Running is a very easy and economical mode of exercise. You don’t need much advanced equipment or services to run. But you do need a pair of great running shoes to get the most out of your exercise. It is important to realize that you shouldn’t think of saving when it comes to running shoes. Getting the best is the key. This is because your running shoes will have to carry you hundreds of kilometers. Thus, they need to provide ample cushioning to your body from shocks received from terrain impacts and reduce the stress on your knees, joints, arches and connecting nerves.

Running shoes are undoubtedly expensive because they are loaded with expensive athletic technology. So if you have just bought a pair of expensive running shoe, the first thing you are going to be concerned about is its durability. You would probably be ready to take all necessary precautions to keep them as new and as lasting as possible.

Here are some factors which determine the durability of your running shoes:

Body weight of the runner:

If your weight exceeds normal body weight according to your height and age, then your running shoes are likely to receive more wear and tear. Since your shoes have to receive more stress on them and accommodate your weight for countless kilometers, they are very likely to get worn out soon. Even if you have bought them for a very hefty price tag.

However, if you are a normal or skinny weighted person, then you don’t need to worry much. They will last your almost 1 and a half year or even more.

Upkeep of your running shoe:

The upkeep of your running shoe also matters a great deal in increasing the durability of your shoes. If you haven’t used your running shoes for a long time and have just gotten them out then you will probably discover that their cushioning or traction is not as good as before. This is because running shoes do not necessarily fail you from regular wear and tear. The oxidation and the weather temperatures also play a pivotal role in maintaining your running shoes.

If you are storing your running shoes, make sure that you store them in a cool dry place. Keep them locked in ziplock bags to keep the humidity and dust out of it. Also insert silica gel pads in the ziplock bags to avoid molding. Many times the white soles of the shoes also start to turn yellow because of oxidization. To avoid such problems, try storing your sneakers in icy cold temperatures.

The running style:

Heavy weighted persons tend to have a different running style than that of leaner persons. A heavy weighted person will not be able to accommodate a very fast running speed. This will impact his running shoes. He will be exerting extra pressure on his shoes as each kilometer wraps away. Also his body weight and size will not permit him to run dynamically. Only if you are light weight, you can try running faster so that the shoes have to absorb less body to earth shock waves. The less strain you are able to put on your shoe material, the greater your shoe will last and you will have long lasting running shoes. If you have a lean body structure, then you can easily ensure that the running shoes are less exposed to wear and tear during the running process.

Most branded sneaker companies offer complete aesthetic details of their sneaker collection. You can find out which sneaker will match your walking gait.

Your running terrain:

The type of terrain on which you plan to run will also determine a lot about your running shoes durability. Like above mentioned, you can check the aesthetics of each sneaker first and lay out your running trail and then buy running shoes accordingly. You can pick out shoes which seem reasonable to your terrain. Nowadays, there are different shoes for light racing, fast running and sturdy trekking. Buying sneakers smartly ensures that you are increasing their durability and making sure that they remain in best condition for as long as possible.

Shoe size:

Never make the mistake of buying very tight shoes. This will cause the seams of the sneakers to stretch to a damaging point and will also damage the overall elasticity and springiness of your running shoe. Have your feet sized up by the shoe experts in the shop and buy shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose. Also be aware, that your feet are very likely to expand or swell up to 4 % during the day. So to get the best idea of your maximum feet size, it is advisable to go for shoes hunting in late evening. This way you will get the perfect size running shoes which will also help you to increase the durability of your shoes.

Also getting acquainted with proper lacing technique, you will be able to lace your shoes to a correct fit. This will also help to promote feet health as it will avoid blisters or chafing on the feet.


Bottom line -Brands matter:

When hunting for a great pair of running shoe, it is imperative that you go for popular and trustworthy brands. This is because investing smartly means you land yourself a very durable and functional pair of running shoes which will give you good years of healthy exercise. Remember that your shoes can enhance your running experience or totally destroy it. If they are comfortable, well-fitting and feature great aesthetics, then they are your feet’s best friend. However, ill-fitting running shoes can completely prove to be a failure and can dampen your exercising mood. So choose wisely.