how to lace running shoes

How to tie running shoes for a super athletic boost

As an athlete you must be well aware of the importance of adorning your feet with the right type of running shoes to achieve maximum fitness results. To add speed and power to your running expeditions, it is crucial that your feet are snugged in the most suitable running shoes. Since all feet are different, it is essential that you don’t just buy your running shoes on word of mouth advertisement but rather run a self-check yourself in the shoe stores. Remember don’t go for pricey. Rather hunt for quality. Running shoes are designed a little differently from ordinary walking or casual shoes. They are equipped with stronger cushioning, additional shoelaces eyelets and firmer soles. There are many ways to tie your shoelaces, but if you are a runner, you need to lace running shoes in exclusive styles to ensure that your feet remain blister free, secure and well set to fly off in the athletic arena.

Listed below is a runner’s guide on shoelaces:

Heel lock:

You have probably never noticed the extra set of eyelets on some of the shoes. Well then you have never really mastered how to use your shoes to their maximum potential. The smallest of details matters when your feet are locked in for a long running day ahead.

Here is how it goes:

Start lacing your shoes in whatever style you prefer. Start from the topmost eyelet. lace running shoes horizontally and then start crisscrossing them diagonally. Once you reach the end of eyelets where the mouth of the shoe lies you will notice eyelets on both sides of the shoe. Now lace your shoelaces from above of the shoe inside the last eyelets on both sides but don’t pull them completely. Instead leave them loose so that they form a loop. You will have to utilize these loop to execute the lock. Once you have loops ready on both sides of the shoe, cross the laces so that the right end of the lace running shoes is inserted in the left loop and left end in the right loop. Now pull them tightly downwards not upwards. If you pull them upwards there will be a gap left in between your shoe and your foot. Pulling them down tightly will lock the knot. Now you can tie the basic knot and then the standard double bow knot. You will notice that your feet are sealed tightly in the shoe with no space to wiggle and move inside. This gives your feet a safe cushion and enables you to run swiftly without being distracted by loose shoes.

Window lacing:

This lacing style helps to relieve you from the pain on top of the foot. This pain can be aggravated by tight lacing of the shoes. Very tight laces often exert undue pressure on the top of the foot and initiates pain waves which can hinder your running schedule.
This lacing style helps by breaking the pressure of laces from the middle and again locking your foot from the below. Start lacing from the top. Run the lace horizontally in the first eyelet. Then crisscross from there once you reach the fourth eyelet, instead of crisscrossing, insert your laces in a vertical manner from above the shoe. The lace will run in a small vertical line from the fourth eyelet to the fifth eyelet. This helps in breaking the secure pressure of the lace. Now continue down lacing in the same diagonal crisscross style till you reach the end. Now you can either lock your lace by tying them into the heel lock or in to a standard basic plus bow knot. If your feet are suffering from intense pain, it is advisable that you avoid the heel knot.

Loose top lacing technique:

Not only does it lend a smart, stylish and charismatic aura to your shoes, but it also helps to keep your feet light and loose inside your shoes. If you are a runner who prefer wiggly toes and spacey feet inside the shoes, then this type of lacing is ideal for you.

Start from the left. Insert one end in the top most eyelet and the second end of the lace running shoes in the second eyelet from underneath. Now take both the ends to the opposite eyelets. insert the first end in to the first right eyelet from above the shoe and second end in to the second right eyelet from above the shoe. Now you have both the ends underneath.

Next continue vertically and insert the first end in to the third eyelet of the right side such that you are pulling the end from inside out. Then move this end horizontally and insert it into the third eyelet of the left side from above.

Now use the second end on the right side to insert in the fifth eyelet of the right side so that you are pulling it from inside out and using the same technique, take this end to the opposite left side and insert in the fifth eyelet from above. Repeat the process in the same pattern till you get to the last eyelet. Tie a standard knot then a double knot and you will have a beautiful yet simple pattern showcasing your shoes.

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Wide foot lacing technique:

This method is usually applied with running shoes when your feet are swollen, bumpy, bruised or aching. Your feet need some room for relaxation during your strenuous workout. This style uses a very easy technique.
Insert laces from the top most eyelets of the shoe horizontally. Now bring them down from inside of the shoe and crisscross them in the first eyelet. Repeat the motion in the second eyelet. When you reach the third eyelet, skip it and lace the fourth eyelet. Similarly, skip the fifth one and move on to the last eyelet. Then tie the laces in a standard and then double knot method to secure them in place. This ensures that your feet are provided with enough free room to move around yet they are securely held from bumping madly inside because of the laces.