We need our lovely little shoes while we are walking. The shoes are the common companion of us. Also, Shoes are creating the impact of your personality. You must care about your shoes. Dirty shoes can damage your personality perception. People often care for their shoes and clean them properly. But they don’t give proper attention to the inside part of the shoes. As a result, their shoes usually get the odor and when you put off your shoes in front of others it makes a bad impression of you. You want to take care of the interior of the shoes to get rid of shoe odor with tea bags. But you don’t have to throw your shoes.

Yes, the pleasant smelling shoes are awesome. Also, it makes a good impression on others and your feet also feel better in the fresh shoes. The problem is in the market there are many branded shoe deodorizers after dry of shoes when you apply those deodorants the smell of it remains for just a short span of time. We are here telling you about the recipe which can bring a pleasant odor for the extended amount of type. Plus you don’t have to spend the money on the deodorants or on the odor powder

Use Tea Bags in Shoes to Remove Odor

A wonderful substance to get rid of shoe odor with tea bags. In black tea, a high amount of concentrated tannins can slay the bacteria which produce the smell. Yes, the bad odor in the shoes caused by the bacteria. After a huge time of ignorance, your shoes start to get this bacterium stronger. Tea, especially black tea, is the killer of those bacteria. Plus tea not only destroys the smelly bacteria and also gives the shoes a decent smell. There are two methods for using tea bags in the shoes

We categorized both methods. The first method we called is Simple Method. The Second Method is entitled as Extreme Method

Simple Method for Removal of Stink in Shoes

If your shoes are stinky you must take the two tea bags for each shoe.

Put the tea bags in the shoes. Let it fight with the smelly bacteria. Try to keep the shoes in the dry area. It will pace up the process against the smelly bacteria. The reason for that is a tea bag is absorbent and they try to fight the get rid of shoe odor with tea bags.
Let the Tea Bag in your shoes for at least 24 hours. Teabags will need the time to change the environment inside the shoes. Just drop the tea bag inside the shoes and sit back without interrupting the process.

Some people are curious enough that after an hour or two they keep out the tea bags and smell the shoes to check the progress of the procedure. For those people kindly keep in check your curiosity and let the tea bag do their job. Don’t break the tempo of the procedure.

After 24 hours you can check your smell free shoes. Not smell free but your shoes will fill out with the pleasant scent. One thing is to remember that you have to check out the flavor of tea bags and choose the tea bag with your desired aroma.

If your shoes are stinky than you thought and after 24 hours still you can sniff the odor then Extreme Method is applicable for your shoes.

Extreme Method for Stubborn Odor Shoes

We recommend using black tea because it has a high concentration of tannins which is the enemy of smell producing bacteria.

In this process, you have to steep the tea bag like you steep while making the tea. First of all, you have to choose a tea bag with the aroma you like the most. Boil the water and if your water reaches the boiling point 100 Celsius then pour the boiling water in the cup and also toss the tea bag into the boiling water for two or three minutes.

Remove the teabag from the cup. Don’t burn your skin by touching the hot tea bag. Use a fork or any other utensil to get out the tea bag from the cup.

You cannot place the hot burning tea bag into the shoes. It can burn the insole of your shoes. So you must give time to the tea bag to cool off.

Now it’s time to lay the tea bag into the shoes. Be sure that the teabag is still warm and exerts the moisture.

You can use the multiple tea bags for the extra smelly shoes.
The Moisture of the tea bag will soak the insole of the shoes. The tannins in the tea bag will seep into the shoes and fight the bacteria. Leave the teabag into the shoes for an hour or for two hours.

After an hour, remove the tea bag from your shoes. This process will eliminate the bad odor from your shoes and replace the smell with the scent of the teabag.

After this procedure, you will notice the wetness in the interior of your shoes. Do not wear the shoes until you properly dry the shoes. Yes, after the procedure your shoes will soak from inside you must dry them properly. We recommend using the natural way to dry the shoes. Just place the shoes in front of sunlight or keep it in the dry place. You can use the air dryer if you need your shoes urgently.


You don’t have to use powder and deodorant because it will not help if your shoes are super stinky. Teabag is a genuine method to remove odor from your shoes. There are many more household items to remove the smell from the shoes.

You can try essential oils. But you have to avoid this on the leather shoes. You can use the baking soda for the removal of the odor. Lemon peels and rubbing alcohol to remove the odor from the shoes.

If your shoes are new and mild smelly then you can use nature to remove the malodorous from shoes. Yes, remove the laces and insole from the shoes. Keep the shoes under the sunlight at least for a day. All the stink will hush away from the shoes.