Leather Shoe Care 101 – The Mantra of Prolong Elegance

We can spend days on the admiration of leather shoes because it is the prime material with the ultimate fashion wear. Shoes are the most admirable part of the dress, covers the little part of the body but creating a big impact. Similarly, when shoes are made up of leather it brought up the outrageous style. There are more traits to highlight of leather, such as leather is physically a strong fabric, also it is easy to style material, and you can wear it for a long time, if you are lucky then maybe for your whole life, if the leather shoes don’t get torn. In the modern era, designers make everything with leather, if you are taking the sports shoes, pumps, wedges, loafers, sandals, shoes, even the straps of the shoes is made up of leather because of its advantageous nature. Sneakers are the most rising shoes last decade and you will find all the top Sneakers with this material. The reality of the world, everything needs attention, also leather shoes, you need to know about the standard procedure of Leather Shoe Care 101.

If you don’t take care of your leather shoes properly then you will regret it. There is a high chance you are losing your provider of gorgeousness because of a lack of care. Leather Shoe Care 101 is the easy procedure from which you can get the prolong charm of the leather shoes. The process consists of extremely easy steps that can help your leather to sustain extra mileage. Yes, it is a universal truth that leather can be resurrected again and again with various methods. Here we are discussing the right care habits of the leather shoes.

Process of Leather Shoe Care 101

Clean Leather Shoes

If you want to lengthen period with your favorite leather shoes then you should shine the shoes often. We know after the buy you most often shine your shoes but when your beautiful leather shoes start to fade you didn’t give any attention to it. You should make a habit to shine your shoes on every wear. It will take roughly 20 seconds if you shine it with a brush or a rag.

Give Your Shoes Some Space

If you are the one who spent time with your shoes day in and day out. Don’t do that. Give your shoes some space. Because every shoe has a limit to suffering, and extra usage can sabotage the beauty of the shoes in minimum time. Plus after the wear, your shoes will get moisture; if you don’t give it time to dry then it will be unhealthy for your shoes and you as well.

Don’t Give Much Time to Salt Stains

If you see a salt stain on your shoes, then you must pick out the bowl of water and mix some vinegar in it. Now take the rag, dip into the solution and scrub it on the Salt Stains. The Salt stain will disappear like magic. But you don’t have to instantly apply the vinegar and water on the salt stain, because it can leave a permanent mark.

Resurgence of the Old Shoes

If your leather shoes are old and you couldn’t throw it away because it still delivers you the elegance, but the beauty of your old buddy is fading then you do not have to worry. Make the habit of cleaning the shoes daily, use the polish, and keep the leather soap or spray to shine it. Don’t use the acidic substance or detergent it will blur the features of the shoes.


Hush away all the Stains from the Shoes

If your shoes get the stain and debris on it, then the quick response needed. Take the old brush or rag and apply the non-gel toothpaste on it. Scrub on the stainy surface and hush away all your stains by slightly washing it. Let it dry for the required period and after the procedure, you can use your stain-free leather shoes with pride.

Give Leather Shoes an Extra Protection

If you are a true shoe lover and you don’t want to lose your lovely shoes then invest in it. Getting the Shoe protecting spray, designed for the leather surface is beneficial for your shoes. Do not buy the cheap item with the harming substances take the trustable product for your shoes.

Take Care of the Soles Too

Don’t miss out on the important part of the shoes, rubber soles. If your shoe leather is clean but your rubber soles are dirty then the shoes will be considered as dirty. Take care of every part of the shoes, if the outer soles of the shoes are dirty then rub it with the white eraser. Yes, the stain will go away like the mark of the pencil.

Let the Moisture out

If you wear shoes so often then your shoes start to moisturize. Result it will get the smell. You need to take out all the inserts from the shoes and keep it on the open environment so often if you want the smell free and moisture free shoes. You should buy the new inserts every year for good breathability of the shoes.

Prevention of Soaking Leather

You were wearing leather shoes and when you go outside the rain spilled on your shoes. Now you are afraid that what will happen to your leather shoes because you heard that water is the enemy of leather. Don’t worry; it’s time to eject the enemy from your shoes. Take the tissue paper or dry towel and covered the shoes in it. The fabric or tissue will absorb the moisturizer so it again and again until the reemerging of your old avatar of shoes.


There is no doubt that leather is the prime material to give you extremely stylish and durable shoes. You should look for it, for your elegance aspect. Repetitive cleaning and care provide the everlasting effect on the shoes. The above procedures will prolong the charm of the shoes and enhance your beauty in no time. For the leather we recommend you to use liquid Polish but with no hazardous chemicals, the liquid polish absorbed in the shoes and makes your shoe shining for a long time. Most people ask how to store the shoes? Well, you're closet, if you didn’t messily arranged the shoes. The messy manner will ruin the features of the shoes because of the press. We recommend that you use the shoe tree and stuff acid-free paper.