Best kayaking shoes for 2020

Kayaking is one of the most exhilarating sports which allow you to test your paddling skills in the water and work up a sweating the most enjoyable way possible. Whether you have planned to go out kayaking as a recreational sport or you are a seasoned pro practicing and brushing up your kayaking skills, donning a specific pair of kayaking shoes can make a huge difference in your performance in the choppy water. For kayaking, you need a pair of shoes which work both on the dry and the wet land.

Pulling on old sneaks and hitting the water isn’t the practical solution when it comes to kayaking. Sneaks are not designed for water and so break down pretty quickly. It is necessary that you don the precise pair of sneaks for kayaks which guarantee extreme comfort and keep your feet dry and protected from creeks and other rough terrains.

Ever since their inception, kayaking shoes have become one of the most crucial accessories for kayaking. Their material is very different from conventional shoes and sneaks. The neoprene construction enhances their durability and lends them a supreme flexibility. These qualities play an essential part in assisting you to get in and out from your kayak.

They are available in a large variety of colors and patterns and the frameworks designed cater to both men and women.


The best kayaking shoes to choose which can add refinement to your adventures:


Neo Sport Premium:

These hi-top zipper boots from Neo Sport are one of the most premium boots available that can perk up all your kayaking activities. The neoprene and rubber construction ensures flexibility to be attained and keeps the feet warm and dry. The heavy duty zipper featured in the boots prevent the water from seeping inside.

Neo Sport Premium


The shoes are layered to prevent scrapes and cuts and render quite a lightweight feel. The high traction insert sole attached keeps your feet shielded from punctures and damages. These boots are designed to acclimatize to all sorts of weather conditions.


Sea to Summit Blitz Booties:

These high cuff boots are designed from neoprene material which is 3 mm thick. These are the ultimate choices that can render supreme protection to your soles. These durable and resilient water booties are optimum solutions that can jazz up your aqua ensembles and work effectively in impacting your performance positively. They are harmonious to many water sports like kayaking, fishing, sailing and wading.

Sea to Summit Blitz Booties


The out sole is stiff and durable and so ensures that your feet are guaranteed maximum reinforcement against the jagged stones and rough terrains. These water booties also feature a Y-pull Velcro strap which ensures that they remain firmly secured on your feet. This way you do not end up losing them even in the nastiest of dun-kings.


O'Neill Super freak Tropical Round Toe Boot:

If full padding boots and tight fitting kayaking shoes are not your cup of tea, then the opportunities aren’t lacking for you. These O’Neill toe boots can liven up your day and bring a fresh vibe while you kayak under the warm sunlight, feeling the glow of sun and the coolness of the sea.

O'Neill Superfreak Tropical Round Toe Boot


Their low top design is constructed from a blend of Filter-tech material and 1 mm fluid foam. The out sole flaunts traction grooves on the out sole. These deliver a firm grip and exceptional traction in any kind of terrain. The slip-on design increases the comfort level of the shoes. These are the best options to wear for all type of water sports.


NRS Boundary Shoe:

These high top shoes from NRS are waterproof and so are great accompaniments to all sort of water sports including kayaking. These also prevent the feet from getting wet and soggy.

The Boundary shoes are tall kayaking boots which are designed from 5 mm waterproof neoprene material which prevents the water from seeping inside. The upper features durable seams and the interior features snug and comfy insole which renders excellent reinforcement and durability.

NRS Boundary Shoe


The boundary shoes are guaranteed to stay put because the ladder buckle strap and the robust instep strap keep your feet snugly secured and fastened inside. These are definitely a great bargain considering all the elemental features.


Stohlquist Tide line Boots:

These low-top silhouettes showcase a 3 mm neoprene upper and a 5 mm neoprene insole. The loop and hoop strap is a noteworthy feature which keeps the feet locked securely in place while undergoing messy situations. The out-sole is crafted from thick rubber material and displays an exclusive Stohlquist tread arrangement that is known to provide maximum traction and incomparable grip. The ergonomic design is replicated to match the shape of the feet. This feature allows you to attain superb comfort and exceptional fitting.

Stohlquist Tideline Boots


Kokatat Scout:

These paddling boots feature a loop and hook closure design. Which fashioned from neoprene material. These shoes have the capability to take your kayaking to the finest level. Their high-top design provides you ample leverage. And stability to maintain your footing even on rough and precipitous terrains. The high top construction also shields your ankles. And assists in sealing the gap between the boot and pant cuff.

Kokatat Scout


The out sole designed from vulcanized rubber which marked with many tread marks. These keep the footing steady and sure. The design of the Kokatat shoes is very sophisticated. And graceful and built to perfection.


Level Six Creek Boot:

These creek boots are one of the best kayaking boots of 2020. These suave and sleek boots fashioned to grant stability and durability. When engaged in both land and water sports. The 1.5 mm neoprene material used for the construction. The rubber sole has vulcanized to increase firmness and resilience. The Kevlar toe panel enhances the abrasion resistance of these boots. The webbing fit bands and the bungee collar top ensure that you supplied a flawless fitting.

Level Six Creek Boot


The above listed shoes are the top contender when it comes to kayaking pairs. They guaranteed to keep your feet warm and protected. They come with a very sleek and suave aesthetic too. Which can rev up your kayaking profile. So get ready to have fun in the sun, cutting through the waves. Riding along the wind donned in the kayaking pairs. That can intensify your performance and unleash your creativity.