Shoes to add to your beach vacation packing list

There is nothing more relaxing on earth than a simple beach vacation to work off the dampening tension. The bright sunlight and the silent calmness of the cozy beach can work wonders for your mind and body. But packing up for the long vacation ahead can be a little nerve wrecking especially if you are clueless about packing and that too packing shoes. It is a mere piece of cake to shove in a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and an extra pair of clothes but to narrow down the best beach vacation shoes can be a troublesome task because to keep fit, active and comfortable on the beach, you need to carry with you the best choices and with a confusing bombardment of shoes options available in the market, it is very easy to be misled or deceived into picking up a wrong set of shoes.
Well don’t fret. Try some expert advice here. Scroll down to get an idea on which shoes should reach your packing list and accompany you to the beach.


If you are planning to be on the beach for a vacation, then shop smartly ahead. Running on the beach is a strenuous task with the dust and the wind slamming on your face and rocks colliding with your feet from under your shoes. So whether you aim to run or play or just stroll on the beach, sneakers are the most opted, highly popular and comfortable shoes and should be on everybody’s vacation list. They are a must have for any beach vacation plan. Versatile, old school and trendy, sneakers offer a vast variety of colors and material. But best sneaker choice would be a light weighted perforated sneaker that allows you to distill all the sand out of your shoe and lets you run and play effortlessly without being slowed down by the bulky weight of the shoes. ‘Dreamcity’ athletic lightweight walking shoes and ‘Adidas boat lace water shoes’ are perfect sneakers for a dream beach vacation.

Dressy shoes:

Shove in a pair or two of your sophisticated and scintillating high heeled pumps or metallic shoes. Ankle wrapped stilettos are also a regal choice for evening beach parties. Gladiator strapped shoes can also accentuate your sunbathed legs and glam your appearance. Having a pair in golden, rust, crimson, black or moonlight is a bonus. Rhinestones embedded pump sandals can also turn necks and make you stand out as a fashion symbol. You can rock your evenings during your beach vacation with peppy platform sandals or snakeskin wedges. Best brands to look out for classy beach dress shoes are ‘Jimmy Choo’s’ Keely 100 suede neutral sandals, Tori 85 sandals with jeweled clip and ‘Valentino’ star studded slingbacks.

Flip flops:

A summertime staple, flip flops are a beach favorite. You just can’t imagine any beach vacation without your old comfy flip flops. They are casual, colorful and easy to slide in. They are a great substitute to walking on beach barefoot. But since they don’t offer maximum protection against viruses, beach rocks, and accidental injuries, they should not be worn for long hours. Care should be taken when purchasing flip flops. Leather flip flops with extra built in orthotic footbed are the best flip flops as they offer considerable support to the feet. If you are going for a long walk on the beach, abstain from wearing flip flops as beaches have sloppy areas and uneven grounds. Your feet might not be able to maintain balance and posture in flip flops. If you are looking for premium quality flip flops ‘Havaianas’ are the best pick. Sporting a variety of colors, they offer a sturdy rubber sole lining and reliable foot protection.


Crocs are a hype in the arena of comfort with purpose. They are washable, durable and very versatile. Sported in multiple colors, they are light weighted and very easy to wear. Since they are water resistant they can be worn inside water. Their colorful variety makes them peppy and perky. Crocs are available in all colors and sizes and so they are a must keep for kids and adults alike. The best shoes to search for in this category is the ‘Croc Men’s Swiftwater Sandal’.
Flat sandals or thong sandals with colorful embellishments and funky adornments make up for the best beach shoes ever. They colorize your vacation, give a light sunny touch to your silhouette and give off happy positive vibes. Moreover, they provide great traction and support from the rough surface of the beach and also cushion your feet from getting wounds and blisters. Never opt for sky high sandals for a beach setting. They may be perfect for evening parties, but to enjoy a relaxed vacation, pack comfortable flats or distinctive slingbacks. You can check out ‘Tony Burch’s Tolly Birchs lady’s sandals’ or ‘Michael Kors Veronica flat sandals’ for a wonderful beach vacation.

Water shoes:

Water shoes are available in all kinds of material but those offering extra hard rubber material are functional and ideal for a beach vacation. Water shoes have now undergone a positive evolvement. From bulky and ugly designs, water shoes are now available in great chic outlooks featuring extra detailing such as perforated designs to drain out all the water, thermal protection, firmer traction and better cushioning for the feet. They ensure that you don’t injure your feet and they offer you protection against rocky surfaces and beach insects. Since they are waterproof, they can be worn for long periods of time without getting your feet clogged with water. They allow you to enjoy inside the water with maximum comfort. It is imperative that you wear water shoes only for water sports activity such as boating, kayaking, tubing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming and even for hiking on wet terrain.
You can certainly look up ‘Aleader mens mesh slip on water shoes’ as they are reputed to be one of the best in the market. Women can tour their great ‘Aleader women’s quick drying water shoes’ to get equal flexibility and durability on the beach.