How to lace converse Shoes? 5 Ways to Lace Shoes

How to lace converse? Many Gorgeous Ways to lace converse shoes of Nike

As we all know, there are many types of shoes to impress you, flip-flop, heels, sandals, espadrilles, stilettos, and many more, but every shoe lovers have something in common. The affection for sneakers, and when the sneakers are the top shoes in the display from the leading brand, people cannot resist taking them. Yes, the Converse from Nike won the hearts of almost everyone. It’s been years since this shoe didn’t fall from the top trending position. There are many plausible features of the converse; one is lace up. Because of the Lace-up wide part on the shoes, you can apply many styles on one shoe, Ladder style, Crisscross Style, double-cross style, chain style, and many more.

To make the converse better, you need to learn the simple steps of lacing because it will make you more stylish. We give you the many XX ways to lace converse Shoes. But before that, keep in mind that you have to choose the suitable laces for the shoes. If your converse shoes are in light color, the light-colored lace is dark; select the light tint if your shoes are dark. For the dark, white color laces are perfect.

Single Criss Cross Style

This is the most straightforward technique of lace-up crisscross. Take the lace converse Shoes in your hand and stretch them. We want to let you remember there are seven holes in the converse shoes on both the right and left sides. So just put the lace from the inside of the lower right side of the shoes and stretch it till the second end of the boots remains in the shoes.

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Now take the second end and put it inside the opposite hole, and stretch to even the laces from both sides. Next, directly from the right lower spot, take the lace from outside and insert it into the left second hole from the lower part. Similarly, form the left lower hole from the outside insert on the second lower hole. You will see the X marks on the shoes. Repeat the process until the 7th hole. In every hole, the lace will go diagonally.

Double Crisscross Style

This is one more simple way to lace-up shoes. But you have to for a double crisscross on one gap. So you have to concentrate a bit to learn this. Start from the lower right to the lower left and then straighten the lace-up to balance. Now you have to go to the upper 4th row from right to left and left to right (Diagonally). You will see the one x on the shoes. Now make the other one from 4th to 7th, and you have Double X on the boots. You can use the second lace to make the 4 x in the same shoes.

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Crisscross with the Straight lace

We stated before, lace-up has many styles, and all those styles give you a fresh look to your shoes. Especially in converse, the shoelaces are thick, and laces become more visible. The messy lacing of the converse will sabotage the look of the most dashing shoe. So here we are giving you the technique in which you will form the X, and when the x ends, it will for a straight line and then make an x and straight line. So make the first x from the lower from 1st to the second row and then go in the third one and from the straight line and then go to the 4th and 5th diagonally and make the 6th row straight from lace, just put out the lace from the 7th row.

How to Lace Ultra-Boost

Multiple Crisscrosses

There are many styles to devour your style sense in the lace-up. Here we explain how you have to create the X and on the upper gap and one more X to continue till the end. This is the most admirable style, but you have to learn this most exquisite lace-up style. Take the lace and stretch it or use the more extensive lace. First, insert it into the lower right hole from the inside. Then, the left hole will form a straight line. Next, drag it to the 3rd hole from downwards diagonally. The X shape will appear from last to 3rd last. This method makes one more X from the 3rd row to the fifth. From the inside, drag it to the second and make the X on 2nd to 4th and 4th to 6th, and empty 7th row will use as a laced binding. If your lace is not big enough, you can use the two laces to complete this process.

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Heel Slipping Lacing Style

If you don’t want to tie the laces repeatedly, we develop a very stylish lacing technique. You can slip on the foot after the slight change. Unless the other styles, you have to start it with the upper side. Put the lace from the upper side to the right and then left. Now make the one X shape from upper first to 2nd. Take the lace and pass it right 2nd hole to the right 3rd hole and went 2nd to left 3rd and from the inside drag towards the fourth hole in their side, respectively. Now make the same X diagonally from fourth to fifth. Again repeat the process from 6th to 7th and slip on the foot and adjust the lacing according to it and entangle both ends so it cannot lose when you fall in your feet. We consider this the most stylish design among lace-up lovers.

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Things to Remember

Lace-up styles make your shoes new repeatedly, but if you want to use the lace, straighten the lace by stretching, so it will not twist in between the process. Adjust your laces, and if you think the laces are short, you can use another lace to complete the style. If you show adamancy by using one lace, it will tighten your shoes. If you have trouble using the lace-up from the upper, it means your lace is too short, don’t worry; it can stretch a bit. If the process does not fulfill your desire, kindly use the more extensive lace. Determine the length of the lace because extra-large laces are tough to handle, and sometimes they will look messy if you do not take it well.