How to clean mesh shoes

Mesh shoes

Making a strong fashion statement even when working out in a gym or partaking in adventurous sports is becoming a norm and for good reasons too. After all an alluring persona and clean outlook is like a magnet which exudes attractive and optimistic vibes.  Physical activity should not be restrained only on building muscle or burning calories. Looking the ultimate best always and sporting a dapper look makes you look attractive, appealing and approachable. And looking good depends widely on the way you carry yourself, the ensemble you sport and the running shoes that you partner with your gear. Prim, proper and clean shoes will always get you in everyone’s good books and make you stand out of the crowd.

Although there are many types of sneakers trending for their aesthetic, functionality and style, lightweight mesh sneakers have become the rage of the season. The mesh fabric is particularly ideal for the summer season as the light and breathable structure keeps the feet cool even in sweltering heat. Additionally, cleaning them and keeping them sleek and spotless is not too complicated.

If your mesh shoes have acquired dust and dirt and you are wondering as to how to clean mesh shoes, then read this simple guide. I have scribed down simple tips that will restore your mesh shoes to their pristine self again.

However, before you start experimenting with the tips listed below on how to clean mesh shoes, it is advisable that you check the leaflet about manufacturer’s advice on cleaning before you proceed further to be on the safe side.



How to clean mesh shoes-the dry way first:

If your mesh sneakers have collected dust and dirt while you have been logging in miles on the road, then you can try to clean them with the dry method first. This method is not applicable for liquid stains like ketchup or coffee stains. However, the technique manages to clean the environmental residue and grants a freshened up look. Furthermore, this technique helps in getting rid of most of the dirt.


  •         For this procedure, you will need a stiff bristled brush and a soft toothbrush. Rub away the debris or dirt that is clogged up in the small crevices in the out-sole.
  •         With the help of the soft toothbrush, clean the mesh upper. Apply a little pressure only on the places that have stains and avoid scrubbing too hard or you will end up fraying the material. Rub gently all over the sneaker.
  •         This technique effectively eliminates the loose particles of dust.

It is recommended to either spread a newspaper and perform on it or carry out this plan of action outside the house.

How to clean mesh shoes-the wet method:

If you need to extract those stubborn stains out of your mesh shoes which are spoiling the look completely, then you can apply this wet method to reinstate your mesh shoes to their former glory. Follow these simple steps.

How to clean mesh shoes-the wet method

  •         Extract the laces and the insoles if they are removable.
  •         Fill a bucket with warm water and mix 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent in it. Stir to form lather.
  •         Immerse the shoes in water and swirl them around letting them stay this way for five minutes.
  •         Pull them out and rub gently on the areas which appear to be grimy and stained. Once you notice the stains disappearing, rinse the shoes under tap water to wash away the soapy residue.


How to clean mesh shoes-cleaning the mid-soles:

Unlike the mesh upper, mid-soles can endure the tough bleaching agents and need to be cleaned with more vigor and strength. Disinfectant cleaning wipes or even magic erasers can do the trick of assisting you in scrubbing away the grime.

Once you have cleaned off your shoes thoroughly, it is recommended to air dry it in a ventilated place.

How to clean mesh shoes-in the washing machine:

The washing machine method is only applicable for fabric shoes like canvas or mesh. Avoid putting your leather or suede shoes in the washing machine though.

Washing in the machine can get your mesh shoes looking sleek and shiny to the core again without putting in too much effort. Follow the simple steps below to get the best results.

  •         Extract the laces from your shoes and place them inside a sock. Tie this sock with a fabric lace. You can wash your shoelaces in the same load as your shoes without risking the hazard of fraying the shoelaces this way.
  •         Place your mesh shoes inside a pillowcase or any type of fabric bag which will easily accommodate your pair of shoes. You can either close the pillowcase by tying a lace or by twisting the end so that is fastened off completely.
  •         Pour in the detergent in the washing machine and place the shoes and the laces in the washer. It is recommended to put some rags alongside with the pillowcases so as to avert the shoes from hitting off the walls of the machine continuously.
  •         Switch on the ‘delicate’ or ‘gentle’ option from the list of choices. This option is best for the mesh shoes as it minimizes the amount of agitation and averts the fabric from stretching too much.
  •         Avoid spinning or machine drying your shoes though as it can damage the mesh fabric of the shoes.
  •         Dry the shoes in a well-ventilated place inside the home.

How to clean mesh shoes-in the washing machine

How to clean mesh shoes-tackling the insoles:

The immaculate and crisp condition of the clean and pristine pair of shoes will make the soles. Become more evident, particularly if they are dirty. If your shoe insoles are removable, you can detach them and scrub. Them in the sink with soapy water and rub them well with a scrubber to drop the stains.
But, if the insoles are not removable, you need to scrub them. While cleaning your shoes, applying pressure. And following the steps listed in the wet method.

Concluding note:

Cleaning the shoes helps to preserve the texture. Of your mesh shoes and lengthens their lifespan. Because proper maintenance goes a long way in preventing. The disintegration and collapse of the silhouette structure. Stains and dirt stains can make your shoes lose their shine and glamour within a short time only. Even if they designed from premium quality.
The above listed guidelines can help you clean. All your mesh shoes and sandals using simple and home materials. so experiment with these effective tips. And put the most sleek and immaculate foot forward every time you step out.