with the ambition to give you the sumptuous traits. There is one difference terminator can transform itself, also you can change the color of leather boots if you dye leather boots with your choice and with your sense of style.

We are here to discuss the procedure of how you can resurrect leather shoes and give it a new look. This is human nature after some time they didn’t find their shoes attractive than before. We have to buy new shoes to fulfill our satisfaction with the new look, but why if you have equipment that can change the color and give your shoes a new look. It will save you money and don’t have to throw your liked patent.

Procedure to Dye Your Leather Shoes

First of all, take your leather shoes and clean them properly. Because the stain or debris during the dye leather boots process can sabotage the process. Just make sure that before the dyeing process your shoes didn’t contain any dirt for this you can use warm water with the detergent, but remember the rule do not soak the leather use brush or rag.

After the Cleaning of the Shoes, Clean your working area, cover it with newspaper or plastic cover or paper towels, whatever covering object easily available to cover the surface of the cleaning area. The main reason to cover the area is that if the dye color spills on the surface it can leave a permanent mark.

You have to remove the excessive accessories of the shoes, such as laces and insoles from the shoes. Yes, you can dye your lace but you have to protect your insoles

Most of the people often ask that you can dye leather boots but what about the sole of the shoes. They are concerned that if their sole get the color it will fade the design of the shoes. Don’t worry if you want to prevent your sole. If your shoe sole made up of rubber then apply the Vaseline on the rubber. If your shoe sole made up of fabric or leather you can use the electric tape to prevent the shoe from the dye.

Take a tub or bowl and pour warm water into it. Make sure water is not more than 60 Celsius warm. We suggest that do not use the normal water for the dyeing process. If your dye color is a bit dull and you want to enhance it then add one spoon of vinegar and half teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to level dye process. You can use the dye preparer to prevent the damage.

Wear rubber gloves and add half cup dye color on the warm water. On the dye bath mix it with the stick or any pointy object which is not usable for you in the future.

Most of the people used to ignore this step and then regret it. You have to check the mixture of dye color, so you can be satisfied you are using your desired color to dye. Take the old white piece of cloth or paper towel and a slight dip into the tub or dye bath. Let it dry it will tell the color. If you feel the color is too light, then you can add more dye color on it and if the color is too dark then you can add the water on it. You can do this until you get your wished color

How to clean leather shoes

You can get the right color of mixture but remember you are lucky that you get the right color or because dye color is very unpredictable there might be the chance you cannot get the perfect color but also there is an immense chance you will like your new dye color instead of a different shade. You need the small brush or toothbrush to apply the dye color because leather is not a water-friendly material and it will dull the leather or remove its stiffness.

Scrub the leather surface from the brush and paint the leather shoes by dipping the color you made in the bowl. If you don’t want to dye the whole shoes just want to make the designs then use the clean nail polish brush to do it.

If you want to dye black then used the polish after the dye to get a good polished black color.

Let it dry for a couple of minutes you can see the true color of your shoes, but you will see the rough area of the shoes use the spray to smooth the skin of your shoes. You can use the shoe-shining spray after the dye to give the shoes proper shining.

Do not use the shoes straight away because it will produce the dye stain that can sabotage your socks and pants. Give it a proper time to dry. If you want to use the air dryer you can use it but we recommend you that let it dehydrate properly through the natural environment.

Things to Remember

Some people completely soak the leather shoes in the dye, you are lucky that your shoes sustain the pressure of even neutral dye. Most of the time dye liquid can damage your shoes, so don’t do it. Some people shared their experience that they used the procedure on suede. Well, we want to know you that Suede is delicate than other shoes and you have to dye or clean it with extra care, so the above mentioned process is not for suede shoes. One more thing to remember is that dye is unpredictable you cannot judge the color by mixture, you can determine after the check but still there is a chance you don’t get the proper shade. For the shade, if you want to dye tan color shoes you applied the brown. Don’t think it will give you the brown color it will be a tan brown, the color you might like. Last point but not the least if you apply the dye it will be permanent. If you applied it on the wrong part then you cannot undo it. You can dye a different color to give it another look.