how to lace converse high tops

Thread your Converse high top silhouettes with creativity to amplify the style quotient


The industry of athletic shoes has been blooming and flourishing for a decade now. The top contenders of this industry like Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy have always been engaged in sneaker wars and fierce rivalry to bestow the best and state-of-the-art athletic creations. But one contender who has risen above the benchmark and stood above the fray is none other than the brand Converse. This American label has been fashioning symbolic sneakers for the past 100 years, and the timeless style of these sneakers has towered over every fashion trend. It has continued to synchronize with everyone’s choice. With the range of distinctive designs and variety of hues and shades to select from, lace converse high tops sneakers have become a mandatory accessory to amplify the casual style quotient.


Yesterday, I had purchased a new pair of light blue shoelaces online to render a novel and sophisticated look to my timeless pair of high-top black converse sneakers. Although I own a broad spectrum of sneakers ranging between dark and dull hues, my pair of black Converse has been my best friend and has proffered me a timeless aesthetic and an edgy look on all occasions teaming well with most o my ensembles. Moreover, the comfy high-top sneakers have allowed me to experiment and flaunt various color themes and wardrobe designs without making a fashion faux pas. But then, I have the habit of constantly re-doing the lace converse high tops when adorning them as I am fussy about details and have the eye for precision. Re-lacing the shoes always enhances the aesthetic appearance of the sneakers and augments their panache. I have mastered the style of lace converse high tops in the most artistic way that the internet could teach me, and this factor alone brings my high-tops into the limelight wherever I venture. Today, I would like to share some tips that I have mastered through tests and trials.



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Lacing up technique - How To Lace Converse High Tops


Count the pair of eyelets that your high tops are flaunting. High-top converse usually encompasses eight, nine, or twelve pairs of eyelets. Choose the optimum lace converse high tops for your silhouettes. For example, if your high top covers eight eyelets, you will require a shoelace measuring 54 inches. On the other hand, if your converse has nine eyelets, then 63-inch shoelaces are just the best size, and if your high-tops embrace 12 eyelets, then you ought to buy a 72-inch shoelace for perfect lacing.


It is recommended to select flat, sporty shoelaces for dress shoes instead of round ones. Also, go for dark-colored shoelaces if your high tops are sporting lighter hues because white shoelaces tend to get soiled quickly.


Test the diagonal and under pattern technique: How To Lace Converse High Tops


  • Foremost, ensure that both the tips of the laces are even when you begin to lace your converse. Next, insert each end in the topmost set of eyelets and tug the lace converse high tops securely, ascertaining that it is leveled. This is the chief and the focal stage when tying laces on any shoes because this stage will determine the smoothness and evenness of your laces when you come to the final eyelets.


  • Most sneakers and shoes encompass a traditional crosswise and under lacing technique. Once you have inserted the laces in the first eyelet evenly, begin with the diagonal pattern when inserting in the second eyelets. Tie up in a zigzag fashion so that the first lace weaves over and then down into each eyelet instead of turning up the eyelets. Ascertain that you are abiding by.


  • The same arrangement so that the lace that is crisscrossing towards the right side is always beneath, and the lace that is weaving towards the left side is consistently above or in a vice versa arrangement.


  • Repeat the threading until you reach the final eyelet, and then tie the laces with a knot.


  • Tie the laces on the second high top the same way you did for the first because maintaining uniformity and evenness is the key to making your high-top Converse appear elegant and dazzling.


Endeavor to thread in a diagonal but over pattern: How To Lace Converse High Tops



  • This approach of lacing your high-tops is just as clear-cut and straightforward as the diagonal and under technique; rather than weaving the laces from the bottom of the eyelets, thread from the top crosswise on both sides.


Ensure that the weaving pattern you adhere to is strictly even and uniform on both the left and the right side to grant a neatly sophisticated look to your Converse high top. This style of lacing will compliment and grace the appearance of your sneakers. Pair your high-top converse with contrasting laces to engender an air of prominence and notability to your silhouettes.


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Try the loopback pattern for your high tops: How To Lace Converse High Tops.



  • If the diagonal over and under technique is boring and old, you can experiment with this loopback style to add extra finesse to your wearing method. And this super cool style is a rare technique that is still unfamiliar to many. Rather than threading the laces transverse to the tongue of high-tops, this manner comprises weaving the laces in intertwined loops going in front of the shoe.
  • As in the diagonal pattern, insert the laces in the first eyelet, then weave the lace on the right through the eyelets on the same side to create loops. Once fashioned the circles on the right side, thread the left lace through the right loop and interleave back to the corresponding eyelet on the left.
  • After looping, tug gently and uniformly so that the position they meet is exactly the midpoint of the tongue.


The loopback pattern is one of my favorite lace games for my Converse high-top sneakers, and I recommend you all to try it to add a graceful expression and enhance your shoe style.


Usually, extra laces aren’t included in the packaging of Converse sneakers. So substituting different colors of laces is another excellent option to perk up the look of a beat-up pair of a timeless Converse classic.


Sneakers are relaxed silhouettes that partner well with casual outfits, but the lacing of your sneakers can either build or break your style game. Bestow your favorite Converse high tops with the sleek aura they deserve by threading the laces artistically.