How to stretch suede shoes

Imagine the scenario. You have just received your shoes package through courier and have excitedly unpacked the parcel. The dream design of the graceful suede pumps that you had been fantasizing about is finally yours. You try them on and feel a pang of disappointment burning in your heart and mind when you notice that they are a tad too tight. How could it be when you referred constantly and tallied your size with the size chart? Then where could you have gone wrong? You sit there feeling depressed and glum. You have paid an exorbitant amount for the luxurious suede pairs. How to make them redundant after paying so much for them? But flail your unhappiness and sadness aside. Because it seems you are not the only one facing this predicament. Many people unintentionally end up buying shoes which are too tight because either they are attracted by the charm and appeal of the shoes or either the discount price seemed just the best offer of the month. But you don't have to panic there are many tricks to stretch suede shoes or any other fabric shoes.

However, if you have ever faced the predicament of ending up with too tight shoes which are extravagantly overcharged, you don’t have to tolerate their tautness just to recover the value of their price. There are some quick ways to assist you in stretching your shoes. You can try these fail-safe methods at home to fit your feet luxuriously in those appealing suede pumps.

The freezer method:

  • If you want to experiment with something simple and effective, then the freezer method is one of the most ideal ways to stretch your shoes. Take a Ziploc bag, fill half of it with water. Ensure that the bag is closed tightly, otherwise you will run the risk of spilling water inside the shoe and this could result in damaging the insoles. Then place this bag inside the shoe and push it as far inside as possible.
  • If you fear that the bag will burst open, then you can place the water-filled bag inside another Ziploc bag to ensure safety and security.
  • Now keep the shoes on a tray and store this tray in the freezer overnight. Keep the shoes in the freezer until you are confident that the water is solidly frozen. (You can also utilize a parchment paper or plastic bag to store your shoes)
  • After keeping them overnight, remove your shoes from freezer, and place them in a warm place for 15 minutes. Then wiggle out the Ziploc bag. It is recommended to remove the ice bag before the ice melts or else there is always a chance of water dripping from holes.

Using a shoe stretcher:

Invest in a shoe stretcher to stretch your shoes effortlessly. A shoe stretcher is a type of plastic device that stretches the shoe lengthwise and breadthwise. All you need to do is thrust it inside the shoe and twist the metal handle. The tension produced on the upper portion of the shoe will help you identify how much you need to twist the handle. These shoe stretchers are a brilliant way to slacken the tautness of the shoe helping them to stretch half a size larger.

To achieve enhanced results, you can also make a solution of alcohol spritz. Take nine parts of water and blend with one part alcohol. Transfer this in a spray bottle and spritz with this solution after you have inserted the shoe stretcher.

Keep the shoe stretcher placed inside the shoe for two to three days until your shoe reaches the desired slackness. Twist the knob once after few hours and spritz with alcohol.

Employing the shoe stretcher garners well-assured results. And a shoe stretcher can be bought at a very economical price.

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Employ the heat method:

This method employs heat to slacken suede shoes. Ascertain that you are wearing thick socks before you try this method.

  • Slip your feet in the shoes that are taut. Regulate your hair dryer to normal heat control and proffer heat to each shoe for maximum half an hour. While you are providing heat to your shoe, wriggle and squirm your feet in the inside to slacken the taut spots. Maneuvering with your feet can help to expand the suede material.
  • Do not take off your shoe until your shoe is completely cooled down because the heat will unstiffen the suede fabric helping it to mold according to the shape of your feet.
  • It is also recommended to apply a leather conditioner to your suede shoes after subjecting them to heat process to ensure armoring your silhouettes against any form of damage.

Spritz with a shoe-stretching spray:

If you want your suede shoes to slacken and become roomy, you can invest in a shoe-stretching spray. Just don your shoes on and spray the suede with this spritz according to the instructions mentioned on the package. Keep the shoes on, till you are certain that the spray has dried. Once the spray is soaked up, you will feel your suede shoes slackening.

The stretch suede shoes spritzes are designed to slacken the leather or suede fibers, permitting the upper of the shoe to extend lightly. However, before you apply this on your suede fabric, remember to scan through the instructions properly.

Stuff balls of newspapers:

Roll few sheets of newspapers into balls. Now thrust them into the toe box of the shoe. Keep shoving the newspaper balls until you fill the entire insole completely with them.

But ascertain that the arrangement of the balls is such that the outline of the shoe is safeguarded. You can also employ rolled up socks to proffer the same effect.

Keep your shoes stuffed with newspapers or socks overnight. Since suede is a yielding material, it will stretch with time. However, this method is not applicable for stiff leather shoes.

I would also recommend you all to try these techniques on some old, cheap shoes before you venture to take risks with your newly ordered pair. This will enlighten you on how to utilize and harness the benefit of these stretch suede shoes methods. Don’t forget to polish your shoes with shoe polishing cream after you have tackled the stretching process. This will augment the lifespan of suede shoes and maintain the smooth pliability of the suede material.