Top performing snow boots for women to beat the winter cold

Snow boots for women

Winter season has arrived and it’s not too far that we will be witnessing the pristine snow blanketing the earth. It’s high time already that you get your winter gear ready to endure the harsh and frosty weather this year. Besides caps, gloves, long cozy coats and fuzzy sweaters, you also need a sturdy pair of snow boots packed up in your snow arsenal. These winter staples are mandatory if you want to get through the drastic temperature changes with ease and fluidity this winter. Your leather or suede booties have their limits when it comes to granting you protection. Icy sidewalks, deep snow drifts and mighty blizzards prerequisite wearing sturdy and resilient boots that have the capacity to face even the most powerful and harshest of elements. Moreover, you need rugged boots to be your reliable allies when you are faced with sub-zero temperatures.

Snow boots aren’t going to be termed as fashionable exactly because of their bulky aesthetic. However many snow boots have been designed employing trendy detailing, cool patterns and attractive colors. So you have quite many options to choose from. But not all the snow boots out there fit the criteria of giving ideal performance. Some are deficit in giving the required warmth and insulation. And this is where this researched guide comes in. I have listed down the top performing heavy duty snow boots that can help you keep dry and cozy whether you are venturing out on a ski spot or are stomping your way through city slush. Scroll down below to discover these powerfully built snow boots for women and see which ones strikes your fancy.


Top snow boots to keep your feet warm even in frigid temperatures.


Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV:

When it comes to being equipped with one and all, you can trust the integrity and quality of these all-rounder boots by Columbia. The Bugaboot feature all the amazing aspects in one lightweight and durable package. The noteworthy features included are:

  • The out-soles are very gripy and so offer a non-slip and firm grip.
  • The framework is very robust and tough and is meant to last for many winter seasons.
  • The Bugaboot also feature 200-gram of insulation along with the Omni- heat technology which makes this boot amazingly warm and cozy without giving a very toasty feeling. Your feet will remain sweat free and dry.
  • The price tag is affordable considering the salient features displayed in these remarkable snow boots.



These boots are exceptionally comfortable and warm. However, they aren’t very suitable for sub-zero temperatures. You can consider buying Bugaboot plus XTM model if you have to withstand below freezing temperatures. The XTM models are incorporated with higher level of insulation.


Kamik Women’s Momentum:

If you want to buy a reasonably priced pair of boots without going overboard on your budget, then the Kamik Women Momentum are guaranteed to grant you with the best offer. They are not extraordinary in any way. But you can tick all the right boxes in terms of qualities and aspects where Kamik Women’s Momentum boots are concerned. These boots are equipped with many notable features some of which are:

  • The nylon upper is robust and strong and grants waterproof shielding. The upper also features faux fur collar and waterproof tongue.
  • The bungee lacing makes it easier to customize your fitting.
  • The PEAK out sole grants a superior level of traction and a firm grip on snow and ice
  • The inner is layered with moisture wicking lining which renders excellent breath ability.
  • You can team these with socks to get a toasty feeling and indescribable level of warmth to keep your feet cozy in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Kamik Women’s Momentum

These stylish boots are considered to be one of the most popular boots that will keep your feet warm and protected when you jog, stomp or wade your way through snow packed tracks, slushy puddles, ice and powder.


Sorel Caribou Boots:

The Caribou snow boots for women by Sorel have been there for as long as I can remember. They are the perfect fusion of style, warmth, comfort and performance. These versatile pair of boots feature excellent traits which are;

  • These are especially created to buffer your feet against the harshness of sub-zero temperatures. They are very cozy and warm and feature a 9 mm felt interior which offers exceptional insulation and padding for the feet. They provide a warm haven for your feet when the ruthless winter threatens to overpower your confidence and strength.
  • Showcase a timeless look that can add a rich luxury to all your winter gears.
  • However, these boots are pricey and bulky so you might not be able to wear them for long duration.


  • Sorel Caribou Boots

Vasque Pow Pow II Ultra Dry:


These lithe and dexterous boots by Vasque are designed for active use. The aesthetic simulates the look of a hiking boot. They are integrated with essential features some of which are:

  • They offer 400 grams of insulation which is appropriate for sub-zero temperatures. The Th insulate material can keep your feet toasty and warm and enable you to carry out your work activities even when the frigid temperatures are too harsh. These are also wonderful options if you dare to climb the summit of a local peak or mountain.
  • The out-soles provide excellent grip and traction.
  • The waterproof material supplies superb safeguarding to your feet against the brutal temperatures.
  • The rubber and leather upper is very durable and offers a resilient and sturdy protection to the feet.

The price is high but its justified considering the salient features you get to enjoy when flaunting these snow boots.


Vasque Pow Pow II Ultra Dry


Oboz Bridger 9” Insulated B Dry Winter Boots:

If you want a sturdy pair of snow boots for women that has it all, then you need not look far. Oboz has created a name for itself in the boot business and these highly popular boots enjoy a celebrity status. And for a very good reason too. They are decked with amazing features some of which are that they:

  • Feature premium quality
  • Offer exceptional feet protection and warmth
  • The aesthetic is tall and sturdy and is fully capable to buffer your feet against the buffeting of harsh elements.
  • The 400 grams of insulation makes it suitable for sub-zero temperatures.

However, Oboz Bridger can be quite expensive and if you can afford these snow beauties then you will not live to regret the decision.



Oboz Bridger 9” Insulated BDry Winter Boots


Concluding note:

Winter is severe in some parts and mild in others. Before buying any pair of snow boots for women, evaluate the intensity of cold in the part of the world you live in and the activity you need it for. You don’t want to end up with 400 grams of insulation when 200 grams would also suit your purpose well. For physical activities like hiking, mountaineering, and snowshoeing, 200 grams of insulation is sufficient. More insulation could make your feet feel suffocated. To gauge all your personal requirements well before you settle upon a pair of snow boots to make your purchase worthwhile.