8 shoe types that every man needs to cover all bases

If you want your small shoe collection to counterbalance the look with all types of ensembles you own and want to flaunt, then you need to stock up on shoes which are versatile and cover all bases. Many men are running on a budget and cannot afford to spend on too many shoes. Fortunately, a small man shoes collection can encompass all the essential and basic shoe styles which are needed to rock a stylish look whether shredding muscles in the gym or heading to work. Here are three simple rules to make a fashion statement even when you have a small shoe arsenal.

  1. The first rule is to buy classic styles which have the panache to step up the look of any getup.
  2. The second rule is to invest in quality rather than quantity. Because shoes are the first thing people notice about you. And quality man shoes will look chic and sophisticated even if you have been wearing them for ages.
  3. Eliminate shoe styles from the need list which you can do without. Although Chelsea boots, high tops and monk sliders are great pairs that can accessorize your ensembles with grace and elegance, they are not crucial. You can easily do without these pairs. Similarly, two pairs of trainers equipped with salient features will suffice for all your sporting activities.

Man Shoes:

Whichever look you want to sport, whatever budget you want to maintain and whatever is marked on your calendar for the next 12 months, you should have these primary eight types of man shoes decking the closet. If you own these essential shoe styles, then rest assured that you will confidently put the best foot forward in every social event ranging from workplace to gym to outings with friends. Check out these eight fundamental shoe styles in 2020 for men.


Eight pairs of essential shoe designs:


All rounder trainers and sneakers:

The minimalist athletic sneakers are the all-rounder pairs that are considered to be the saviors on every occasion. Whether you want to run errands, enjoy a causal brunch with friends or wear them on casual days at workplace, the minimal and refined sneakers have the capacity to blend in with all occasions. Moreover, they synchronize well with any outfit choice. Choose minimalist sneaks rocking classic colors and then flaunt them with tees, chinos, jeans, shorts and anything informal or semi-formal to look debonair and charming. You can even go all white or either all black trainers as they have the knack to step up the look of any getup with flawless panache.



Al rounder trainers and sneakers


Running or walking sneakers:

It is always advisable to have two pairs of sneakers-one for gym and sporting activities and one for fashion purposes. Sneakers which are specifically created to support your running and walking activity usually are equipped with many salient features. These features enable the best running shoes for men and best walking shoes for men to endorse other sporting activities like basketball, baseball and gym workout session too. Running and walking shoes are the true champions that offer reliability, support and trailblazing footwear technology that helps to make our life simple and easy. Opt for simple classic colors to exude a more timeless persona.



sneaks and trainers


Oxford shoes:

Black Oxford shoes will forever remain the classic and smart silhouettes that are characterized by strict formal events like weddings, funerals, workplace meetings and interviews for jobs. These are the only shoes acceptable for black tie events. And for a very good reason too. Their austere and meticulously immaculate aesthetic can improve all your formal looks and grant you the earnest and resolute aura that you need to make a mighty impression. It is recommended to invest in a quality pair of shoes because you will be reaching them for all types of formal occasions. One smart investment can help you save on your budget in the long run.



Oxford shoes



Classic brown brogues:

Although the brown leather brogue is considered the cult of formal world and the epitome of refinedness and perfection, there are many designs and colors which are finding their path in the fashion drift. Brogues are versatile pairs that ace the look of your formal and informal looks with remarkable accuracy. You can wear the brogues with jeans and tees and the pair of chambray shirts with chinos to look urbane and classy every day anytime. You can even synchronize them with casual attires. These dress shoes are elemental components in your wardrobe that exude refined and cultured vibes.



Classic brown brogues



Loafers range somewhere between the casual and formal wear and are a dressier version of the boat man shoes. These slip-on style man shoes are extremely functional and practical and their sophisticated aesthetic makes them favorite choices for transitioning between day and night. They are superbly comfortable and come in an assortment of designs and colors which blend well with all types of ensembles. Loafers have long been considered to be an essential wardrobe staple. These off-duty shoes inject an extra dose of dapper and panache to your outlook.





Leather boots:

Leather boots are one of the most sleek and suave looking footwear that can add a dash of glamour and charisma to your profile. Not only do they score full marks in the utility sector but are quite comfortable to wear and look great too. Most of the leather boots for men harmonize well with semi-formal and casual outfit choices. Their tough and rugged aesthetic grants a resilient and chiseled allure to your profile. They look absolutely grand when paired with chinos and jeans. But they are strictly not applicable for black tie or formal events. Leather boots are the must have pairs that make a superb addition to a wardrobe.




Espadrilles are summer staples that can be styled up and down to synchronize well with all types of outfits. These canvas slip-on shoes are breathable lightweight and compact and can be sported with many outfits. The jean/espadrille and the chinos/espadrille combo works terrific. These classic silhouettes have a timeless aura that enables you wear them with impeccable style and graceful indifference. Rock them under the sun and beyond.

Leather boots



These closet essential silhouettes have embraced by fashion forward men of the society. And so have gained prominence and a celebrity status. They are lifesavers during the warmer months. The comfortable framework, the trendy aesthetic combined with the utility factor. Makes them a menswear stable all throughout the summer.



Birkenstock sandals


Concluding note:

These eight essential shoe types should decked in every man’s wardrobe. Oxford and brogues will suffice for formal occasions pretty well. For semi-formal occasion, the leather dress boots. And loafers provide a stylish cover for you. Owning two different pair of sneaks can enable you to keep them in rotation. Espadrilles and sandals are ideal silhouettes when the mercury rises. And when you want a cool chill-out pair that shouts out comfort and happiness. So shop for these fundamental shoe types to make a fashion statement at very occasion.