Style platform sandals with causal wear

You are rummaging through your wardrobe and you can’t find a single pair of shoe to go with your skinny jeans. You have dressed up stylishly for a casual meet up but somehow no pair of shoes seem to go along well except you know style platform sandals with casual wear.

But these platforms can actually help to save your day. They are the best footwear to style with casual outfits. With a little wipe with soap and water, they will be good as new and looking fresh for a great makeover. They are super comfortable and add a great height to your figure. Moreover, they can work their charm on any casual outfit for any event. Platforms give you the racy feeling of heels yet are balanced enough to work as a sport look.

What are some of the best style ideas for platform sandals?

Look # 1: With jeans

Skinny jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, you name it. These platform sandals work cleanly with all types.

You can get on your black boyfriend jeans and pair them with a white sleeveless linen tee. Pull over a black bomber jacket and give it a dash of spice with a printed bag. Pull over your sunglasses and don on your platform sandals and you are the figure of chic rock star. You can pull it off elegantly with a long black coat as well.

Pair together distressed blue jeans, with a nude bodysuit, pull over a nude camel coat and get on your animal printed platform sandals. A white leather Gucci bag will add subtle style and glam to your professional look. You can also make the look work superbly for a luncheon out with friends.

Pair together white jeans with a grey oversized sweater. Wear your sunglasses, gold bracelet, drop earrings and white platform sandals. You have an attention riveting combo ready for your casual outing. Cap it off with a cross body black clutch. You can also add a gold belt to accentuate your figure.

A black ensemble can never really go wrong. Look daring with black pants, black leather turtleneck and a furry black coat. The look is dashing, regal and fit for your casual get together. Match your black platform sandals with your gorgeous outfit and be ready to bag in a lot of jealous looks.

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Look # 2: With skirts

Platform sandals are very happy and versatile sandals and go with any of your skirts. You can try them on with midi, A line, pencil, swishy, ballerina, skater and mini-skirts. They can easily give you the flirty bouncy look that you need for your casual dressing.

Get hold of your black turtleneck, suede miniskirt, military black pea coat and black or nude platform sandals to give you a sophisticated and elite look fit for a casual get together.

Pair together a pink turtleneck with a striped pink and white mini skirt and let your white platform sandals do the trick. The look is ultra-chic and still with a feminine touch. You can also pair a white loose shirt with a pink midi skirt to give a special twirl to your getup. Match a white and pink silk bag with pink platform sandals and look dressed to kill.

Pair together a white button down shirt with a knee length denim skirt. Pull over a matching denim jacket and denim platform sandals. Grab a cross body nude bag over the shoulder and be ready to hit you friends club. The look is a perfect trendy yet casual look.

Pair a striped denim chambray skirt with a grey silk blouse and nude platform sandals. Pull over a sun hat to uplift your gracious looks. Snag a nude tote bag and blend in with the summer sunshine with an accentuating waist belt. The look is perfect for work as well as casual dressing.

Celebrate the bohemian look this year with a white net skirt, a dark carmine blouse, matching carmine scarf and striped platform sandals.

skirt with platform sandals
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Look # 3: With summer dresses

You can look young and beautiful with this simple yet very attractive combo. Pair together your best summer floral dresses and lose yourself in the energetic summer vibes with your comfortable platform sandals.

Pair together your yellow drop earrings with your breezy printed yellow summer dress. Use fun crafted jewelry and beaded platform sandals to give the fresh and laid back look. The beaded details will augment your carefree and casual style and will make you look ready for a fun packed evening.

Pair your white and black polka dot summer dress with matching grey and black striped platform sandals and enjoy a fun evening down the dock. The outfit looks breezy, casual and very trendy. Platform sandals easily lends the outfit the special glow needed to transform it from subtle casual to chic casual.

Rock a fun red spaghetti button down midi dress with a white t shirt and matching polka red and white platform sandals to give you a cute maiden look. You can own it up as your own street style platform sandals look or your quick getup for running down on errands.

You can pair a long navy plaid dress with a sun hat and navy platform sandals to create an alluring and catchy casual look for a quick adventure down the countryside. The look is so simple and country girl like that it makes you look like all the classical maidens out of a timeless novel.

summer dress with platform sandals
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There are endless options to styling your platform sandals. But the key is to keep your outfits trendy and low note to keep them well balanced with the classical allure of a platform sandal.