Mastering the art of keeping your knee high boots up

Knee High Boots

Winter is a lovely and a very calm season indeed. Draped in warm shawls and fur coats, enjoying a hot mug of cocoa in front of the fireplace and sheltered under the snugness of cozy blankets are some of my fondest memories of the winter season. Winter has a unique charm that is simply matchless.

And speaking about winter, the magical weather has officially arrived in many parts of the world. While the world is waiting to be draped in the pristine snow and preparing to wrap enchant with its pure and untainted beauty, your mind gives a soft nudge and reminds you of something. Ah yes, it’s time to bring those knee high boots out of their hibernation. How pleasing their aesthetic is! How soft and amazing is their texture! You can’t deny the fact that they make each of your outfits look appealing and charismatic. But then you remember something that is really bothersome and which caused you to become averse and reluctant to wear them. They have that annoying tendency to continuously slide down your feet. It kinds of make you feel lose your enthusiasm of wearing them again.

But did you know, that there are some cool and fashion savvy tricks which you can employ to flaunt those knee-highs while they remain fixed firmly on your thighs. This way, you will be free from the hassle of gliding them up back again and again. Check out these cool hacks to get a tap on your back every time you sport your trendy knee high boots and sport them with effortless grace.


Tips and tricks to avert the slouching of your knee high boots:


  1. Use a fashion glue:

I often wondered how models managed to keep their profile so prim and proper all the time. How did their shoulder straps seem to be affixed and how did they discipline the slippery nature of their stockings or knee high boots without any of these accessories proving to be edgy or unmanageable. I did some research and stumbled upon the fashion glue. Fashion glue is a lifesaver in many consequences and is particularly employed in beauty pageants and fashion shows. This adhesive glue is applied on the skin directly to avert the clothing or shoes from slouching down or moving from their place. You can also apply the glue to gloss up your profile cause your knee high boots to make a fashion statement rather than become a hindrance and annoyance.


Use a fashion glue

Follow these simple steps to know how to apply if you want your knee high boots to keep affixed in their place:

  • Roll on a generous amount of glue on your thigh on the precise place where you want the material to stick.
  • Put on your boots and press the material of the boot down onto the place where you have applied the glue. Ascertain that you have stretched the material of the boots completely before applying pressure.
  • Remain still while applying pressure to guarantee that the glue has adhered to the texture of your boots. Let the glue dry for few minutes. Viola, you are ready to put your best foot forward.
  • Whenever you wish to take off your boots, wiggle the material of the shoes very gently to take them off. Rubbing the area where you applied the glue with a cotton cloth soaked in hot water helps to remove the leftover glue.
  1. Wear thick socks to hold the boots on:

Your boots are slouching down your knees because there is enough room for them to wiggle and slump. Just eliminate this extra room and your boots will remain steadfast. You can easily fill the gap between the boots and the thighs by wearing thick socks. This will also create resistance and give the stiffness and firmness that your boots need for support. Furthermore, socks will help keep your feet warm and cozy in winter months.

  • If you don’t want to wear thick socks and suffocate your feet with two layers, you can try cutting the bottom part of old knee-high socks so that they fit your knees like a sleeve instead of sheathing the toes also.
  • Wearing thick jeans or leggings and pulling your boots over them also assists in providing reinforcement to the upper part of your boots.


Wear thick socks to hold the boots on


  1. Get creative and design your own boot straps:

Although commercial bootstraps are available in the market which help to keep your boots in place, you can easily make your own at home. The Velcro straps are very effective and can successfully solve your predicament. All you need is

  • Velcro strips
  • Fabric glue


Get creative and design your own boot straps

Wrap one part of the Velcro strip around your thigh and measure the length that is covering the entire breadth of your thigh and snip it off. Attach both the ends with glue.

Glue the other strip of the Velcro strip inside the uppermost inner of your boots. Press both the Velcro strips together. You can waltz and twirl and jump and skip without a care in the world. Your boots will remain intact and secured throughout the day and night.

  1. Store them properly:

Most of the time, high boots end up losing their shape because of the careless and unsympathetic manner they have been dumped inside the closet. To ensure that your boots retain their shape even after continued years of usage, store them keeping them in upright position and stuff your shoes with balls of newspaper or magazines or employ boot trees. Lack of stuffing can cause crease formation. And then, slouching can become a recurrent setback.


Store them properly


You can even invest in boot clips to hang your knee high boots in upright position. This will also prevent creases and wrinkles from developing.

  1. Shop for leather:

Undoubtedly, leather boots have the sleekest and most elegant look but they are really expensive. If you can afford to buy them, they are outstanding in terms of functionality, upkeep and style.  Leather is a firm and sturdy material and so doesn’t acquire the wrinkles as easily as other fabrics do. It’s easy to clean and the glossy look can inject a dash of appeal and charisma to your profile.


Shop for leather


Concluding note:

Knee high boots are the staple fashion accessories that ooze style and elegance and fulfill the functionality factor too. These quintessential winter footwear can rev up your outlooks and heighten the essence of refinedness and sophistication in your personality. The slouching glitch which is associated with these trending boots can be a damper to your spirits and getup. So follow the simple guidelines listed above to keep your boots securely fastened on their spots and exude a confident, upright and classy look all through the magical season.