How to wear boat shoes like a pro

To wear boat shoes like a pro has become a viral nautical trend, and men everywhere are giving in to the charms of the versatile silhouettes. These elegant and sophisticated shoes have the ability of the chameleon to quickly spruce up your attires and help you dress down as per the demand of the occasion.

What are boat shoes?

Boat shoes entered the fashion stage back in the 1930s and, since then, are considered to be the intelligent choice for dressing up gracefully. However, their name is deceptive in their appearance. You can wear boat shoes anywhere and not just necessarily on the deck.

A boat shoe encompasses a soft rubber outsole. The upper is designed from either leather, canvas, or mesh. These below-the-ankle shoes are a great fashion staple and a summertime accessory that should be decked in every man’s wardrobe. The laces on the upper and on the sides render a very svelte and sophisticated aesthetic to the framework of the shoes.

Many brands have pitched in to unleash their creativity while designing boat shoes. As a result, you are no longer confined to brown or navy pairs with cream top-siders. Instead, you have a wide array of colors, materials, and designs to choose from to look fashion-forward.

When is it best to wear boat shoes like a pro?

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing your dresses with boat shoes, there are some recommendations, though.

  • These are ideal silhouettes for the summer and spring season, mainly made from mesh or canvas fabric. But if you have leather boat shoes, you can flawlessly pair them with your winter attire too.
  • It is best to wear boat shoes without socks because it messes up with the trendy vibes and summery aura of the boots.
  • These shoes look best when complemented with a casual ensemble. Formal dresses don’t pair up very elegantly with the disregard of the boat shoes. Black-tie events prerequisite standard pair of shoes.

How to enhance your persona with boat shoes:

A casually intelligent getup:


If you want to dress up casually but still give off prim and proper vibes and highlight the best aspects of your personality and outfit, then two-color scheme in the boat shoes will eloquently create a favorable impression. You can rev up your trendy look by pairing chinos with your footwear. Chinos are a great way to perk up the semi-formal look and appear appealing and charismatic. A crisp white or light-colored shirt will look flawless with a combo of chinos and boat shoes.

If you want to beat the heat and look and feel calm and casual, you can even compliment your boat silhouettes with Bermuda or shorts. 

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Business look ensemble:

Business look is either formally dapper, or there can be room for a casual slot. Business casual wear can involve the boat shoes to enter their equation. But be very cautious as not to go overboard with the casual look. Instead, choose traditional and customary shades like dark brown, navy, black, or grey leather boat shoes that are simple and give a mysterious aura. Suppose you smartly choose the color and the material of your workplace boat shoes. In that case, you will be able to tie an excellent business ensemble together that will appear elegant and polished, and apt for a formal setting.

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Semi-formal outfit:

Your shoes play a pivotal role in presenting the type of look you want to display. When you are wearing semi-formal attire, your boots act as a full stop showing the air and aura of your outfit. You can pair your semi-formal attires with conventional colors of boat shoes. If you dare to experiment, you can creatively vary the color of the attire choosing contrasting colors to bring more charm, grace, and refinedness to your appearance.

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Can you wear boat shoes like a pro with jeans?

Many men fear making a fashion faux pas when donning boat shoes. But jeans and boat shoes harmonize well and make quite a team. For adding an edgy vibe to your jeans ensemble, you can match the color of jeans and boat shoes in one tone. And jazz up the look and highlight the countenance by choosing the laces in a contrasting color.

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What factors to take into consideration when buying boat shoes?

These fashion-forward silhouettes present an elegant and trim picture of buying them. Yet, you should still take some features and aspects into consideration to get the best deal.

  • Leather and canvas are usually viable fabric choices because they are easy to maintain and clean. And these fabrics look uber-cool and sophisticated.
  • Comfort should be an essential feature when you are buying. Check out the reviews before settling upon a pair.
  • These nautical shoes are specially designed to serve a purpose, so you should still show caution when buying them to facilitate their essential features fully. Firm grip and excellent traction define the functionality of an actual boat shoe.
  • Boat shoes are usually designed to be water-resistant. After all, they are called boat shoes for a reason. If you are investing in a pair, look out for this essential feature to reap the utmost benefit.
  • Some boat shoes feature a non-marking sole which is usually non-black. These soles are very soft and refrain from scuffing or leaving terrible floors.
  • Boat shoes are usually the perfect place for bacteria to breed and cause a pungent smell to be emitted. And smelly feet are a huge problem as soon as the weather turns warm and temperatures soar high. If your feet sweat a lot, it is best to invest in boat shoes which antimicrobial and moisture-wicking lining.
  • If you are a diabetic patient or suffer from foot problems like plantar fasciitis or inflammation in the feet, you need to choose orthopedic shoes. Many brands fashion orthopedic boat shoes suitable for men with foot problems.

Boat shoes are the classic and elegant silhouettes that can elevate your casual and semi-formal looks with a chic flair and make you appear dashing and debonair.