How to stretch fabric shoes with easy techniques

Been suffering with aching toes? Or your heels feel like they are going to crack open any time? or there are bruises on your ankles? These are common mishaps that can occur with very tight shoes or ill-fitting shoes. If your favorite pair of shoes have suddenly become too tight or you are stuck with fabulous new fabric shoes which are a size shorter, then no need to fret. You can learn how to stretch fabric shoes easily.

With our very easy to follow and fail proof techniques you can learn How to stretch fabric shoes of  any of your fabric shoes to fit your feet comfortably well

Let’s see how many ways you can implement to stretch your favorite fabric shoes:

Microwaving your fabric shoes to stretch them:

This technique is fairly easy but children should not be allowed to do it. Inspect your fabric shoes or sneakers very well for any metal piece. Do not use the microwave technique if you detect any metal. Even the sneaker eyelets should not be metal. After a thorough examination, insert your shoes in the microwave for 15 seconds. Take them out and while they are still slightly warm, put them again in the microwave for another 15 seconds. Carry them out and while they are still warm, wear them on your feet and walk around the house. Take a series of steps. As soon as they start to cool down, microwave them again and wear them again.

The fabric shoes will have been stretched and you will be able to feel a slight difference in them. Repeat this technique at least 3-4 times and take longer walks around the house. With repetition of this process for several times, you will be able to feel more comfortable in your shoes.

Hair drying your shoes to stretch them:

Since it is fairly easy to stretch fabric when it is hot, we use the same strategy on how to stretch fabric shoes which are too tight. First don on a pair of socks on your feet. The thicker they are, the better it will be to get your shoes to stretch quickly. Then wear your fabric shoes which are too tight. Now take your hair dryer and blow hot air on your shoes. Ensure that you keep the hair dryer somewhat at a distance from your shoes so that your fabric shoes do not tend to burn. You can keep the dryer on for 20-30 seconds. Then take off your socks and try your fabric shoes. You will feel a major difference in the shoe size. Repeat this process several times in a week if your shoes are stretching very slolwly.

Freezing your fabric shoes to stretch them:

Fill two zip lock bags with water and shove them inside each shoe. Shove it well towards the toe area such that the toe area is completely hidden with these water bags. Cover all the parts of the shoe well. Use more water bags if needed. But fill your shoe all around for a perfect stretching. Now put your shoes with the water bags inside the freezer overnight. The water will turn into ice and this ice will push the shoe outwards to expand. This will cause the fabric material of the shoe to enlarge and you will be able to fit your feet in it easily.

Kettle steaming your fabric shoes to stretch them:

Steaming shoes is another effective method to cause the shoe strands to stretch and create spaces in them. Boil some water to the boiling point and put it in a kettle and as the steam comes out, put your shoes over the steam for 4-5 minutes to help stretch them. When they are able to fit your feet comfortably, it is a sign that you have stretched them successfully. If they still very tight, repeat the streaming process again.

Stuffing them to ensure that your shoes stretch easily:

This is a very old and tried technique and it works extremely well. You can stuff your shoes with rolls and rolls of socks. You can also use old rags for this purpose if you don’t have spare socks. Some techniques also involve shoving newspapers in the toes of the shoes. Let your stuffing stay overnight in the shoes. In the morning, check your shoes to check which changes they have undergone. If they have not stretched appropriately repeat this process once or twice for optimum results.

Removing the shoe soles to stretch them easily:

If your fabric sneakers or slippers are not fitting your feet, take out the foam soles from both the shoes and then try inserting your feet. You will be able to slip your feet inside these shoes without great effort. The space created with the removal of foam helps to fit in your feet well.

Using a shoe stretcher to stretch your fabric shoes easily:

Using a shoe stretcher to stretch your shoes is one of the easiest and professional methods to enlarge canvas shoes. To obtain best results, first spray your shoes with a shoe stretching spray. When the spray solution sinks inside the fabric of the shoe, you can turn the shoe stretcher inside the shoes after every 10 hours. You can also try leaving the shoe stretcher inside the shoes overnight for a good fitting stretch

Take your shoes to a cobbler to stretch them easily:

As a last resort, take your shoes to a cobbler and ask him to stretch your shoes to a sound fit. The cobbler will use shoe stretching tools to enlarge your fabric shoes considerably. If after the cobbler’s visit, your shoes are still not stretched as desired then it is time to understand that these shoes are un stretchable and need not be stretched further.

It is not necessary that you try just one technique to stretch your shoes properly. You can implement multiple techniques every now and then to enlarge your shoes and prevent them from being wasted. Since some techniques work superbly well with some shoes, it is imperative that you figure out which technique works best with your feet.