How to make your shoes loose

Sometimes you go for shoe hunting and on an impulse, get yourself a pair of shoes which are tight in your feet. Even though a voice inside you warns you that they are too tight, you fight that voice back down. You simply cannot turn down a gorgeous pair of heels just because they aren’t available in your size. If you have been battling with very tight shoes and really don’t want to give up on them even if they are uncomfortable to wear, then you might be in a dilemma. Changing your favorite sneakers or your fashionable heels can be quite a loss, especially if you have saved a lot to get them. That’s why it is better to find out techniques to make your shoes loose instead of changing them.

Although some of these hacks don’t work for everybody but many others work well. Pull your efforts together and make your shoes loose around a little and let your feet breathe a little better.

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Some ways to loosen your shoes:

Blow drying with thick socks:

This is a method which works for many people. Hunt down your thickest socks which you own and put them on. If you don’t have thick socks, try putting on 3 to 4 thin socks on top of one another. Then put on your new and tight shoes. Keep a blow dryer ready. Once your feet are comfortably inside your shoes, apply blow dryer on those parts of shoes which are tight or feel slightly uncomfortable. Keep your dryer moving back and forth. Make sure that you don’t apply too much heat on one place. Moreover, take caution to keep the power low or you will destroy the new upper of your shoes. The idea behind this technique is to enlarge your shoes with a little heat. You may have to repeat this technique several times before you see any visible changes.

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Break in them:

Often new shoes are very tight until you break in to them. All new shoes feel a little uncomfortable at first till your feet make a friendly acquaintance with them. You can try wearing your new tight shoes around the house in the first week. Don’t let your feet go in them if you are going outside as they may prove very uncomfortable and painful. Give your shoes a little time to develop itself around your feet and then take them outside anywhere you like. They will have loosened up.

Again some shoes require only a few wear before they are completely used as errand shoes. Whereas, some shoes may need long weeks to break in them before they can loosen up and be used as your favorite go to shoes.


Freezing them:

This is one of the oldest hack used to make your shoes loose. However, you will only see significant results with non-leather shoes. The trick is to fill several zip lock bags one third with water. Place these bags well inside the toe box of your shoes and in places where your shoes feel too tight. Now put your shoes in the freezer. Make sure that you take away your eatables before you place your shoes in the freezer. Leave your shoes overnight. The water in the zip lock bags will turn to ice and will expand inside the shoes.

This in turn will enlarge your shoes and will hopefully bring them to the desired size. You can repeat this procedure a few times if you find out that your shoes are not loosening up.

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Shoe stretcher:

You can invest in a shoe stretcher and get them inserted in to your shoes for considerable shoe stretch. These shoe stretchers can be inserted down in your leather shoes to loosen and widen them little by little. You can get a good quality shoe stretcher in any shoe store.

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Using a shoe stretcher spray:

Although the above mentioned tricks are not applicable for leather shoes, but shoe sprays do make a difference. You can spray on both leather and non-leather shoes to achieve desired fitness. These sprays can be bought from the market and are very convenient to use. After you have worn your shoes, spray on the very tight parts to help you to loosen them. You can spray once every time you go out. These sprays work very well with canvas and fabric shoes. They will require several treatments to obtain pain free shoes.

If you don’t really want to invest in a shoe stretcher spray, then you can use DIY hack and make your own spray. You can fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and after wearing your socks and shoes, let your feet get comfortable. Then spray the alcohol bottle on the shoe areas which are too tight. Rubbing alcohol tends to enlarge the shoes a little and make them well fit for your feet. After spraying don’t put on your shoes directly. Let the spray work its magic. Put it on after an hour or two. 

You can also combine two techniques together to make your shoes loose. You can first spray shoe stretcher spray on top of the shoe and then slowly insert shoe stretcher to give maximum results.

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Wet newspapers:

You can wet a newspaper and crumple it in to balls. You can roll lots of newspaper balls and stuff them in the toe box of your shoes. Fit these balls tightly. Once the balls dry and harden they will push the shoe’s material and gradually cause the shoe to loosen up little by little. The best way to apply this technique is leaving your shoes overnight with wet newspaper balls inside. You can take them out in the morning and fill in new ones next night.

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