Extremely Fit Shoes? Don’t worry learn How to Stretch Shoes? 8 Best ways to stretch your shoes.

The perks of modern-day fashion you can enjoy the styling of every type, but somehow you can entangle on the situation in which you have to wear new tight shoes. After a long walk, your toe or ankle could get hurt. We all know after some wear, shoes open up a bit to give your feet a cushion, but what if you don’t get the space you need to move comfortably. Do not disappoint because we are here to tell you the techniques from which you can stretch shoes and make it adjustable for your feet. We know shoes are the most gorgeous thing for fashion but your feet are more precious than it. You should not compromise the easy and relaxed walk, and if you bymistake get the shoes which are fit then don’t worry you can use them after the stretched process we are telling you below.

First of all, you read all the methods and then analyze which method is enough to stretch your shoes.

Stretch the Shoes without spending Money

1) Wear it to expand

This is the most basic method for the news shoes you have to walk a little on the shoes, the perfect time is evening when your feet are relaxed, just walk little and realize shoes are stretching or not. This procedure can take some days and you need to wear shoes for at least half an hour, because you cannot give the stress to your feet. Most of the shoes stretched by this method, but if no then we have ample method.

2) The Sock balls or Fabric Stretching Method

If you want the procedure of widening without the pain then take the new shoes and fill it with the sock balls or clothes, fill it enough that it got to stretch, but evaluate the intensity by analyzing the need for stretching. It will stretch your shoes and prevent you from the ache. But beware it can stretch your shoes more than you want, so you have to be careful.

3) Ice Method

This method can stretch your shoes from half size to the full size, so if your shoes are extremely fit then you can use this method. Put the water bag into the shoes keep it in the refrigerator. Water will become the Ice and expands on the shoes; it will make your shoes enlarge too. But you have to be careful about this method because this stretch can tear the shoes too

4) Thick Sock and Blow Dryer method

If your shoes are too tight to wear two or three thick socks if not then adjust the socks as per the space need. Slip your feet into the shoes with socks and blow-dry the parts of the shoes which are too tight. Kindly note: Do not blow-dry one area for a long time to prevent the shoes from extreme heat. Move your feet in the shoes when you exert the heat on the shoes, so you can loosen the part of the shoes. If you don’t put the pressure on the heated space from the inner side then it will shrink when it became cool. Make the space from feet until the heated part becomes cool. Know you can enjoy the stretch shoes.

5) Peel Potato Method

This is also a simple way to widen your shoes. Just peel the potato and put it into your shoes. Keep this for hours, when the potato got dry it expands. Remove the potato from shoes and your stretched shoes are ready to wear. There is one more benefit of it; potato will keep your shoe odor-free for a long time.

Stretch the Shoes with the Shoe Stretchers

1) Use the Adjustable Shoe Trees or Shoe Stretchers

Shoe Trees used in the leather to prevent it from making the crease and also it gives the adjustable space to your feet on the shoes. Shoe Stretchers are the pure equipment to extend the shoes. If your shoes required little space then the shoe trees are the perfect tool for it. If you want to stretch it to make the more cushion then you should use the pure shoe stretchers.

2) By using the Shoe stretch sprays and liquids

You can find the shoes stretch sprays and gels in the market just apply them on the shoes and walk at least half an hour, the liquid will stretch the part of the shoes and make the perfect space for your feet. These sprays are for the custom stretch so it can take several bouts to do the trick. This is also the beneficial stretching in which you don’t have to worry about losing the shoes or spoiling the crease of the shoes.

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3) Try the Natural Shoes Stretcher “The Cobbler”

If you don’t want to do it then your cobbler will do. It will cost some cash but at least you will get the safe hands because the person is experienced enough to stretch the shoes. Plus Cobbler will take the precise size and apply the pressure according to it. He will determine the method that pressure is enough or heat will expand your shoes. For this first, you have to seek the experienced cobbler and if you get then you have to wait one or two days because reputed cobblers’ need at least a day if you are lucky.

The Last Words

We hope this post is useful for you, if you have fittest shoes then don’t give it to your little brother buy him new shoes as per his desire and keep your favorite shoes and stretch it with the above methods. But there are things to remember, do not use extreme methods on the old shoes because it can stretch the skin of the shoes and also it can tear the shoes. You have to analyze the shoes condition to use the method. By above stretched method you can get the fit shoes to the comfortable one. We want to remind you that you are living in the modern world and everything is possible except time traveling.