Shoe styling rules guide – All you need to know about shoes

Wearing shoes with style is not an ordinary talent. There are many do's and don’ts to it. You just can’t wear any color shoes with random suits. Your dressing and shoe style reflects your personality. It also shows how much trend aware you are? A well-polished, prim, and clean shoe will instantly give away your grooming skills and your bend towards perfection. Moreover, groomed men are often able to garner more confidence than men who don’t give any thought to their dressing.

You have also probably noticed that a scintillating and well groomed pair of Oxfords are the choice of the executives. No one wins better at styling than the executives and the prime directors. This is because they give thought to their dressing and make combos that don’t make them just fit in but rather which makes them stand out.


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So let’s get started on with our style guide rules:

Styling your shoes with socks and belt and other accessories:

Your shoes should always be shades darker than your pants. If you are wearing light brown or gray suit, you can only wear black dress shoes to complement your suit. Remember the rule of thumb always shoes should be darker than pants.

If you want to wear brown shoes on brown suit, then pick a brown color suit which is a little lighter. Then you can match them with dark brown shoes. This ensures that there is no monotony in your dressing style.


Next comes the socks. Your socks will have to match your shoes. You cannot have every accessory flaunting a different color. The socks need to provide an easy bridge between the pants and the shoes. Usually executives don on black or brown socks with same color shoes.


Like your socks your belt should match your shoes. Don’t wear a brown belt on black shoes or vice versa. Your persona should be able to reflect your charming dress appeal.


Although it is more important to look at the design of the watch rather than the color but if you it is still a good idea to pair them in contrast. Black is always the safe zone where men are concerned which means that you can never really go wrong with black. However, if you have a silver watch, you can make it go with clothes and shoes in black, gray and blue tones. If you have a gold watch, it can go with your browns, tans, beige's, khaki and other neutral tones.

Which shoes should you own for formal occasions?


Brown oxfords are the best shoe style option with almost any formal wear. You can sport their chic and suave look with dress pants and formal shirts. You can even sport them on a black suit and high neck shirt.


If you talk about versatility, loafers are your best option. Loafers can be synced with any formal or less than formal outfit without creating any dress glitches.


Sneakers range in the danger zone where formal outfits are concerned. It takes a lot of thought and a lot of charismatic style to make sneakers work on a formal suit. If it is a close friend’s special occasion or a friend’s dinner bash, go with them. But for seriously formal occasions, steer clear away from sneakers. They can wreak havoc on the grim and subtle tone of the gathering.


Sandals are definitely a no no unless you have developed some feet problem. Sandal's are rather for less formal events and should not be sported in parties.


Wingtip brogues give out a creative flair and look dressy enough for a formal event yet sleek and poised too. You can depend upon brogues in not falling out of the line.

Boots: You can own a pair of phenomenal boots but they simply don’t work with suits. You can sport them on less formidable events with jeans. As for formal occasions, it is best not to look at them.

Shoe buying strategies:

  • Don’t choose shoe style over comfort when buying your shoes. This is because it is definitely not easy to wear uncomfortable shoes during work or during a formal event.
  • Let your shoes shine the most. You should have at least one pair of stylish and expensive shoes in your closet. Shoes are big personality assessors. They give your core values away and shed light on your fashion sense. It is a good idea to have them for grand occasions.
  • If budget allows, get one pair of each type of shoe. You can wear your shoes in variation according to the theme or the setting of the situation.
  • Never buy shoes which don’t fit you well. Big size shoes tend to sag and create a negative impression. Let your shoes do the talking before you. They should fit your feet like a glove. Never underestimate the power of shoes in impressing your first impressions.

Cleaning your shoes:

Regularly clean your shoes to retain their shiny luster. Clean and sparkling shoes are the epitome of shoe style and chic fashion.

Polishing them with wax, once a week is enough. Spot cleaning also a good idea if you are wearing your very expensive shoes daily. Just wipe away the dust or dirt particles with a dry clean cloth on a daily basis so that it doesn’t get accumulated on your shoes.

Take care with what kind of polish you use on your shoes.

The more you take care of your shoes, the more durable they are going to be. Shoes are your personality point achievers, so keep them always well-toned and in perfect order for a wonderful and lasting experience.