Trendy and stylish shoes hailing from eminent brands cost a fortune. Your shoes are the first thing people notice about you. If you are rocking a classic staple, chances are that you have been successful in drawing attention towards yourself. A wise fashion investment goes a long way in perking up your attires. However, daily use can wear them out and it’s unavoidable to prevent them from taking hits. You will experience leather cracking, soles deteriorating, canvas turning a bit haggard and tips getting scuffed up. But it only means that your shoes need reconditioning. If your shoes look lackluster and your wing tips have started to look shabby then no need to grieve. There are many incredible tips which you can follow to maintain your shoes in good condition. These hacks will enable you to preserve your footwear in superior condition all year.

Store them immaculately:

Since your shoes function most diligently compared to other accessories, they are entitled to appropriate attention. You don’t want to ruin your expensive pair of shoes by shoving them carelessly in a miniature place. Storing neatly and smartly plays an important role in enriching the lives of your coveted footwear and helps you to maintain shoes in good condition.


You can use shoe boxes to store shoes which you use less frequently. Shoe boxes will protect them from dust, sunlight and variations in temperatures. Leather and suede boots and shoes and footwear utilizing other organic materials should be stored in shoe boxes. This will preserve their fabric and maintain them in good condition. You can even store your shoes in plastic boxes. However, ensure that the shoes are free of moisture and in immaculate condition before you store them. This will increase their lifespan. Also verify that the shoe box is free of acid.

Shoe organizers:

Shoes which are employed regularly can be stored in open shelves or cabinets. This will permit efficient ventilation. Shelving your shoes in a shoe organizer keeps them well-organized and in grand shape.
Keep crumpled up newspapers inside your boots or use boot trees to store your boots. This will prevent them from sagging and wrinkling

Harness the competence of a waterproof spray

Unexpected rain and showers are the culprit behind many shoe disasters. So next timeyou plan to flaunt your new shoes, jet them with a waterproof spray. Although, it is best to test the spray on a small area to ensure it doesn’t leave any stain marks. For men’s shoes, the shoe tongue which remains hidden with the laces can be tested. For women’s shoes, you can test the back area which seems in close proximity to the big toe. Once you feel convinced of their quality, squirt the spray as per the directions on the bottle. Waterproofing them will help maintain them in good condition and will expand their lifespan. You can even experiment rubbing wax on your fabric shoes to render them waterproofing quality.

Keep a track of weather forecast anyway

Although, waterproofing your shoes maximizes their protection and the best way to maintain shoes in good condition, it is still better to be knowledgeable about weather. If shower or snow are expected, wear suitable boots. Your waterproof sandals or canvas sneakers will not be handle to slush, snow or ice. They are bound to get wet. Even if you get soaked up in unexpected downpour, wipe away the excess moistness from your waterproof shoes. You can cram them with crumpled up newspaper to help them retain their framework and hold on to their shape

Consider experimenting with the substitution approach

Try to steer clear of donning the same pair daily. Wear your preferredtrainers or shoes every alternate day and swap other shoes in between.This will give your shoestime to breathe and salvage their shape back

Restore the sheen and gloss of your leather footwear

As soon as your leather shoes begin to appear dull and gloomy, buff them up. This will instantaneously reinstate them to their original glossy and burnished state. If you notice any unfriendly white stains, clean them with the water and vinegar mixture. Blend three parts water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on your leather shoes and rub gently until the blemishesvanish. Let them air-dry naturally

Make your shoes slip-resistant

Providing your shoes with slip-resistant feature saves you from a lot of humiliating endeavors. Just imagine how mortifying it would be for you to tumble over whilejuggling coffee in your hand on slick and smooth tiles. This is a very simple trick that will garner your pairs with no-slip characteristic. Just rub the soles of your shoes on the rough sidewalk or jagged sandpaper. The coarse surface will grant them an excellent traction feature

Utilize nail polish remover to get rid of stains

The rubber of your sneakers has encountered blemishes which is dwindling their appeal and attraction. Try wiping with a cloth dabbed in soapy solution. If it doesn’t budge, grab a nailpolish remover and smear on the stain. It will disappear within a while. If your patent leather sandals have suffered some dents, you can fix it easily. Try matching the color of your patent high heels with the array of nailpolishes decked on the vanity table. Camouflage the scrape with the coinciding shade of nail polish

Some more efficient hacks to help maintain shoes in good condition

  • Eliminate the foul odor in your gym shoes by keeping tea bags in them overnight.
  • Buff up the leather and grant them a glossy sheen using a banana peel. Simply, rub the peel on the leather and watch them transform.
  • Make your shoes slip-resistant by applying glue gun in creative patterns on the back of the sole.
  • Chewing gum on the shoe makes anyone feel irritated. Grab an ice cube and place it on the gum. The icecube will make the gum stiffer and you will be able to scrape it off more easily.
  • Wipe the fabric of your sneakers with a blend of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water. Rub with a toothbrush. This will effectively remove tough stains. Rub the rubber of your sneakers with a rubber eraser. Rubber can clean rubber with a smooth efficacy. Enjoy an immaculate pair of gym sneakers.

Investing in an expensive pair of shoes can be draining for your budget. So you obviously want to amplify their performance and keep them in wearable shape for a long time. Proper upkeep and regular maintenance can keep your shoes in spick and span condition. Follow the above mentioned style upgrades to make your shoes look and feel expensive and elegant every time you flaunt them.