Best pointe shoes for girls

Watching a ballet performance is like watching a magic show. Your mind becomes hypnotized and you seem to lose yourself in the enchanting display of swift and agile movements of ballerinas. Their delicate and entrancing steps and motions are an expression of their focus, concentration and use of mental and physical strength and prowess. Best pointe shoes for girls is the main provider of enchanting performance.

Their effortless display makes it all seem so easy and simple. But the pointe work is the most challenging part when learning to ballet with precision. Ballet dancers have to balance their whole body weight on the tip of their toes. It requires extreme effort, practice and dedication. And this is where pointe shoes fit in the big picture. Every ballet dancer needs a pair of Best pointe shoes for girls to implement the ballet movements and enhance them. Moreover, the ballet shoes also assist in stretching the lines of the ballet dancer, creating the visual of a dancer floating on air and thus helping to create a magical spectacle.

But for the ballet dancer to fabricate an exquisitely mystic demonstration, the ballet shoes should be par excellent. They should proffer all the essential qualities that are required to give a top-notch performance. They should also offer an exact fitting so as to avoid any risk of injury.

If you are seeking the Best pointe shoes for girls that will heighten the level of your performance and help you reach the pinnacle of your talent, then you have come to the right platform. I have designed a list including the Best pointe shoes for girls that are equipped with the most supreme features. Check them out below.

Capezio Women's 197-Plie II Pointe Shoe:

Capezio has been crafting ballet pointe shoes for over a century now. Their excellent craftsmanship and premium quality has made them a favorite label amongst the ballet performers. These feature a satin upper and a leather out sole. The U-shaped vamp coupled with the elastic drawstring ensure that you achieve a great fit. They are manufactured in a way so as to feature a quiet toe construction. This implies that the sound of your toes will be inaudible when you make a landing. The broad toe box and the wide platform ensure a comfortable fitting.

Capezio Women's 197-Plie II Pointe Shoe

Bloch Serenade:

Bloch is one of the top leading brands and is renowned for creating great dance pairs that are compatible with all types of dance styles. The Serenade pointe shoes are a shining example of the brands reliability and supreme craftsmanship. The Serenades feature a shank which is firm and strong and has an elongated vamp. The construction enables the dancers to bend their feet flexibly. The wide platform enables the dancers to distribute their weight on a more extensive room and maintain their balance with more precision.


Bloch Serenade











Grishko Elite:

Grishko is one of the elite brands reputable for crafting exceptional pairs of dancing shoes. These pairs are handcrafted in Moscow by specialized cobblers and are the most optimum silhouettes for ballet dancers with wide and square feet. The beautiful satin that is employed to render an elegant sheen to these superb pointe shoes is sure to have heads turning in your direction. They offer a comfortable fit and are very easy to break in. the only setback is that they can cost you a pretty penny. But if you are intent and bent on learning to ballet, you need a pair of shoes that can ensure that you learn to do so.


Grishko Elite

KUKOME Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes:

Showcasing an non-fussy aesthetic and featuring a soft pink color in satin fabric, these are one of the best pointe shoes in the market. These come along with toe pads which provide support and reinforcement to the feet. Support is an essential quality which assists you to perform difficult pointe exercises with ease and facility. These toe pads are manufactured from soft silicone material which reduces the pressure on your feet and render maximum comfort. The anti-slip leather out sole ensure that you maintain a firm grip on all types of surfaces

KUKOME Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes

Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes

These Bezioner ballet models are designed to bring out the best in you. Suitable for professional dancers, the Bezioner ballet shoes boast of excellent craftsmanship and superior quality that is unrivaled. The silicone toe pads included in the package ensure that your feet will remain shielded and supported as you are engaged in grueling ballet exercises.

Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes

The Bezioner ballet shoes feature a satin top and resilient and durable leather out sole. The outsole offers a slip-resistant landing and a firm footing on slick pavements. The inner lining is cotton which ensures that your feet will remain cool and free from chafing.

Grishko 2007:

The 2007 pointe pairs have been one of the most sought after and popular models of Grishko. And these pairs are suitable for all types of feet.

Grishko 2007

For a ballet dancer, there is nothing more charming or majestic then making a precise roll-through when going en pointe, and these ballet pointes allow you to do that with flawless grace. The shoes are equipped to render you reinforcement and assisting you to make agile and graceful movements. Grishko is one of the most distinguished dance footwear brands known for creating masterpieces that can take your dancing to another level.


Capezio Ava:

Another masterful creation by Capezio, the Ava features a luscious pink satin which is soft and graceful. The satin is rayon-backed and so has moisture wicking properties. This is a noteworthy feature, since you need your pointes to dry out after each wear before you can wear them again. And this type of satin dries out pretty quickly. There movable gel cushioning in the toe box offers support and cushioning to the feet. The Ava come with a hefty price tag. But if you want to obtain an exact and precise fit, these are the best bet.

Capezio Ava

If you are new to ballet and have just started the classes, odds are that you are few classes away to the pointe as yet, till you gain familiarity with the basics. So before you purchase a pair, it is advisable to take guidelines and opinions from your instructor. Because beginners have to strengthen their toe muscles initially and pointes which are suitable for advanced ballet performers are not compatible to the feet of beginners. So research thoroughly before you select a pair.