How to get creases out of the sneakers

I own a flashy pair of sneaks which were once the ultimate showstoppers magnetizing the attention of everyone in a room. However, after few months of wearing, I began to discern that the creases had started to form in the toe area and also along the sides of the shoes. My sneaks had started to look marred and old and they were losing their appeal. I was appalled at the aged look they were projecting so as usual I looked up to Sir Google for assistance. And after conducting research, I came across some fascinating tips regarding wrinkles and tips to de-crease the sneakers. Ill share what I learned.

All shoes begin the wear and tear process and start showing wrinkles with time especially in the area where your foot is flexing. Sometimes there are other factors involved which are responsible for creasing other than the general abrasion. Occasionally, ill-fitting shoes can be the subtle reason. If your shoes are loose, the fabric has more space to bend and form wrinkles whenever your foot flexes. This is why it is always recommended to choose shoes which are snug and well-fitting. Quality of the fabric also plays a pivotal role in determining how long your shoes remain top-notch. Another elemental cause which induces crease formation is the design of your shoe. Whole cut shoes and plain toe designs have higher probability of getting creased whereas, semi-cap toe shoes or full cap toe-shoes will maintain their sleek and shiny façade for a longer while. Most of the time, creases are an indication of a shoe which has been used tremendously. However, creases can be irksome and muffle the charisma of your whole getup. Thankfully, there are great tricks to de-wrinkle your sneakers and some of them are listed below.

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Using the iron to enhance the appearance of your leather sneakers:

For this technique you will need:

  • A pair of socks/old rags/ tissue papers.
  • Towel
  • Iron
  • Hot water
  • Jam your sneaks with either old socks, rags or tissue papers in a manner that the crease becomes invisible and when you apply pressure on top of the shoe it remains firm and rigid.
  • Take off the laces of your shoes. Soak the towel in hot water and dampen it completely by wringing out excess water.
  • Now position this cloth on top of the creases.
  • Heat the iron, maintaining the temperature at medium.
  • When you feel the iron turning hot, begin to iron over the towel which has been placed right above the creases. But ensure that you don’t iron continuously. Keep lifting up the iron from time to time to avoid damaging the sneaks by burning.
  • The leather will become pliable and will be expanded by the steam which is released by the damp towel
  • Let the towel remain on the sneakers till it cool downs.

This technique has garnered amazingly successful results for me and I was astounded to behold almost as good as new look of my leather sneakers after piloting them through this effortless technique. Nevertheless, you should avoid employing the iron trick too often and steer clear of this method if your sneakers are manufactured from suede.

Dealing with creases on new shoes with almond oil:

If you have recently bought a pair of leather sneakers and by ill fate their appearance is starting to tarnish with the emergence of creases, then there is an easy way to fix it.

  • Put few drops of high-quality leather oil on your sneakers. Gently massage the leather where creases have formed. When you notice that the oil has been absorbed, rub with a dry cloth
  • If you massage the sneakers as soon as you spot those wrinkly marks, there are very high chances that the crease marks will be eliminated. But don’t expect this technique to render outstanding results, if your creases are old.

Alcohol can work wonders

Your leather or canvas sneakers will instantly feel invigorated and fresh if you present them with a dose of rubbing alcohol.

  • In a clean spray bottle, pour half parts rubbing alcohol and half parts water.
  • Now spritz this solution directly over the creases and rub it gently until it is absorbed in the leather. When the leather has dried, massage the creases with a leather conditioner or a good-quality shoe polish.
  • Hang the shoe on the tree to dry and stretch.

Avoid employing this technique too often as this can erase the creases temporarily, but alcohol can also instigate formation of new creases.

Harness the heat of the blow-dryer to get the creases

You are getting ready for a casual brunch with your friends and you are racing against time. However, you are aghast when you notice the creases on your leather sneakers. These are the only pairs that have forever managed to perk up your appearance and ignite the formula of zest to your ensemble. You want to enliven your sneakers in nick of time. What do you do? You use a blow dryer. You might be wondering how. Just follow the steps.

  • If you own a shoe tree, jam it inside your sneakers. However, if you don’t own one, then make balls of newspapers and cram them inside your sneakers. Ensure that the leather is stretched rigidly and unbendingly before you commence with this procedure.
  • Now adjust the settings on the blow dryer and turn them on the hottest setting. Target the air jet towards the creases keeping it away at a safe distance of 3 inches
  • Keep moving the blow dryer to prevent overheating and burning the leather.
  • After a shot of blow-dryer, massage the creases with your thumb to stretch and make the leather more pliant.
  • After the leather cools off, apply a leather conditioner to render a glossy shine to it.

Instead of a blow dryer, use a steamer for your suede or canvas sneakers. And after treating with steam, place shoe trees inside your sneakers so that the material is pulled to its maximum tension and the creases are eased away as the fabric dries. A fabric protector spray is also an ideal solution for your canvas or suede sneakers.

Removing creases from your sneakers will render them a buffed up look and increase their lifespan. These simple and easy tricks are effortless to employ and hardly cost you more than a few bucks. So try these tricks to efficaciously get those frustrating and disagreeable creases out of your sneakers.