Health is the most prestigious thing in life. You must indulge in health activities often. Sports or Running Shoes are the best tools to go with while you are engaging in a healthy activity or in any sports. Many big brands just emphasize to bring innovations in sport's shoes. Footwear Manufacturing Technicians find a way to give you the ease you desire. If you are demander of the comfortable shoes, they made the shoes with extra thick memory foam, padded arch support, foam layer insoles, and cozy material to feel good. If you need a better performance they introduced the air system, non-slip natural rubber sole, trade flex air paddled technology and breathable uppers. All these technologies come with a befitting price. You have to pay a handsome amount to get good running shoes. Yes, they are durable but if you don’t care for them properly, they will leave you soon.

You must care about your sports shoes. Not only because you spend a lot of money on it but your sport shoes the best stimulator in sports activities. It helps you to stay away from any injury and enables you to be on the path of your dream for a long time. You need quality shoes so they can bear your weight for a long time. But after usage, you can prolong the life of your awesome shoes. We will here tell you how to take care of sports shoes, so you can accompany your lovely beneficial partner considerable time.

Be Specific for Using Sport Shoes

I saw many people use their trainers or running shoes on casual events and for travel. After relentless usage of the shoes, they complain that their shoes fade promptly. You must use sport shoes while you are in any sports activity. Running shoes must be for running and trainers should be for training. If you misuse your sports shoes there is a huge chance it will get the dirt and dust and fade the upper of the shoes. After hectic usage of the shoes, the cushion and insole start to damage early.

Care for your Sports Shoes on a Regular Basis

Your sports shoes keep your feet secure from the dirty surfaces, bumpy areas, and wet grass. But they intact with those dirty surfaces and indulge in it. The result, they get dirty. You have to keep your sports shoes clean so you can use them for an extended time. The first basic step; take a brush or clean rag and scrub it almost daily on the shoes. It will take just 20 to 30 seconds but your shoes will get clean for a long time. If you used your shoes extensively and your shoes filled with dust then immediately clean your shoes. Remove the laces and insole of the shoes takes the brush and rubs them everywhere. You can use a clean piece of cloth to clean the unreachable parts. You can use the anti-dirt spray for the protection of your shoes

Dry the Sport Shoes Properly

dry place. If you want your shoes immediately then stuff your shoes in the newspaper. The new paper will suck the humidity from the shoes.

Give your Sports Shoes a Proper Break

It is a very important point because you should get an extra pair of shoes for your sports activity. The reason for that is your shoes need at least 48 hours to break after full day usage. When you use the sports shoes, the foam starts to compress in it. It takes approximately 2 days to decompress. If your shoe foam does not decompress then it starts to get thin and after some time, the insole and outsole start to press. If you give it the proper time you will get the extra mileage from the shoes. Don’t put the shoes in the closet. Keep it on the open space so the odor from the shoes can go away in the rest period of the shoes

Do not throw the Sports Shoes in the Washing Machine

Leather and Suede shoes are the enemy of the water you cannot expose leather and suede shoes directly to the washing machine. Your original branded shoes hold many technological and performance advancements. Plus it is made up of breathable materials that are very sensitive. If you expose them to the intense washing procedure it will sabotage the features of the shoes. If your shoes are of fabric and rubber you can wash them manually. If your sports shoes contain comfort advancements then you must use some wipes and brush to clean them. You can use many washing tools such as soap, detergent, and baking soda. For the leather and suede, vinegar, toothpaste and leather, and suede cleaners

Keep the Shoes Sweat Free

First of all, do not use sport shoes without wearing proper socks. It will help you to avoid sweat for a certain amount of time. If you are an extensive user of the sports shoes so you must be sprinkling the powder into the shoes. The Powder will absorb the moisture from the shoes. You must clean the insoles often because it gets the moisture. You neglect the insoles then your shoes will indulge in the bad odor


This all are the simple rules. You gotta care for your shoes on a permanent basis. Everything needs attention if you left your house then it will get dirty. If you don’t bathe often then your body will get dirty and bad bacteria can ruin your health. Similarly, if you don’t clean your sports shoes so often then it will destroy soon and leave you alone on your mission. One more important thing to note you must know the life of the shoes. After 500 miles you should retire your shoes and get a new one